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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Trump sounds more like Hitler every day.

Republicans Are Fighting a War on Democracy All Over America


David Rothkopf :

"That sound you hear, which sounds suspiciously like jackboots, is the Republican Party marching out of the closet and proclaiming its opposition to democracy. 

 After decades of promoting minority rule—but dressing up their intentions with a fig leaf of respect for America’s history, values, and tradition—the GOP has now dropped any pretense of caring about our Constitution or the principles upon which the United States was founded. 

 Although the embrace of Nazi rhetoric, techniques, and tactics by the party’s standard bearer should chill to the bone any American who cares about the country’s future — in recent days it has become absolutely clear that the leadership of the Republican Party has decided to publicly own their authoritarian aspirations."


"...the most popular politician in their party openly mimics the language of Hitler, promises to throw his opponents in jail, pack the federal government with legions of loyal toadies, and fill camps with immigrants he wants to expel from the country. At the federal and state level, GOP officials are starting to favor the words and deeds of in-your-face fascism as their party’s main message and deliverables. 

Take the resounding Ohio vote to guarantee a right to abortion in the state constitution. The fact that the people of Ohio spoke, and the vote was not even close, did not matter a bit to that state’s Republican legislators. They immediately responded by saying the legislature will “consider removing jurisdiction from the judiciary over this ambiguous ballot initiative.” 

 In other words, they would make it impossible to enforce the new constitutional amendment, the will of the people be damned. That move was not an outlier. It is part of a pattern at the state level to give Republican legislators and governors the power to overrule the people who apparently, in their eyes, cannot be trusted to do the right thing at the ballot box. The stories occur so frequently that, at this point, we fail to be as outraged by them as we should be."


Out of apathy or stupidity, too many Americans are whistling past the graveyard on the threat to democracy posed by Trump and his millions of cultists. 

And those Americans who fought and even died fighting Nazi Germany and fascism? What were their sacrifices for? To have a minority of ill-informed, aggrieved Americans work to reinstate as POTUS a fascist wannabe who refers to people who disagree with him (a Constitutionally guaranteed right) as "vermin?"



Dave Dubya said...

Twenty-three years ago the election was stolen in a state run by the Republican candidate's brother.

Twenty years ago the US went to war based on lies that Saddam had active nuclear/biological/chemical weapons programs. The liars also said he had "ties to al-Qaeda" and implied he had something to do with 9-11.

Then a year later the country reelected him...

I knew then that the days of our republic were numbered, if not over.

Now we have a criminal who emulates Hitler in words and deeds with an even chance of winning back the White House.

No wonder back in 2007 George Carlin said, "This country is finished".

Les Carpenter said...

Everything under the sun is impermanent. We are seeing that impermanence becoming a growing reality relative to our democracy and self rule.

The deep state the MAGA's and the republican party harp on is nothing more than them telegraphing their intentions when they again assume power.

Intelligent folks know the history of deep state facism and deep state communism where almost everything is controlled by the deep state. Including what you can utter in public. That is exactly what the rapist and insurrectionist, ex president has told his "subjects" to expect when he is reelected in 2024.

Believe what he and his MAGA republican friends are telling you. It can and will happen here. Unless more intelligent and wiser Americans create a tsunami for democracy in America come November 2024.

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

So much projection... so little sense.