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Monday, February 20, 2023



President Biden in Kyiv. It is an act of incredible bravery. It is strong symbol of support and friendship. It is a direct and very clear signal for Putin. Ukraine will win! Sincere admiration and gratitude from all Ukrainians!


Les Carpenter said...

Unless Russia and Putin drain us as we drained the USSR back in the waning days of the old Cold War.

The MIC that Presdent Eisenhower warned of in his Farwell Speech to the nation is alive and well. Abd salivating at the profit potential.

Infidel753 said...

Nice move, stealing Putin's thunder the day before his much-ballyhooed big speech.

Les: The Russian economy is slightly more than half the size of the British economy. It's utterly dwarfed by the economy of the US and the other NATO countries combined. If anyone's going to end up "drained" by this conflict, it's Russia.

Les Carpenter said...

True as that may be i don't trust a nuclear armed tyrant with not a lot to lose. Especially if he's charged with war crimes

China and Russia allied would kinda sorta change the optics. Would it not?