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Thursday, February 2, 2023

In certain American states -- Florida and Texas, for example, -- THIS IS HOW THE CIVILIZED WORLD SEES THEM:


And this is how some idiot House reps are "owning the libs:"

Because nothing says "America" like wearing a pin that represents the slaughter of men, women, and children.

Every time you think these useless trogs can't sink farther into the sewer, they surprise us and show us, Yes They Can! 

 "At least three House Republicans this week began wearing pins in the shape of an assault weapon on their clothing. U.S. Rep. George Santos (R-NY), U.S. Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL), and U.S. Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-GA) were all caught on camera with the pins..."


Mike said...

And no USA flag pin. The Repucklicans would go nuts if the Dems did that.

Les Carpenter said...

Ignorance has completely taken over the republican party. I never though i'd be looking at an American political party, especially the party of Lincoln, become what the republican party has morphed into. The most alarming thing is to see the degree of support the now rogue republican party of tRump is ale to maintain. It is becoming more and more difficult to believe this country has much of a sane future ahead of it. Unless America wakes up completely and the republican party implodes. Taking tRump with it.

Les Carpenter said...

The perfect pin for tRumpublican party would be one with a suited tRumpublican pol with their head up their ass.

Dave Miller said...

Can they sink farther? You be the judge.

This from the Bulwark and also widely reported elsewhere...

"After GOP underperformance in November’s midterm elections, the Republican National Committee is doubling down on its anti-abortion stance, formally urging GOP lawmakers and campaigns to 'go on offense in the 2024 election cycle' and to pass the strictest anti-abortion legislation possible.

Great plan... take what cost you the election and the middle of the road vote in 2022 and double down. And then when they lose in 2024, which they will, they can cry like babies that the election was stolen.

Dave Dubya said...

Trump shared this hateful, blood-thirsty, radical cult rhetoric from a deranged man calling himself “1776” on “Truth Social”:

“People my age and old will physically fight for him this time, What we got to lose ? I’ll donate the rest of my time here on this planet to do it. And I know many many others who feel the same. They got my 6 and we Are Locked and LOADED.”

They WANT a civil war. They are so hate-filled they WANT to shoot Democrats.

Trump is fully supportive of this stochastic terrorism.

Last month I quoted and discussed one of these fanatics in my post called "Guns, Fear and Loathing".

How many more Americans will be killed by these assholes?

God damn the Republican Party, Trump and his cult.

Sorry, there's no better way to express my attitude for these neo-Nazis.

Dave Dubya said...

How deranged and rabid are they?

One of our anonymous and severely disoriented fascists actually tried to post this in my blog:


Les Carpenter said...

Sounds like their plan. Let hope they stick to it. They'll probably get a solid majority of their already minority status.

American GOP working hard to deny every individual right they personally disagree with.

Their arrogance and disregard for liberty is frankly getting f'ing annoying.

The sooner the GOP implodes the better. Or, maybe it's time for another reckoning.

Les Carpenter said...


Reminds me of the suffering FreeThinke. Sadly, poor FreeThinke is no longer with us to ruffle feathers. Actually, it's good he's at peace. We hope.

Anonymous said...

Well that’s true

Les Carpenter said...

Well, if they are ready, locked and loaded, then it's real patriots that damn well prepare for the assault on our liberties. IOW's fascists, bring it on! We can lock and load as well. And there is a shit load more of us than these fascists.

Anonymous said...

In a vote today 86 Democrats voted for wanting socialism while another 14 refused to vote against socialism by simply voting "present". How sad. I will give 109 Democrats (a small majority of Democrats) a pat on the back for voting against socialism but the party as a whole has a lot of explaining to do as to why about half of Democrats voted for socialism. It's quite mind boggling

Anonymous said...

The world has seen America as a violent place since the beginning of our country and we have earned that reputation.

Shaw Kenawe said...


Apparently, you have no idea what "socialism" means. SAD!

PS. Think about public schools, libraries, the military, SOCIAL Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public roads, etc.

Yup. You have been participating in socialism your entire life and have no idea.

Anonymous said...

What is "SAD" is the FACT that YOU ARE A SOCIALIST!

Shaw Kenawe said...


It's no crime to be ignorant, only to stay that way. You live in a socialist country.

Surprise, surprise. The U.S. is a socialist country

“When it comes to states that benefit from socialism, Alabama is right near the top of the list.

very day you hear another politician decry socialism as something dark and wicked and to be avoided. But truth is, most of them don’t know what socialism is. To them, it’s just another buzz word that gets citizens riled up and they never stop to think, or know so little history, to learn the truth. At its core, socialism is when a society does things for the common good. Which was exactly what was done when 13 colonies promised to join forces to benefit one another and this country was born.

Examples are everywhere. A volunteer fire department is socialism in action. So is a school where citizens with no children in school pay taxes to educate the children of others. Taking up a collection in church to help a family whose house burned down is socialism.

And when it comes to states that benefit from socialism, Alabama is right near the top of the list. Only New Mexico and West Virginia have a greater difference in what each citizen sends Washington and what they get in return than Alabama. For every one dollar Alabama gives to Washington, we get two dollars in return."

And thank you, Anonymous, for coming here to learn that you live in the U.S., which has a mixed economy, exhibiting characteristics of both capitalism and socialism. Such a mixed economy embraces the free market when it comes to capital use, but it also allows for government intervention for the public good.

You're welcome.

Have a nice day!

Les Carpenter said...

What is sad is this...

We are a social animal. As well we depend on so much that is not us (meaning the i, me, mine indoctrination of US culture). We are interconnected at every level of our existence if you actually and really think about it.

We do not live a self isolated totally independent existence. Never have. Never will. Everything in existence, including us, exists because something else also exists. And we depend on a very large part of what have and what we are able to do on others.

Socialism is but a concept developed to define and understand an economic/social system. It is neither inherently good or inherently bad. It is but a system designed to give structure to a society of human animals. One that recognizes that society functions much better when empathy, compassion, understanding, and love for all sentient beings is present.

The capitalist of the west, in the concerted effort to protect their own financial special interests, developed a narrative designed to scare the hell out of folks. The unrelenting bull horn of socialism bad, socialism evil, had its desired effect. It conditioned people to believe something that is simply not true.

Democratic socialism (or a Socialist Democratic Republic) is really what we already are. Albeit on a more limited basis than European socialist countries.

What is driving the tRumpublican party and its adherents is the fear that somehow as we work to make society a more equitable and fairer place for all our brothers and sisters they believe they will have less. Their ego existence simply cannot brook the truth that the opposite is actually true.

Ignorance, fear, and greed. Our three biggest obstacles to happiness and joy.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Les, beautifully said! Do we think "Anonymous" will learn anything from our comments on his/her misconception of what "socialism" is?

Generally, trolls like "Anonymous" just like to come to this blog and whine about stuff about which they know nothing. Too bad they don't want to educate themselves and learn.

Anonymous said...

It seems capitalism is a failure if we judge any system by supplying its people with the basics of life. 10's of millions cannot afford the basics of life now and in a Republican future most of us will not be able to.

Les Carpenter said...

I hope so Shaw. I suppose it depends on whether anon has the ability and capacity to honestly consider concepts and views that they have criticized, perhaps for years, with an open inquisitive mind. For some that simply isn't possible. Probably because they fear that which they don't understand more than the suffering they know and are experiencing.

The Prophet Dervish Z Sanders said...

Anybody here want to guess who "anonymous" is? Anonymous is bigly scared of getting an @$$ wupping from Shaw. Who haven't we seen lately on the tRumpturd sites?