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Monday, November 13, 2023


Do we all understand the danger that is Donald Trump?

 "ABC News has obtained video from Georgia prosecutors' interview with ex-Trump attorney Jenna Ellis, in which Ellis tells them she was personally informed by a top Trump adviser that Trump was "not going to leave" the White House — despite losing the 2020 election. 

 'The boss is not going to leave': Proffer videos show ex-Trump lawyers telling Georgia prosecutors about efforts to overturn 2020 election."

Trumpism is a cult:

This is their "Trump Christ" with Ghislaine Maxwell, convicted pedophile, and her boyfriend, Jeffrey Epstein, accused pedophile (he died in jail awaiting trial):


Les Carpenter said...

A deep sickness has taken hold of millions in America. The tRump MAGA cultists.

skudrunner said...

Where is BJ in the photo after all he has the moral equivalency of trump.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Yes. Of course, skud.

Here's the thing: BILL CLINTON is not running for the presidency. You DO understand that, don't you?

Donald Trump is.

And he was a dear friend of those two pedophiles. He even wished Ghislaine "well" when she was arrested for sexually abusing minors. Most normal people would know enough to keep their mouths shut, and NOT offer support to a woman who trafficked young women, performed sexual acts on them, and helped her boyfriend rape them. Those were Donald's friends, and he wished Ghislaine well.

Donald Trump wants to be the US president.

Crusader Frank said...

Donald Trump wants to be the US President. And SO DO I.

Dave Miller said...

Look, today we had to two GOP Members of the House, McCarthy and Burchett nearly come to blows over a supposed push, elbow or slight.

Then in the Senate, we had GOP Senator Markwayne Mullin from OK stand up and challenge a witness to a fight. Right there in the Senate.

The GOP right now is out of control. They need a serious time out, a week in a corner and a remedial case of "how to act like adults."

Thank you President Trump for making all of this possible.

Gosh, and we used to think the GOP calling Obama a liar from the House floor was bad. How fricken quaint.

Dave Miller said...

Skud said... "Where is BJ in the photo after all he has the moral equivalency of trump."

No Skud, he's light years better.

Why? Because he sees the need of repentance and remorse. He admitted his errors and asked forgiveness. Has Trump ever did that? After any of his lies?

Now I know you will never believe Clinton ever had any remorse, but I have friends who know him and they say otherwise. And they're not given to being hoodwinked.

Lisa said...

Shaw Kenawe said...

Bruce Bourgoine

Trump supporters have no core political philosophy. What animates them is hate. As long as #Trump mocks those they hate, they will follow him anywhere - even to dictatorship.

Delivering a crushing defeat is our only course.

Anonymous said...

Hey skuddy,\

Clinton got his BJs from an adult woman.....a consenting woman. Unlike Donald's pals who raped children.

There is a difference. One is inappropriate behavior with a subordinate and was wrong. The other, pedophilia, is a g-damn CRIME!///////

Les Carpenter said...

But, is there anyone in the democratic party even remotely capable of delivering such crushing defeat? Cause Biden isn't that man. Given his unwise support for Netanyahu and his Zionist government's genocide in Gaza.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Crusader Frank said...
Donald Trump wants to be the US President. And SO DO I."

So, Frank, you want to be POTUS too? What are your qualifications -- besides being a star poster at Lisa's Latrine?

Shaw Kenawe said...

So Trump kicked Epstein out of Mar-a-Largo. The link to the report says it's because Trump didn't want to ruin his "brand." The report says NOTHING about Trump being upset about Epstein's pedophilia. All that matters to Trump is his "brand," not what happens to children.

Did you even read the link you posted? It's a terrible indictment on Trump's values. But then Trump cultists never think about things like that, even when they're spelled out in a news report:

"One club member said Mr Trump “kicked Epstein out after Epstein harassed the daughter of a member. The way this person described it, such an act could irreparably harm the Trump brand, leaving Donald no choice but to remove Epstein,”

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Dave Miller said...
Skud said... "Where is BJ in the photo after all he has the moral equivalency of trump."

No Skud, he's light years better."

Yeah. Skud had to "bothsider" even this.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Les, I'm not feeling good about the 2024 election.

skudrunner said...

Rev, BJ was on epsteins close friends list and went to his residence several times. I'm sure it was just for soul searching as was his appropriate contact with a young intern. His only regret is getting caught and since then has been more careful to stay out of -H- way.

Leslie, I can't see the democrats pushing joey b to become their nominee. They are far more organized than the republicans and have a history of marching in lock step so if the DNC says change they will all follow. Unless the republicans change their moral superiority stance on abortion they will be the party of the past.

Neither trump or biden have any business being elected so maybe shoeless robert.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud "They [Democrats]... have a history of marching in lock step so if the DNC says change they will all follow."

Did you type that with a straight face?

Nikki Haley, and ALL THE "REPUBLICAN" candidates running for the nomination (except Christie) for POTUS raised their hands when asked if they'd vote for Trump EVEN IF HE WERE CONVICTED OF ALL THE FELONIES FOR WHICH HE'S UNDER INDICTMENT! IOW, those "independent" Republican thinkers would voluntarily vote for a convicted felon (91 counts!) to lead our country, because THEY HAVE TO BE IN LOCK-STEP with what the MAGAs want, even if it makes them look like idiots for supporting a CRIMINAL for the presidency.

Nikki put herself in the catagory of sycophants to MAGA, with no spine or values, when she did that.

You'd make a good stand-up comedian, because I roared laughing after reading what you typed!

Your "shoeless robert" is a serial adulterer (like Trump), a whacko conspiracist, and a recovered heroine addict. No one would pay any attention to him if his name were Jones, not Kennedy.

Dave Dubya said...

Frank and Lisa are two reasons Trump said, "I love the poorly educated".

Skud's endless false equivalencies seem to show he's barely one step above them.

I don't recall Clinton sending an angry mob to the Capitol to terrorize Congress and beat cops bloody to overturn an election. I don't recall Clinton praising those thugs and every damn dictator in the world. I don't recall Clinton calling a free press the "enemy of the people" and those who oppose him "vermin".

His simple-minded false equivalence and both-siderism is only contributing to Trumpism and the fall of the republic.

Next up from Skud: "The uni-party", directly from MAGA world.

possumlady said...

Did you see Rachel Maddow on Stephen Colbert last night? She talked about how there is an anti-democratic movement going on right now that trump is a part of. He uses the word fascists over and over, "leaks" that they will be putting millions of people in camps, and will invoke the insurrection act on day 1 of his presidency. He is deliberately taunting people to criticize him. She said we have to walk a fine line in not giving him any more attention but talking directly to the American people on what a bad idea this would be.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Possumlady: "Did you see Rachel Maddow on Stephen Colbert last night?"

I saw it this morning on replay.

It is frightening to understand that a significant percentage of the American people willingly will follow Trump's Long March into Fascist Hell.

His followers apparently have never read any history; or they need an authoritarian Daddy-figure to make them feel safe; or they've completely lost the function of their inner "bullshit meter."

Shaw Kenawe said...

This is interesting and another indication of how Republicans KNEW the danger to democracy that Trump is, but for the sake of power, allowed the anti-democracy, anti-American Liar, Cheat, Fraud, and Rapist to go forward and win the presidency -- instead of refusing to support the despot.

By Annie Karni and Steve Eder
Annie Karni reported from Washington, and Steve Eder from New York.

"Nov. 14, 2023
Years before he played a lead role in trying to help President Donald J. Trump stay in office after the 2020 election or defended him in two separate Senate impeachment trials, Speaker Mike Johnson bluntly asserted that Mr. Trump was unfit to serve and could be a danger as president.

“The thing about Donald Trump is that he lacks the character and the moral center we desperately need again in the White House,” Mr. Johnson wrote in a lengthy post on Facebook on Aug. 7, 2015, before he was elected to Congress and a day after the first Republican primary debate of the campaign cycle.

Challenged in the comments by someone defending Mr. Trump, Mr. Johnson responded: “I am afraid he would break more things than he fixes. He is a hot head by nature, and that is a dangerous trait to have in a Commander in Chief.”

Anonymous said...


Why you fear Mark Twain so much?

To closer to the Truth? ;-)

Dave Miller said...

The Speaker said... Trump is "a hot head by nature, and that is a dangerous trait to have in a Commander in Chief.

And yet supports him to be our president. As did Lindsey Graham after he said... “There’s only one way to make America great again... Tell Donald Trump to go to hell.”

Both of these GOP leaders said the quiet part, that they knew, out loud. And then encouraged people to vote for Trump. The man they believed would be dangerous and should not be president of the United States.

If you read Mitt Romney's book he says a great many congressional leaders despised Trump and did not want him as president, but kept quiet out of fear for their lives and the lives of their families.

They feared the reaction of the MAGA extremists. People armed to the teeth with semi automatic weapons, who have shown that when they perceive they are disenfranchised, shoot up schools, churches, markets and attack people who disagree politically with them.

Violence is no longer an aberration with this crowd. It's a feature, evidenced by a GOP Us Senator from Oklahoma who thought is was perfectly fine, and good OK manners, to challenge someone to a fight in well of the US Senate!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous said...

Why you fear Mark Twain so much?

To closer to the Truth? ;-)

I am under no obligation to publish your comments.

You have been comment-bombing this site over the past few days; and, for reasons known only to you, you've withheld your name and avatar.

I' m aware of your habit of monopolizing and shutting down discussions on threads on blogs where you're allowed to post.

And, as I stated, I'm under no obligation to post every comment that's in Comment Moderation.

You appear to have some sort of compulsion to dominate a discussion in order to prove you're the smartest commenter on the thread.

We know you're smart.

You don't have to keep reminding yourself and us of that.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave M.,

I can't understand why Republicans like Graham, Johnson, and Haley, who knew that a unqualified and intemperate person like Trump would be a disaster as a president, -- why did they do such a flip-flop against their better judgements? Was it just for MAGA votes? Was it worth it to them to show themselves to be hypocrites and dissemblers in service to a Liar, Cheat, Fraud, and Rapist?

"For what shall it profit a man/woman, if she/he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?"

For self-professed Christians, they don't follow their Holy Book, do they.

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

So, you're giving Q the "censorship' treatment. Why am I not surprised?

Shaw Kenawe said...

I don't know who is Q?

Stop with your "censorship" whining.

I'm not obligated to publish anyone who tries to take over my blog with endless, long-winded comments that are offered up only to flatter him/herself and show off his/her verbosity.

Paula said...

"Nikki Haley, and ALL THE "REPUBLICAN" candidates running for the nomination (except Christie) for POTUS raised their hands when asked if they'd vote for Trump EVEN IF HE WERE CONVICTED OF ALL THE FELONIES FOR WHICH HE'S UNDER INDICTMENT!"

I've always been amazed that Trump's statement about shooting someone on 5th Avenue was so readily accepted by his supporters -- including the elected ones in Congress. But now I see how Trump foretold the case. He told us that his people would accept criminal behavior. He wasn't wrong. They did, and they do. They are insane.

Shaw Kenawe said...


I now call the defunct GOP the CoupCoup Party.

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

Imagine a white knight came and actually began to attempt to slay dragons, instead of talk about their bravery whilst running from them (Brave, Brave, Sir Robin). What kind of fealty would you OWE to that knight?

Dave Miller said...


Censorship? Really?

Please explain to me how this concept applies to a blog?

I send Shaw stuff all the time. Some she graciously chooses to post, others no. It's her blog, so her choice. It's not censorship at all.

Do let everyone who wants to come into your house come in? Of course not, and before you cite her use of a public medium or "utility" like the world wide web, remember, you have plenty of public utilities running through your house.

Look, it's the system we have. But it is telling that your devotion to a claiming a right to have all of your or anyone else's comments published no matter what is noted.

Noted in the sense that you never defended those whose critical comments were not published at AOW nor those whose comments languish in the moderation bin at Geeez.

If you really believed in your stance, as opposed to just being mad that Shaw is not willing to have 15 video memes a day posted at her blog, you'd stand up for me, Shaw, Dave Dubya, Les and others to have our comments posted at Geeez.

But you won't, because you don't and never did.

You're just driving a narrative so you can be a disrupter.

Les Carpenter said...

CoupCoup Party... perfect renaming of the now completely debased and no longer existent former Party of Lincoln.

Thersites said...

Meanwhile, back at Castle DNC... they realize that they've left the light on. :(

Joe Conservative said...


It applies to a blog like this. Google "censors" my blog automatically by eliminating Spam. It then allow me to recover/ restore the posts sent to Spam. Why does it do this? To support a "hidden" narrative LIE that Blogs aren't shaped by, or vehicles for, consumerism. pShaw then adds a second layer to this LIE. Not only are they not consumerist, they're not "cultural" consumerist. They do not support a "green" consumerism. Posts opposing her preferred cultural "system of objects" (Baudrillard) are removed/hidden like so much Spam. Hence the pShaw sacred is separated from the pShaw profane. Not any "universal" sacred/ profane. But pShaw's subjective variant.

Now you say that "this is pShaw's blog, she can do what she wants". But is it? Or is this site really owned by Blogger/ Google as but another "cloud" property that pShaw has chosen not, at this point, to activate, but for which they still retain all rights of this "property"? AdShare, in hopes that the content pShaw curates will one day have commercial value. Will all her curation efforts share in the blogs Surplus Value? I much doubt it. Blogger decides what "ads" are suitable (the ones they sell) versus the ones that others post (losing Google ad revenue) and which Blogger sends to a Spam folder.

And so what remains? The "social" value of the blog, and its' commenters which pShaw curates. And Blogger's commercial interest. And what "generates" social value, sameness or difference? There's a phrase in philosophy called "generation from opposites". There can be no "generation" at this blog without it. pShaw can play "Lady Astor" of The Gilded Age all she want's, but either the new money of Mrs. Russell will be admitted, or her social circle will likely whither and die. What happens to the life or death of the Geeeez blog, should little concern her.

Can pShaw do better for her social circle than Mrs Russell? Perhaps. But Lady Astor's circle is dwindling. And I have a LOT of new money.

Les Carpenter said...

That pesky ego. Uncontrollable when everything hinges on I, me, and mine.

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

I'm not the one being criticized at Geeeez. Antiracism is your moral code, not mine. My moral code is to love my neighbor, not change him OR ELSE! Like I've said before, my honour code is "a midshipmen will not lie, cheat, or steal." It doesn't add, "or tolerate those who do!" at the end, as at the military academies. The Left used to preach "tolerance" but no longer abide, now that they've won. Antiracism is militant, not liberal.

Les Carpenter said...

Gosh FJ, ya sure have a lot of fanciful thoughts floating across your field of experience.

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

Anti-racist fundamentalism is "evangelical" secular dogmatism.

Dave Dubya said...

Only a conman or Trumpist sociopath like -FJ would try to say this with a straight face:
My honour code is "a midshipmen will not lie, cheat, or steal." It doesn't add, "or tolerate those who do!"

I could add Russian naval psyops agent now. Remember he is NOT ONE OF US. He is a foreign agent for Trump.

He's another Mike Flynn/Steve Bannon type all the way. Look at how he lies about the left wanting to "Change him or else." My neighbor is a Trump voter. We are friendly and get along as neighbors. I have family who I love who are deluded by the MAGA madness.

What kind of vile hate-monger and liar wants to demonize us as "vermin"? What kind of morally vacuous person would support an evil person who sounds like Hitler? Only those who have the morals of a Nazi.

He sure as hell tolerates and supports a liar, cheat, and election thief in Trump. Clear projection, or an outright lie.

His "moral code" is obvious. Not only does he support one who lies, cheats and steals on a grand scale, he needs to go full white nationalist/KKK in lying that antiracism is "militant". I don't recall antiracists lynching anyone or storming the Capitol, terrorizing Congress and beating cops bloody to overturn an election.

He's projecting his own fascist racism in defense of a malevolent and mendacious megalomaniac. THIS is what the left rightly does not tolerate.

He shills for the liar, cheat and thief who welcomed notorious antisemites Kanye West and Nick Fuentes to dinner at Mar-a-Lago. I highly doubt -FJ is a Jew, let alone one who loves his neighbor, or should I say fellow Russian sailors?

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” ~Maya Angelou

Joe Conservative said...

Of course, Democrats can condemn the thugs. After all, they're the "real victims".

Joe Conservative said...

It's "social justice", after all.

Dave Dubya said...

"Anti-racist fundamentalism is "evangelical" secular dogmatism."

Exactly what verbally competent white racists would say, along with their Russian tovarisches and allies in the СВР РФ.

Les Carpenter said...

It's good you understand their code Dave D. America is in a fight for its soul. Projecting the ultimate outcome at this point is unfortunately not possible. But if it goes the wrong way we'll have the same experience the folks in Germany in 1933 experienced. The result of Trumpism 21st century.