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Thursday, November 9, 2023



One of the Republican candidates hoping to get the nomination of her party for POTUS, Nikki Haley, called another Republican (V. Ramaswamy) hoping to get the nomination of his party "SCUM!"

I'd say that Donald Trump's influence on the once proud Republican Party is complete.



Dave Miller said...

Yes she did. But you have to consider the context.

She called him scum after he slammed Haley's daughter, a young woman not there to defend herself or part of the political world or discussion.

In doing so, Ramaswarmy crossed one of those up to now unwritten rules within campaigns that politicians kids are off limits.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Donald Trump at last night's rally in Florida while his opponents debated:

"Kim Jong-un leads 1.4 billion people, and there's no doubt about who the boss is, and they want me to say he's not an intelligent man."

Trump has an unhealthy fascination with authoritarian/fascist leaders. Here he is praising a Communist leader.

Just think about what a danger he is to our democratic republic.

Les Carpenter said...

I heard this. I frankly think the person she responded to is, well, at that time deserving of it. Just not wise IMO to utter it on national TV.

That and Haley is the best shot at regaining the top spot for republicans if tRump is blocked, IMO. As well as being basically decent person.

Anybody but tRump, DeSantis, and Ramaswamy. And maybe Biden... i'm getting highly concerned over his fixation on continuing to follow the narative of the MIC. Ole DDE was exactly right. Biden and the neo- cons continue to prove it so.

Les Carpenter said...

Communism as an ecomomic system or political system in and of itself is not a problem. Authoritarianism is the problem as it chokes off growth and denies the autonomy and liberty of the folks whom the dictator lords over.

The republican party, specifically the tRump MAGA's seem to have forgotten why George Washinton refused to be king. Even when people wanted that. We need many George Washintons today. None in site however. Not even in the really.

Mike said...

He started picking on one of her kids in the debate.

Les Carpenter said...

Yes, an irrelevant comment that ought not been made.

But hey, it's America 2023. Civility? Out the window.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, Mike, Les,

I read about the context in which she uttered that slur, and I understand how people will give her props for defending her daughter. However. In the first debate among those seeking the Trumpublican nomination, the moderator asked all of the candidates if they would still vote for Trump if he is the nominee in 2024 and IF HE WERE FOUND GUILTY OF THE CRIMES HE'S FACING.

The candidates, including Haley, all (except Christie) raised their hands.

That was astounding to me. Haley and the others would actually vote for Trump if he were found guilty of trying to overthrow a free and fair election so he could illegally install himself in the presidency HE LOST?!

Haley land the others would still vote for Trump if he were found guilty of stealing top secret government documents?

Haley's no hero or strong in her convictions. She failed that test and showed her weaknesses. I will never forget that when Trump first announced his candidacy in 2015, Haley said that he was "...everything she taught her kindergartners NOT to be." And then she supported him.

We know that many "Republicans" find Trump repulsive -- his personality and his politics -- but they're cowards when it comes to being true to themselves and what they actually think of Trump.

Joe Conservative said...

There are no elitists in the Democratic party (like Pelosi or Whitmer) who look down on the more populist members (like AoC and the SQUAD)? Who knew?

Mike said...

Quote of the day "“The Republican debate was held in case Trump chokes on a cheeseburger”.

Les Carpenter said...

Your points are sound of course Shaw. But, it's politics, and of all the candidates on the stage last night Nikki Haley IMO was the winner. IOW, i would not have nearly as great a problem with her should tRump completely implode as i would with the other gop candidates if Biden should lose. And i'm starting to believe that is quite possible.

Les Carpenter said...

tRump looks like a human cheeseburger.