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Wednesday, November 8, 2023



Republicans approved an amendment cutting Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg's salary to just $1. 

That will, of course, NEVER pass the Senate. So why did the fools in the House even propose this nonsense?

Because House Republicans are not serious legislators; they are nothing more than a revenge caucus, not interested in governing. 

Nine days from now we face a government shutdown, and the Republican fools are playing unserious games.

MT Greene is a disgrace.

Keep up the shenanigans, Republicans. And remember what happened last night.


Joe Conservative said...

Ya stole another election? No surprises there.

Dave Miller said...

This is what is called a message bill. Not meant to become law, it only exists to make partisans belief "their" troops are doing something. Anything to counter the opposition.

And yes, the Dems do this stuff too. And it's wrong when they do it too.

These types of bills and this style of governance is why a great many Americans have become so cynical about politicians.

skudrunner said...

I think this is disgusting. Paying him one dollar is more than he should get because of all the appointments joey b has made he is the most worthless. Have a major transportation supply issue and go on maternity leave. Have a train disaster and wait until forced to visit the site. Have a major software meltdown because an airline screwed up and give a speech blaming the airline. Have a software meltdown that the FAA is responsible for and remain silent. he has no experience in anything to do with transportation except allowing pot holes in the city he was mayor of and he has done nothing.

No One Dollar is way to much.

Mike said...

What a bunch of assholes!

Les Carpenter said...

Don't get too excited over last night Shaw. If the Zionist government in Israel (Netanyahu and friends) continues its genocidal practices and oppression of the Palestinian people plenty of folks in the US that are against supporting Israel's genocide of the Palestinian people will jump ship. Someone better get to Biden. His decision to support Israel's actions as they are playing out in Gaza may very well put tRump back in the oval office.

Frankly, IMO, Biden needs to withdraw. And very soon.

Les Carpenter said...

Their pettiness is exceded only by their ignorance.

Dave Miller said...

Speaking of our tax dollars at work, why is the GOP House team pushing to take funds the IRS uses to collect taxes? The money the GOP wants to take from the IRS to cover the money they want to send to Israel for their war against Hamas, will cost us more money, in lost collections, than if we just send the money directly.

How does this make good fiscal sense?

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: "...he has no experience in anything to do with transportation..."

I'd like to point out to you that Donald J. Trump had no experience in government nor did he know how government works (something one would hope a POTUS has some acquaintance with before putting him in charge of a country.) Yet, I'll bet dollars to donuts you voted for him instead of Hillary, who was one of the most qualified candidates for POTUS in the last 20 years.

Trump's ignorance of how our government and military works caused all sorts of egregious problems, not the least of which was his belief that he could get his vice president to commit treason and hand him the presidency WHICH HE LOST.

Secy. Pete is about as good as any other transportation secretary. You just LOVE to crap on him and any other Democrat in a position of power.

Meanwhile, the man that you Conservatives thought was worthy of being POTUS is facing 91 felony counts, has been found liable for rape, and liable for fraud in running Trump Organization in New York. Nice credentials for leading our country, eh?

skudrunner said...

Rev, We need to reform the tax system and make it fairer for everyone and allow everyone to participate . Increasing the number of IRS personnel will not result in the intended results but will increase the number of harassment cases with the IRS.

There is no way joey b is on the winning side of the war. If he backs Israel he inflames the Palestinian hard liners and young people who are all into protests. If he backs Palestinians he will still get the jewish vote but maybe not their money. To think that Israel is an innocent victim is to not know history because they are only concerned with Israel and no one else matters. What hamas did was inexcusable by most thinking people. There is no correct decision and no winner.

Unless the republicans get a handle on the abortion issue and put aside their moral outrage they will be big losers in all elections going forward. I don't believe even trump can get past this issue and we may well end up with the incompetent joey/cruella back in office.

skudrunner said...

Ms. Shaw, I did not reference trump because this is about mayor pete being totally incompetent for the job he was appointed to. He was chosen to check a box in the biden agenda but has done a horrible job. Any secretary appointed, except maybe defense, is a figure head whose only job is to be the face of the agency for press conferences and he doesn't even do that. Fortunately the work is done by people who have a clue what they are doing.

91 counts not 91 convictions, makes a difference.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Yes, 91 felony counts, not convictions. Would you hire someone who came to your small business with that hanging over his or her head?

BTW, Trump was found liable in the civil trial about the Trump Org. for fraud. What will be determined now by the judge is how much he will be fined for his civil crimes. Trump was also fined $25 million for his fraudulent Trump University.

How in the name of everything that is good and legal could so many Americans even THINK! of rehiring this FRAUD and sexual assaulter to lead our country.

That, IMO, is more important than how Secretary Pete is doing.

But you and many Conservatives in this country, IMO, have your concerns in the wrong place.

The real threat to our representative democracy is Donald Trump and his cultists, not Secretary Pete.

Dave Miller said...

Skud said... "Rev, We need to reform the tax system and make it fairer for everyone and allow everyone to participate . Increasing the number of IRS personnel will not result in the intended results but will increase the number of harassment cases with the IRS."

No Skud, you're wrong again. We know for a fact that tax compliance is extremely lax for high end earners, those making more than 600K a year. Look, we have laws now on the books about taxes. Don't you think we should enforce those?

It's a simple yes/no question.

Those new agents are not harassing anyone. They are investigating the very group of tax payers where the largest amount of tax evasion happens in the US system.

I think the great majority of people not making 600K are just fine with the IRS going after those folks if they are not paying their fair share and playing by our already established laws and rules.

Shaw Kenawe said...


"The very first amendment this morning is from Rep. Tenney to reduce Karine Jean-Pierre’s salary to $1 because Tenney says she lies and is mean to reporters."

In September 2023:

Defense Secretary Austin’s salary cut to $1 under GOP budget plan

Trumpublicans are useless grandstanders who hate our country, IMO.

Les Carpenter said...

Oy Vey... what negative existence these MAGA's seem to be stuck in.

skudrunner said...

Rev, Yes we have laws on the books for many things that seem to be ignored and tax collection is just one of them. Illegal immigration, robbery, and of course tax evasion are just a few that we need to enforce. We need a fairer tax system so we don't need thousands of new agents and you have yet to show how much the additional agents will add to the graft pool.

If we eliminated exemptions for charities and churches we could bilk millions from them. That could be a lot more than squeezing the upper middle class for more blood and be totally in the plus column. We are suppose to have a division between church and state yet we give religions a pass on taxes. We even allow tax deduction to charities who do not serve the American people so tax payers are supporting people in a forign country whether they like it or not. Look at how many Muslims are sending tax money to Israel, is that fair.

Karine Jean-Pierre is worth every penny she makes. Before her joey b had a respectable mouthpiece but in order to check off another inclusive but worthless box he chose karine. She may be worthless but she is entertaining.