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Thursday, November 16, 2023

MAGA Party Representative faces corruption charges.


BREAKING: House Ethics Committee finds 'substantial evidence' George Santos broke the law -

Santos Won’t Seek Re-election After House Panel Finds Evidence of Crimes 

In the report:

‘Mr. Santos’s conduct “warrants public condemnation, is beneath the dignity of the office, and has brought severe discredit upon the House.”’ 

Watch him end up as the VP candidate on the Republican ticket. He seems fully qualified.


Dave Miller said...

Here's a snippet of what the report concluded...

The months long investigation “revealed that Representative George Santos cannot be trusted,” the report states. “At nearly every opportunity, he placed his desire for private gain above his duty to uphold the Constitution, federal law, and ethical principles.”

And now Santos is playing the victim card, something the GOP used to abhor before they became snowflakes.

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

There are 500 George Santos in Congress, where are their "ethics" charges/

Mike said...

The republicans shot themselves in the foot when they didn't get rid of this guy ASAP.

possumlady said...

'Mr. Santos’s conduct “warrants public condemnation, is beneath the dignity of the office, and has brought severe discredit upon the House.”’

Just replace Mr. Santos with Mr. Mullin, Ms. Boebert and Ms. Greene and I would start to believe the Ethics Committee is serious.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...
There are 500 George Santos in Congress, where are their "ethics" charges/"

That's bullshit, and you know it. But you are, as I've said before, a cynic. And a cynic is someone who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

Just because some crooks and liars are elected to Congress does not mean ALL Congresspeople are crooks and liars.

You, of course, believe you need to come here and spew that nonsense because one of MAGA's heroes (he is beloved by Marjories Traitor Greene, for one) is getting his arse kicked out, and that means the MAGAs will lose a vote on their side in the House.

I don't believe Santos's district will vote for another lying, cheating, fraudster to fill his seat.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave M., At least the MAGA Party is consistent.

They admired a liar, cheat, and fraud and elected him POTUS. And they championed Santos, a liar, a cheat, and a fraud, when he was first found out to have cheated his way into the House.

The real Republicans, who left the party in disgust with what it had become, NEVER supported Santos.

Dave Miller said...

-FJ... to some extent, you may be correct. But there is a level that is beyond the pale for most people, even the "crooks." Norms if you will.

If you remember, the mob never stepped over the line and exacted revenge on children or wives. Same with the drug cartels in Mexico.

Santos's sin was that he was too big a liar, seeing himself safe in the shadow of Trump from a party that has become inured to the deceit of lying.

Well, he's wrong. He had his say, over and over and over. It's that free speech thing. Now he live with the consequences.

And if you saw his picture today, he was wrong on his fashion choices too. Everyone knows you can't wear white after Labor Day.

Dave Miller said...

So here's the GOP reality... and remember, this is the party that once said private immorality disqualifies you from public leadership. Sounds quaint, right?

Rep. Troy E. Nehls (R-Tex.) asked Axios News “why would we want to expel a guy … [when] we’ve got a three-seat, four-seat majority. What are we doing?”

Raw political calculus. That's a level of honesty I can appreciate. No bullshit, just the truth... if the GOP had a bigger advantage, Santos would be long gone. But since they don't, he can stay.

Nice principles from a horrible excuse for a serious political party.

But, as I said... points for honesty.

Skud... when you try to bothsider this, please remember the Dems expelled Al Franken for a joke pic.

Thersites said...

I'm not a cynic. A cynic DEFENDS the establishment like a philosophical dog. A KYNIC makes fun of it. I'm a KYNIC. I'm the fool, not the knave...

The antidote to cynicism, he suggested, was a re-immersion in the heritage of the Cynics of ancient Greece. He looked to the philosopher Diogenes, who rejected the social conventions that governed human behavior and said that people should live instinctively, like dogs. The word “cynic” comes from the Greek kynikos, meaning “doglike,” and Sloterdijk coined the term “kynicism” to differentiate Diogenes’ active assault on prevailing norms from the passive disengagement of the late twentieth century. He celebrated the direct way that Diogenes made his points—masturbating in the marketplace, defecating in the theatre—and suggested that the answer to his generation’s malaise was to repurpose the spontaneous currents of sixties counterculture. - New Yorker on the works of Peter Sloterdijk

Thersites said...

The kynical farmer not the cynical Mongol.