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Monday, November 20, 2023



I think if Pres Joe wants to have any chance of winning, he's got to get moving on the campaign. Here's how I think he could do that.

First, acknowledge publicly the elephant in the room, his age. He needs to start being real in this. Yeah, he's older than a lot of can but make his age can be made into a virtue. A virtue that comes with years of experience of serving Americans.

All Americans.

Then detail specifically, in specific locations, how his legislation, like the Cares Act, the Infrastructure Build Back Better Bill is helping Main Street Joe.

The go even more public. And it starts, again with the age acknowledgement. He needs to say to his aides, staff and others, who if the media is to be believed, that they can't bring the issue up. That his age IS fair game.

And he needs to get out of speech venues. It's not his strength. It's Trump's, it was Obama's, but it's not Biden's.  He feeds off personal contact. Show up Joe. Just sit in neighborhood coffee houses. Watch a football game with some people. Talk to people. Show them personally you're not a fossil, that you've still got it.

And if you're really daring, go with them to see where they work, or their farm, unscripted. Your Secret Service will hate it, but they'll deal. Remember, they work for you!

America has little touch with our presidents anymore. Be the guy who brings that back, even if for one campaign. The power of a president asking the single guy for his vote, in his own small kitchen, can't be underestimated.

And that guy will bring his neighbors to you. Because HE will testify to what he saw in your eyes. You need direct touch, you're good at it, and it's a great way to personally tell people you're not too old for this.

You can't just make the "I'm not Trump" argument from the White House. Give us, many of whom are on the fence, the assurance that you're not too old and can be outside of your perceived advisors "protect Joe" bubble.

Then, get your stand-ins in public out on the campaign trail doing the same, making your case. Flood the airwaves with Cabinet Secs, Senators, Congressmen, not just with talking points, but listening to people. Send them to rural communities and to to campuses, without suits, to talk directly to people.

If you want to win over people, listen to them. Hear them.

Take no vote and no state for granted. California and Michigan are great examples. Don't assume your voters are hard Biden ppl. Ask for their votes.

Because we can't afford to let the GOP win this election. At least not this current iteration of the GOP.


skudrunner said...

Rev, Nice piece with few examples of what joey b brings to the American people. Yes he can give away money with the best of them and yes in some cases the money was not a total waste. Giving billions to billion dollar companies partially owned by china so they will build chips here is not the wisest of investments but at least it is an investment in the US. The infrastructure bill had some good parts but had a ton of buy your votes spent. You do know the cares act was signed into law by the evil one.

I don't think it is as much about age as it is mental awareness. He has a tendency to get lost on stage and talk to people not there. Tripping is something we have all done so can't fault that. As to his campaigning for president he lacks experience because his only presidential campaigning has been from a couch in his basement. He will have to get up before 9 and stay awake for more than four hours at a time. I'm sure his staff can accomplish this but his mumble instead of talking needs some work.

He does need to distance himself from himself and his horrific record. Afghanistan, inflation, the Border, illegals taking over cities, Crime, kamala, Israel, no plan for Ukrain and we shouldn't forget the first son because he is in the news on a daily basis. He portrays himself as a nice guy yet denies a granddaughter, good catholic boy there.

I do agree with you that I'm not trump may have won the last election but may not be enough for this one. Although that is the mantra for the democrats in this election they do need something else. What are the democrats going to do if trump is not the gop nominee.

It does appear although you may think differently that the only thing the democrats have going for them is joey isn't trump and the we support abortion where they don't.

Dave Miller said...

Thanks Shaw... I had put this in the comment section of another post, but got a kinda jenky response from Blogger so to see it today, as a post is wonderful.

Mike said...

Did you send this to his campaign committee?

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

Maybe Joe should uncover some of the J6 Dog's that Never barked...

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said... the "bombers" of RNC/DNC HQ's instead of CosPlaying Shaimans? Or are they ALL FBI plants?

Les Carpenter said...

Your right about one thing for sure skud. Joe Biden could save billions if he and the MIC stop looking for wars to spend our money on. Including the wasted money spent on Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestinians by Netanyahu and friends.

Anonymous said...

Not a tear would be shed if Trump's evil "angels" were to take him home tomorrow.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: "He portrays himself as a nice guy yet denies a granddaughter, good catholic boy there."

As usual with our friend, skud, he posts gossip and half-truths without bothering to find the facts.

Here are the facts, and we accept your apology for posting something you know nothing about, except from headlines by Biden gossips and haters:

"For the past four years, President Joe Biden and the first lady took cues from their son Hunter on how to discuss the 4-year-old girl in Arkansas a paternity test had determined was their granddaughter.

That meant saying nothing about her at all.

Initially Hunter Biden denied paternity, and later said he had no memory of fathering her at a low point in his life. Hunter Biden asked his parents not to publicly acknowledge the girl as a lengthy child support battle played out in an Arkansas court, according to sources familiar with the matter.

But in recent months, that stance became increasingly uncomfortable, at odds with President Biden’s image as a loving family man and subject to criticism from his political rivals. The president began looking for the right opportunity to break the silence.

“They were following Hunter’s wishes. It’s hard to do that without throwing your son under the bus,” said one person involved in internal discussions about the matter.

Last week, the Bidens publicly acknowledged their grandchild, Navy Joan Roberts, for the first time ever."


This is a painful chapter in a family's life that would have been of no interest to anyone except for the fact that it happened in America's first family.

And there is no shortage of otherwise good Christian folks who revel in the misfortunes and tragedies of families, especially of Democratic families.

"Good Christian folks there,"

Dave Miller said...

Skud... stop dude. We've already established that if Congress cuts all, 100%, every penny of discretionary spending, which includes foreign to our allies, welfare, unemployment aid and more, it won't solve the budget problem.

Apart from that, this was my attempt to think about how President Biden could better work towards reelection. Not argue about policy.

But yet you and of course -FJ, struggle to stay on topic.

BTW, my bad, you are correct on the CARES Act. I was thinking of the Biden Aid package, called the American Rescue Plan.

Now, just a few of questions for you...

1. Is 4.5% GDP a good number for the US economy?
2. Is 4% unemployment a good number for the United States?
3. Is an inflation rate below the combined rate of other industrialized countries, Russia, the UK, Germany, France and Europe good for the US?

I'd love it if you, or anyone else to just give me a yes, or a no on these.

No snark, no commentary, nothing.

Just a simple yes, or no.

Lisa said...

It doesn't matter what he does ,he's an incompetent boob and everybody knows it. Too little,too late.
People need financial stability and are tired of the crime wave increase in this country. They don't want to keep funding wars around the world and keep importing poverty when we have our own poverty population.
Everybody already knows who Joe Biden is nothing he's going to do can change that

Les Carpenter said...

You and THOSE who think like you Lisa "know" President Biden is an "incompetent boob". For the majority of Americans that sentiment does NOT hold true.

Grey One talks sass said...

Dave Miller, you asked (honestly skud has yet to answer questions and I'm just on a literal tear so here is my reply)

1. Is 4.5% GDP a good number for the US economy? For here/now? Yes. I'd like better but for where we are and who we've had in office, this is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

2. Is 4% unemployment a good number for the United States? Yes. As wiser minds than mine own have opined, this is a phenomenal number. Caveat - sticks and eyes.

3. Is an inflation rate below the combined rate of other industrialized countries, Russia, the UK, Germany, France and Europe good for the US? Yes to the power of yes. Investing in the USA (bridges, highways, other infrastructure needs) is always a good idea.

Of course skud prefaces the legislation passed by the Biden administration as giving away free money. Not sure about that claim skud as they said NOTHING when Trump passed his tax bill for billionaires. Oh wait, they did say they approved as their taxes went down. I guess money is only free when the rest of us citizens benefit, not skud.

Grey One talks sass said...

Ah Lisa, escapee of the blog of snarky thoughts where they know the price of all things but the value of nothing.

People do need financial stability. Why aren't you, Lisa, advocating for those who've stolen billions from We The People pay it back? You know who I'm talking about - the CEO's who promised back in the late eighties that if We The People did more with less then they would reward us all when the economy recovered.

Spoiler alert - they paid We The People less than nothing. They took our pensions, destroyed several banks, and made more than a few thousand citizens homeless in their greed.

I know exactly who President Joe Biden is, and this coming election I will be voting blue as long as they can defeat Trump and his merry band of Christian nationalists.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Lisa: "People need financial stability and are tired of the crime wave increase in this country."

You apparently missed this good financial news:

4.5% GDP
4% unemployment
An inflation rate below the combined rate of other industrialized countries, Russia, the UK, Germany, France and Europe.

All good financial news. If you don't think that's good news, tell us why.

Lisa: "...and are tired of the crime wave increase in this country."

Individual cities, towns, and the states in which they are situated are responsible for crimes committed there, NOT President Biden. But, of course you knew that, right? BTW, there is no "crime wave." Read up on what exactly is happening. HINT: THERE IS NO CRIME WAVE.

Lisa: "Everybody already knows who Joe Biden is nothing he's going to do can change that"

And thank goodness he won't change from being a decent human being who didn't cheat on 3 wives with porn stars, didn't cheat workers out of what he owed them; didn't commit fraud on working class people with his fake Trump. U., wasn't found liable for raping a woman; and Joe Biden never incited an insurrection against America, y'know, like the guy who's under 91 felony charges. That's the guy YOU and your friends admire. Own it.

Les Carpenter said...

It should be becoming all to EVIDENT that folks who support facism and tRump, like Lisa, do not care about any of that. They care only about numero uno, their Fuhrer, and his sick ideology.

Lisa said...

You and your little echo chamber here .most people I talk to can't stand him and I talk to a lot of people I've never met one person who supports this idiot

Lisa said...

The only reason Joe Biden became president is name recognition. nobody ever wanted him to be a president because they know how incompetent he is cuz he was the dumbest senator in the senate for 47 years. Even Obama was embarrassed by him

Shaw Kenawe said...

Lisa: "The only reason Joe Biden became president is name recognition..."

That's, of course, your opinion, not a fact.

Lisa: "...nobody ever wanted him to be a president..."

Then explain why 8 million more Americans voted for Biden than voted for Trump. That's a fact, not an opinion. You're not being rational when you say "nobody ever wanted him to be president" when the facts clearly dispute that.

The rest of your comment is your opinion, which you're entitled to, but it's not factual.

PS. As is usual with you, you did not answer my question on why you don't think 4.5% GDP,
4% unemployment, and an inflation rate below the combined rate of other industrialized countries, Russia, the UK, Germany, France and Europe is not good news.

You came here and stated people needed financial stability, and I gave you actual numbers on good indications that there is financial stability, and you ignored that.
I don't think you're interested in hearing facts because apparently they get in the way of your unfounded opinions.

Lisa: "You and your little echo chamber here..."

Excuse me, but you're allowed to post here, as is the multiple-personalites -FJ, Joe Conservative, and Thersites, as well as skudrunner. You have me confused with the blogger Geeez. Only Trump ass-kissers are allowed in the REAL echo-chamber.

Lisa: "...most people I talk to can't stand him and I talk to a lot of people I've never met one person who supports this idiot."

Try getting out of your comfort zone and meet people who aren't Trumpers.

F.D. said...

Lots of Americans like Lisa and skudrunner are fact averse, they are ready to dispense with democracy altogether in fealty to a raging narcissist and felon desperate to stay out of jail.

Please keep speaking up regardless. We must ALL speak up if we are to have a chance at dodging the doom left to us by a spineless GOP who couldn't muster a backbone to hold DJT accountable when they had the chance. And to all the old guard conservatives that refuse to say whether they would support Biden against Trump, SHAME on you. There is really no other choice if preserving democracy matters at all.

Les Carpenter said...

Shouldn't those wishing to support self rule be more supportive of the Palestinian desire for liberty and freedom after 70 years of oppression by the Zionist state?

Simple question looking for a logical, rational, and non judgemental response. Hypocrisy is always waiting to spring. Just ask Jake Trapper.

Dave Dubya said...

Skud and Lisa are giving us a lesson on their mindset.

People like them BELIEVE they know what they need to know, yet they are more likely to just believe what they WANT to know.

This is common in most people but to a far lesser degree than with the radical Right authoritarian mindset. This resistance to factual information may be a feature of their conditioned emotional responses, hair-trigger defense mechanisms, and over-reactive amygdalas.

So they will not believe what they don't want to know.

Notice how they can never admit they were wrong, mistaken or just bullshitting. No matter how much evidence we show, their view of reality must reject ours on "principle". They wouldn't even bother wondering, "How could those libs be right". They only WANT TO KNOW we're wrong. And so they believe it.

This is the default of the Right Wing Authoritarian mind. Happiest when closed, secure in the comfort and certainly of their indoctrinated beliefs.

Lisa said...

Oh I don't see the people with Red hats standing in the streets holding signs that say kill the Jews

Grey One talks sass said...

Good morning Les. You asked (and thank you for the question):

"Shouldn't those wishing to support self rule be more supportive of the Palestinian desire for liberty and freedom after 70 years of oppression by the Zionist state?"

The short answer is Yes to the power of yes.

The long answer I don't like but I'm typing it out because this is how I see it.

For decades I read in the news that Congress passed yet another resolution in support of Israel. I'd hazard a guess the volume of support started around the same time as the Seven Mountain Dominionists implemented their plan to dominate the USA. My point is We The People don't know what was passed, what arrangements were made in back rooms.

President Biden may have to dance an intricate dance, hampered by agreements made in the past that we know nothing about. He's made public statements that there needs to be two states for Israelis and Palestinians but hasn't gone that extra step to condemn the retribution perpetrated by Netanyahu. Honestly it drives me nuts but I'm not the President.

In my soul I know Netanyahu used the attack by Hamas as cover to escape his own legal issues (sound familiar?). I know to my soul that every time Israel hammers away at Gaza agents for Hamas are created - not that they found those who started the current issues but that by indiscriminately pounding away they leave survivors who've lost everything. The father who no longer has his children or wife to cherish, the child trapped for days only to be rescued to learn they are alone in the world. I'm not sure I could NOT contemplate vengeance.

Look, on a personal level I'm not fond of Joe Biden (shoulda/coulda/woulda listened to Anita Hill, just saying). That said he is one hell of a statesman and he tries his best to do what is correct. After all, as a Catholic he is not in favor of Abortion rights but because at the time Roe vs Wade was the law of the land he upheld it against the laws detractors. Can we say the same for the MAGA crowd?

I already know you'll say nope Les because you are a good person.

Grey One talks sass said...

Shaw, Thank you so much for clearing up my confusion regarding the three faces of -FJ. They really do need some assistance from the mental health field as more than once I've read a response from one personality as if they were still another. Confusing way to live to be honest. I know I have a hard enough time being just me.

I know I brought religion (Dominionism) into the conversation. Again. It's just that when I see a pattern I can't unsee it. While there is so much crisis everywhere I can't help but notice the Dominionists fingers in every pie. Doesn't help when the Dominionist spokesperson (the new speaker of the house) isn't shy about telling We The People we're confused about the first Amendment or supports statements by Christian nationalist preachers saying that the troubles in Israel are signs of their impending Rapture and Apocalypse.

Science and mathematics are the languages that will get humanity through this crisis. As history illustrates, we've been here before and took the retro religion road with death and disease it's rewards. I'm hoping humanity chooses a wiser path this time around.

Happy Wolfenoot (11/23) to all that celebrate. :)

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

Only 3 faces? You really should visit Dervish's wall of ignominy. I'm "featured" in the sidebar.

Les Carpenter said...

Thank you Grey One talks sass for your open and honest answer to my question. Your views are very similar to my own. I do admidt however to being completely unable to overlook obvious and glaring evil and hypocrisy. Both are at play in the Zionist response to Hamas, as well as in the US MIC support.

Trump and Netanyahu are two peas languishing in the same pod together. Both tyrants. Both dishonest. And both evil. Biden is trying. In my view it simply is not enough.

Unless we are willing to walk the walk of truth, integrity, decency, compassion, love for all of humanity equally, as well as for all life on our planet then we might as well start planning for the 4th apocalypse because it will likely happen sooner than it otherwise would.

The more we witness the growing ignorance and greed in the world (especially the US and much of the west) the more we should realize just how blind to reality we've been. But we won't. We'll keep making the same ignorant greedy mistakes and blaming someone else for the repercussions.

That's where a true spirituality, NOT RELIGIOUS DOGMA, comes in handy. But unless it is sincere and felt experientially it's just more of the same societal conditioning and influence that has always been exerted on us since birth. And it's why we're where we are at today. With time running out as we continue to whistle Dixie.

Fighting nihilism has become an almost daily task anymore.

Dave Dubya said...

Lisa didn't "see" the tiki torch parade of her fellow Trump supporting Nazis shouting "Jews will not replace us" at the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville.

She probably didn't "see" her Malevolent Mendacious Messiah hosted notorious antisemites Kanye West and Nick Fuentes at Mar-a-Lago.

Lisa didn't "see" the hate her Fuhrer spewed at American Jews in this either:

Trump posted this on Truth Social on Sunday during Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year and the start of the faith's High Holy Days:

"Just a quick reminder for liberal Jews who voted to destroy America & Israel because you believed false narratives! Let's hope you learned from your mistake & make better choices moving forward! Happy New Year."

"Make better choices" or else...

Les Carpenter said...

You're featured in the side bar? I'm curious as to why you would be FJ. Whatever.

Dave Miller said...

And out today comes news that for the first time in years, the US economy is crushing China. You'd think the ppl worried about China taking us over would be celebrating, but they're not.

They're complaining that the US is giving away the house to the Chinese Communists.

The place with the "Great Leader" as Trump calls him.

Lisa said...

There's a difference between Jews and Liberal Jews. Those people in Charlottesville are who they are and they are free to vote for whoever they want .that doesn't make the person who they vote for in line with their beliefs. nice try though trying to twist yet more into a pretzel to make it look edible

Dave Miller said...

Lisa... nice try.

If a bunch of Nazi's shows up at a political rally and publicly supports a candidate, in the western world, where our soldiers and citizens gave their lives to defeat Nazism, then it is incumbent on the candidate they support to not pull any punches and then say...

I reject those people, their belief systems and just like in WWII, when thousands of Americans lost their lives to defeat Nazis, the only good Nazi is a dead Nazi.

Pure and simple.

But Trump did not do that, did he?

Just like Z says all the time at her blog... "Why aren't the moderate Muslims speaking out against the radicals?" Then she answers that question by say they must agree with them.

We're just applying the same logic to Trump and his supporters.

You see, we're not pretzeling our logic, we're apply conservative logic to Trump. And it makes complete sense, unless you're someone who posts and believes in both "true and false" facts.

Lisa said...

Oh please. The reason a bunch of Nazis as you called them I guess that's what they were showed up at this rally was they didn't want the statue removed. And there were other people just regular people who didn't want to remove either it had nothing to do with them being Nazis cuz they didn't want the statue removed it's history. And Trump did not call them good people what he was saying was there were some good people that didn't want the statue removed he wasn't saying the Nazis were good people. See that's what you do twist it around like a pretzel.

Shaw Kenawe said...

The marchers in Charlottesville screamed “JEWS WILL NOT REPLACE US!” and carried swaztika flags!

What does that have to do with Lee’s statue being removed?

They are Nazis and Trump said they were “good people. “. Fact.

Les Carpenter said...

The stories we tell ourselves Lisa can be delusions created by the ego to mask our true feelings. You might consider this.

Dave Dubya said...

Lisa isn't the most informed white nationalist, is she?

She is either IGNORANT of the fact or won't admit it, that the event was called "Unite the Right", organized by radical right white supremacists. When you join them, you're ONE OF THEM!

When you defend them, YOU ARE ONE OF THEM!

Lisa is ONE OF THEM.

Dave Miller said...

Lisa, ask yourself this...

Why couldn't Trump just say "those people marching with flaming torches chantings Jews will not replace us are bad for America and neither I nor my administration will have anything to do with them, or their supporters."

You see, after 9/11, conservatives such as yourself, branded many of us on the left, and still do, as un-American if we didn't condemn all Muslims for what happened that day. You and ppl like you made Muslim hate a prerequisite for being American.

So you see, Trump, is just being held to a standard folks like you defined.

Joe said...

Still... not they kill Jews. Palestinians DO.

Les Carpenter said...

Joe, Palestinians (women, children, the infirm, elderly, and male non combatants) are not killing Jews. But the Zionist state under authoritarian facist Netanyahu has killed thousands upon thousands of innocent Palestinians. I'm glad the god of the Zionist state is not my god.

Dave Miller said...

Les... this is the riddle for us.

Thousands and thousands of peace loving Jews and Palestinians sit idly by while their governments terrorize each other everyday and let the worst ppl of their populations rule the roost.

We will only see a solution when those otherwise peaceful folks on both sides rise up, demand peace, justice and together march, demand acceptance of the other and vote in leaders to make it happen.

Joe said...

You have your answer... Dave Miller.

From what your peer said above.

But Dave, would you "ask yourself this..."

Not looks like happening.

Les Carpenter said...

You are of course right Dave. Which is why i raise my voice in full support of the oppressed Palestinians. The Zionist government of Israel has chosen, driven by national egoism, to oppress the Islamic population of Gaza and the West Bank for 70 years. Unabated. The problem was created by the west following WW II and therefore it's past time for the west to set it right. But we won't. Why? POWER, POWER, POWER. That and the god thingy
where Judaism is more in sync with American "values" the Islamn is. Of course its all BS in ultimate reality.

The glaring hypocrisy of the USA, and by extension the entire west, is sickening.

If i was a Palestinian, and i was 15 when Israel begin its oppression, i too would be resisting Zionist oppression. Just as i will resist facist oppression here in the USA.

I may not be popular, but at least i sleep knowing right from egotical wrong.

Dave Dubya said...

"Thousands and thousands of peace loving Jews and Palestinians sit idly by while their governments terrorize each other everyday and let the worst ppl of their populations rule the roost. We will only see a solution when those otherwise peaceful folks on both sides rise up, demand peace, justice and together march, demand acceptance of the other and vote in leaders to make it happen."

Our cause is clear. Right is right, and justice is elusive.
Yes, Peaceful Israeli Jews, Palestinians, and Americans are powerless and almost voiceless as this ongoing tragedy spirals out of control. Extremism flares and autocracy rises when democracy is on its heels. Arbitrarily drawn borders produced displaced and abused people without a voice. Someone once said Israel is the greatest mistake the UN made. I see the wisdom of it now.

"The problem was created by the west following WW II and therefore it's past time for the west to set it right. But we won't. Why?"

Indeed. It's hard to find any blameless forces in the madness. And Israel itself is now part of the west, as far as the US is concerned.

Entrenched authoritarian powers refuse to relent as innocent people are slaughtered between them. Ancient religions and tribalism only fuel the flames.

And here we are in the US, enduring a similar existential crisis with fascism inside the gates.

Again, the problem essentially goes back to suppression of democracy by the worst of human kakistocracy.

People need to understand we are ALWAYS in a struggle against tyrants and fascism.

Les Carpenter said...

Studying ancient religions is enlightening. For it is the ancient monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islamn) that are presently the most egregiously violent and lacking respect for ALL human life.

The more enlightened people become the greater the resistence from the religious hierarchy of the monotheisic religions to that enlightenment. For they fear losing the tribalistic control they have enjoyed over peoples beliefs (and minds) for centuries.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave D., Les

We are hardwired to believe. Look at the thousands of religions humans have followed since ancient times to understand that. Religion helped and helps people to cope with the inexplicable, the unknowable, and the inequities of life. Religion was/is a comfort to people who need to find a meaning for their lives.

I left religious belief long ago and found meaning in my daily life in interactions with the people I love and the mystery, beauty, and sometimes terror of living. When I die, I will return to where I was before I was born: Oblivion.

Les Carpenter said...

Beliefs, like attachments, can cause suffering. Which is why i now live by this simple but true, for me anyway, statement...

When one forgets that which they formerly believed absolutely true, and, with an open, inquisitive, and active mind remain open to all possibilities and experience, that person is on the path of compassion and wisom. There is no shame in simply saying, i don't know when it is so.

On a different thought. Some say we are energy. While the pysical body (our lump of food :) dies the mind's energy (consciousness, or soul if you will) does not die. The energy returns to a "universal conscienceness" and continues on in another living "lump of food" or body, and becomes consciousness in that living body.

Interesting stuff. And my last point was found when i was looking into consciousness and Quantum Mechanics. A friend i talked to about it said my mind was going to explode. She's a very devout Christian.

And life goes on...