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Tuesday, February 21, 2023


Who is Tara Carr?  She is the First Selectwoman of Brookfield, Conn., a town that borders Newtown. She is an extreme MAGA Republican who has made a direct threat to POTUS.  Her threat has been reported to the FBI and the Secret Service. 

Brookfield Republican First Selectman Tara Carr kicked off Twitter after post targeting President Biden 


Pot Luck Chicken said...

Greene wants to split up the US and this MAGA jerk is encouraging killing President Biden?

When people say the Republican Party is full of idiots, traitors, and Putin ass-kissers, they're telling the truth.

Mike said...

I read an article about this tweet and she wasn't talking about shooting Biden but it sure sounded like it. She was chastizing Biden for not shooting down the Chinese balloon sooner. She was a Lt-Colonel in the Army and apparently didn't like the Army's advice to Biden to wait to shoot. She should have been harassing the Army for its advice.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Why did she use the word "kill" if her Tweet was only about an inanimate object, a balloon?

According to the link provided in the post, Twitter and others believe she meant the Tweet to be about Biden.

Les Carpenter said...

Hmm, can't help but to wonder what the MAGAt was really meaning. It certainly does warrant an intense and thorough investigation given the MAGA'ts history.

Mike said...

Well, I can't find much about Tara Carr on a national news site. Mostly it's local coverage. I'm pretty sure the site I got the info from is a conservative paper. So it could all be lies. Here's a paper with a little more info.

P.K. said...

At times I feel as if the Republicans are correct! We have a Party of Imbeciles, Idiots, and Brainless Morons!

Shaw Kenawe said...


Yes. All of us agree with the Republicans, P.K., when they say "We have a Party of Imbeciles, Idiots, and Brainless Morons!"

Thank you for your sharp observation.

P.K. said...

You are Welcome