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Saturday, February 11, 2023


(with apologies to Mike)

Because we don't have enough irresponsible firearm owners roaming America's streets, so let's add armed CHILDREN on the streets to keep us safe?

What could go wrong?

Tell me, who would want to visit a state that allows CHILDREN, yes CHILDREN -- 14 year olds --  to run around in the streets with AR-15s?

I wish this were some sort of sick joke, but it is reality. An American state believes it's an infringement on the 2nd Amendment to NOT allow children to open carry, without supervision, AR-15s and other weapons, any time, anywhere they choose.

I live in a stupid country.

Missouri Lawmakers Vote Against Banning Children From Carrying Guns In Public


Missouri’s Republican-controlled House of Representatives has voted against banning children from carrying guns in public without adult supervision.

The proposal went down to defeat in a 104-39 loss Wednesday. Only a single Republican voted in favor, even though the the push was initially touted as a bipartisan effort.

There is currently no age minimum to openly carry a gun in Missouri.

Calls for change were triggered after a number of local holdups by armed teens. Videos have captured groups of children openly carrying rifles, including military-style weapons, as they walk the streets.


Les Carpenter said...

Didn't Hitler arm youth in Germany?

Anerican redumblicans just want to get a jump on things. That way when they foment their next insurection attempt their youthful stooges will armed, locked, and loaded.

Dervish Sanders said...

We should repeal the 2nd Amendment; it's now useless and irrelevant. Too many right wing extremist tRumpers have lost their little bit of a mind that they ever had, if they ever had a mind to begin with.