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Tuesday, November 7, 2023



"Democratic Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear just won re-election, beating his Trump-endorsed opponent in a state that voted for Trump by 26% in 2020. 

This is a MASSIVE embarrassment for Donald Trump." --Brian Tyler Cohen


The right to abortion in the Ohio constitution looks like it's going to pass as of 9PM EST.  

If, as seems likely, Ohio does pass Issue #1 to protect a woman's right to an abortion, this will be catastrophic for Republicans and the MAGA cult. 

A red, key battleground state giving women access to abortion is bad news for the GOP in 2024.


Democrats have retained control of the Virginia State Senate, denying Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin a legislative trifecta. 

Democrats have been projected to win 21 seats.


Mike said...

Good news X 3.

Shaw Kenawe said...

The Captain of the Mother Ship is NOT amused!

"I’m devastated that VA went even worse than expected….A friend worked on the campaign...Apparently, Democrats thrive on voter illegality and killing babies; how proud they must be. Those are their voting priorities."

Yeah. Democrats "thrive on voter illegality" (has she not read about the Trump cronies/lawyers who pled guilty to trying to overturn the election? That's "voter illegality, n'est ce pas?

How could any of the sailors on that ship read or hear any of that when their heads are planted so deeply in the misinformation muck of FAUX NOOZ?

"...killing babies..." A favorite of the malcontents when they lose any vote or referendum on abortion rights. Wanting girls and women to control what happens to their bodies is automatically labeled as "killing babies," because folks like her and her cohorts don't see bodily autonomy as an inherent right for human beings.

They, of course, don't ever think about the fact that it is against the law to harvest organs from human beings while they're alive, AND EVEN WHEN THEY ARE NO LONGER LIVING, because that violates their bodily autonomy. But they see nothing wrong with state enforced pregnancies, violating a girl or woman's right to bodily autonomy.

"The right of a woman or girl to make autonomous decisions about her own body and reproductive functions is at the core of her basic rights to equality, privacy, and bodily integrity."

IMO, those simplistic minds are not able to understand complex human ideas.

Meanwhile, good for Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky, and all the other conservative states that have, through a democratic process, said NO! to outlawing abortions and leaving these difficult decisions to girls, women, their families, and health care providers.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... add this, her take on young people voting...

"Dems know that abortion will push people TO the polls and attract young punks."

That's why the GOP has been fighting voter registration on college campuses. Because those "punks" as she calls them, won't vote like she does.

Why would any of those young people want to even be in the same room with her and her dismissive cronies?

And they hated Hillary for calling their crowd deplorable.

Maybe the truth hurt too much?

Dave Miller said...

I feel like channeling -FJ's style today...

Here's my feelings on last night.

It was a Wipeout!

Shaw Kenawe said...

More outrage: "77% of youth vote in Ohio voted ABORTION….. That’s a LOT and the Dems played it well. I’m betting 77% of that youth vote voted for nothing BUT the abortion proposition….
And, of course, that was the point of the Supreme Court…let the States decide….

But Dems know that abortion will push people TO the polls and attract young punks."

"...young punks..." Anyone who disagrees with the Mother Ship and its sailors.

"BUT the abortion proposition….And, of course, that was the point of the Supreme Court…let the States decide…."

Does she even read what she posts? The Supreme Court left it up to the states, and the states are deciding to keep the right to choose.

Then she calls those who win at the ballot box , through their votes, on this subject, "...young punks." But I'm sure not just young people voted to keep the state out of girls' and womens' uteri. Lots and lots of older, and middle-aged Americans in Ohio helped this win!

It appears that this is something both liberals and conservatives agree on!

Les Carpenter said...

We'll soon see which party's ship runs aground. Looking at polls one thought arises. These election results cause a different thought to arise.

The human hamster wheel is well used. Isn't it?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Re: Harvesting organs from a deceased human being, I should have qualified what I wrote:

" is against the law to harvest organs from human beings while they're alive, AND EVEN WHEN THEY ARE NO LONGER LIVING, WITHOUT THEIR EXPRESSED WRITTEN PERSMISSION. Then it is legal, but the deceased person has to give permission to harvest those organs, which maintains bodily autonomy, because it is the deceased's CHOICE!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Hey Les, I thought of you the other day when I listened to Yuval Noah Harari's lecture on "Consciousness and Suffering" on YouTube.

Harari is an atheist, but has practiced Vipassana meditation since 2000 and said that it "transformed" his life.

This YouTube runs about 31 minutes, and I really got a lot out of listening to it. You may already know what he covers in this lecture, but I thought I'd pass it along to you anyway. You've got me interested in it!


Les Carpenter said...

Thanks for the link Shaw. Was not familiar with Harari. I enjoyed his lecture.

Vipassana can be transformative. Certainly a discipline worth engaging with, IMO.