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Thursday, November 30, 2023



Bridget Ziegler, co-founder of Moms for Liberty, was busted for having a threesome with another woman. Her husband, chairman of the Florida GOP, was charged with abusing the woman in their threesome. 

These are the people who want to instill morality in schools by banning books.


Dave Dubya said...

Yes, but we KNOW what their ONLY rule is: It's OK if you are a Republican.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when a party embraces a rapist as its standard bearer. Preach Jesus and morality to gain power but live like it’s Sodom and Gomorrah.

Grey One talks sass said...

I listened to the 911 call (heavily redacted to protect the innocent). The victims friend did the absolute correct thing and now I am an emotional wreck. Before I head for my pillow and a good cry I have a few thoughts:

* As a fair witness I confess I am a member of the Me Too club (trust me, no one wants a membership but once here we stand together).
* The story told by Christian and Bridget Ziegler is changing - the details are different with each telling. As far as I can tell liars are going to lie. Truth will out and I look forward to the sunshine cleansing this delightful example of why MAGA is going down.
* I don't care if one engages in an orgy as long as everyone is of legal age and has consented to participate in the scene. In all things - consent.
* The way fundamentalist Christians indoctrinate their children into thinking men have rights and women have obligations needs to be addressed at the very least and modified at the most. One has a right to believe as they do but (and it's a big but) NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO IMPOSE THEMSELVES ON ANOTHER. Marital rape is still rape.

Also - Christian Zieglar allegedly took video of the attack (he says encounter I say rape) without his partners consent. Again - there is that word consent. He is a prime example of what We The People are fighting against.

Dave Dubya, you are so correct - The Democratic party had Al Franken expelled for an inappropriate photo/joke (even though the subject of the joke was in on it until she wasn't). Thus far I've heard only crickets about the Zieglars from those of no morals save hubris and hypocrisy.

Grey One talks sass said...

With the GOP leaders calling for Zeiglar's removal it's no wonder the MAGA defenders on this site won't touch the story. It is toxic.

The more I hear about Christian and Bridget Zeiglar the more I believe they aren't an outlier or exception to the MAGA norms, they are the norm.