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Tuesday, November 21, 2023



For Lisa, skudrunner, and all the people who stubbornly refuse to live in the real world:

BLS:  Bureau of Labor Statistics   CPI:  Consumer Price Index


Gas prices could hit lowest Thanksgiving level in years(The Hill) 

The national average of gas prices could drop to the lowest level around Thanksgiving in years, according to new estimates. On Monday, AAA reported that the average national price of gas was about $3.31 per gallon — nearly a 10 percent decrease from last year’s average of $3.67 per gallon during the same period. The national average for gas prices has fallen or remained flat for about 60 consecutive days, according to a AAA press release last week.


-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

Ouch, you still believe the numbers coming out of DC?

Fool me once shame on you, fool me x100 times... still shame on you???

Les Carpenter said...

Hey Shaw, any surprise the multiple personality expert on everything (he has his own correct #'s) was the first tRumpist to arrive and spew his alternate reality BS.

This guy is really a gas.

Shaw Kenawe said...


No. I expected nothing less from -FJ.

And, of course, it would never enter his mind that perhaps it is HE who's being fooled.

"Know-it-alls" believe themselves to be infallible.

ralph said...

Compare prices since 2021 and the picture looks different. Nice try but cumulative inflation is up 20%.
It seems like Biden will not run and not because of age but because he will have to run on his record and his mental decline. As to trump he just needs to go away but then what would the dems offer as a platform.

Les Carpenter said...

The greatest mental decline, as we clearly see daily, is evident in DJt. The dude has completely and totally lost touch with reality. Apparently so have you ralph.

Dave Miller said...

-FJ, you're a tired record. Were Trump's numbers, that you and others have used to justify and brag about his presidency, fixed? Or do only Dems do that?

Remember Trump said all during his 2016 campaign that the government numbers on the economy were fixed. But then a month after he was elected, suddenly those numbers weren't fixed.

You guys are rich...

Joe Conservative said...

So what goods got shifted out of the CPI Report for Bidenomics this year, Dave? Got aNY forecast for what will change for 2024?

Joe Conservative said...

...After all, I'm pretty sure that nobody had to buy any FOOD this year.

Les Carpenter said...

Yes Dave, FJ, his sock puppets, aa well as all tRump MAGA's are rich. Some might even ascertain their views and actions as ignorant.

Dave Miller said...

Sorry Joe, I had questions first.

Why don't you answer a direct question first for a change?

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

Were Trump's numbers, that you and others have used to justify and brag about his presidency, fixed? Or do only Dems do that?

Giving the "fixing" of the numbers in the example provided, I would have thought you able to answer the question yourself.

That the numbers, to the extent they're reliable, are known ONLY to the "fixers" themselves.

Back when my kids were in public schools, I used to follow standardized test scores. Every couple of years they ALWAYS introduced a new test against which to measure, and in all subsequent years the scores went down... and down... and down. The new tests were introduced only to cover up the failures of the past administrations. And THAT is how those number relate. To hide incompetence.

So why should Trump act differently? Was he gifted a new or different bureaucracy with different 'careerist' bureaucrats?