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Tuesday, April 9, 2024



Arizona's Supreme Court, dominated by radically extreme right-wing judges, has upheld an 1864 law banning virtually all abortion - a law in effect during the Civil War and 50 years prior to Arizona becoming a state and women getting the right to vote. 


Dave Miller said...

This is a law, take a breath now, that predates Arizona statehood.

How, outside of naked partisanship and desire for control over a woman's body, does any political party allow this to happen?

Much less facilitate?

Chalk it up. Another state will have a right to abortion on their state ballot come November and all those lefties will be voting to approve it, voting against Trump and voting against the GOP.

What a bunch of maroons who have no clue how to actually win an election. Even Trump, who said as much yesterday, agrees. Abortion, as the GOP understands it, including forcing a woman or girl impregnated by a father, step father, brother or uncle to have that baby, is a loser on election day.

This is how stupid these pin heads are.

They could have nominated Nikki Haley, taken a more moderate stance towards abortion, admitted Biden is the legitimate, true and fair winner of the 2020 elections and cruised to a sweep in the 2024 elections against an aging Dem leader.

But nooooo...

Because they wanted only Trump, the election deniers and this law, which does not even permit an abortion to save a woman's life!

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... my bad. Apparently the Arizona law does permit a woman to have an abortion to save her life.

We all get it wrong sometimes.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave M. "...all those lefties will be voting to approve it, voting against Trump and voting against the GOP."

Not just lefties. A MAJORITY of Republican voters want the government OUT of the decision to have an abortion. Over 70% of Americans say the same thing.

Dave "Apparently the Arizona law does permit a woman to have an abortion to save her life."

We've seen how that worked in Texas where doctors were afraid to give immediate medical procedures to women who were in danger of sepsis from carrying a dead fetus.

skudrunner said...

Abortion rights has to stay the number one topic for the left. If it occupies the headlines than people will not see the theft of the middle class by the current regime. Inflation is back on the rise, biden is stealing taxpayers money to buy votes paying off rich kids tuition and now buying a bridge at taxpayers expense that should be paid for by the shipping company, insurance and the state.

Maybe the AG can file charges of theft against biden because this is the greatest illegal confiscation of money to buy votes that has ever happened.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skudrunner said... "Abortion rights has to stay the number one topic for the left."

That's correct. American girls and women, conservatives and liberals, agree with you on that. Have you not been paying attention to how RED STATES have voted when abortion rights are put on a referendum?

"When the right to abortion is on the ballot, it wins. It wins in red states that voted for President Donald Trump. It wins in counties President Joe Biden lost by more than 20 points. It wins when popular Republican officials campaign for it and when they ignore it. And it wins even when the outcome has no immediate effect on abortion access.

Support for abortion cuts across party lines, performing significantly better at the ballot box than Biden and other Democrats. In fact, abortion outruns Biden most in the most Republican areas."

The rest of your comment, I'm afraid, is full of the same old unverified talking points you've published here since Biden became president.

Why are prices still so high? Corporate greed, some say.

"The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City found in a 2023 report that corporate profits contributed 41% of inflation in the first two years of the economic recovery following the recession sparked by the pandemic. It noted that’s actually less than the historical average in prior recoveries."

President Biden (the government) doesn't control how corporations inflate the prices on their products. Look to greedy corporations and complain to them about that.

Les Carpenter said...

The theft and greed you speak of skud is more solidly entrenched in corpirations A N D conservatives in congress.

Who make sure they take care of money interests and corporations.. Just as the party's new Fuhrer did with his permanent tax cuts for corporations.

The reason for the stubborn inflationary spiral is due largely to corporate greed. The president has much less to do with it.

But yeah, i get it. Better to blame those yoo don't suport than be honest and hold the responsible folks accountable.

skudrunner said...

Abortion should be put on the ballot in every state. Even the evil one says it should be a state issue and the way to determine what people want is to put it to the people to decide. I agree with you that the majority support the right to an abortion, a minority are against it and a lot are ambivalent. We have given far to much power to judges to make decisions that affect We The People.

As to inflation being corporate greed just shows either lack of knowledge or political bias at any cost. Yes profit and shareholder responsibility has something to do with it but government giveaways has a bigger effect.

Like abortion coming up for a vote so should a vote on if you want to pay for your rich neighbors kids college education. Now the thief wants to make community college free. It is even part of his campaign "if I get reelected I will push for free community college tuition" couldn't that be considered extortion. The problem with that is it is the community who pays for community colleges not the federalists. Kids can buy a new car and spend a few hundred dollars a month at nightclubs but can't afford their college debt.

Les Carpenter said...

Gotta love the full on conditioning and manipulation of truth in support of mankind's ego fixation and attachment to reified beliefs at all costs.

I used to think as you do skud, i freely admit it. Then i got greater education, tossed the reified beliefs, dumped the attachment to the fiction we have all been exposed to, and got wiser.

Good luck to you skud.

Grey One talks sass said...

I've looked for where skud is getting their ridiculous ideas. They claim to not watch either Fox or OAN or Newsmax so where oh where could they get their fact free opinions?

While claiming not to be a Republican they quote almost verbatim every talking point in the 2025 plan released by the Heritage Foundation. While claiming to be a reasonable human they parrot every fascist view on anyone considered to be other. I've called skud out on their definition of 'rich' but to date they've chosen to reply with strawmen or stereotypes.

Here is a fact skud - PPP loans were created in 2020. Within a couple of years over 80% were forgiven. The student loan program was started over 60 years ago with less than 1% of the debt forgiven. I guess they missed all the documentaries showcasing how so many students have been paying for years on their debt, enough to pay the debt completely if they didn't have to contend with predatory interest rates meaning while they paid for years if not decades they still owe the amount (or more) of the original loan.

I've never read skud call out the monies paid to bail out the various businesses back in the day but wow, they sure have a bee in their bonnet about the kids today getting something they themselves obviously never received or why else the dog in the manger attitude?

Addressing skud's crack about kids spending their monies at a nightclub or purchasing new cars I've been following the reports on where We The People spend our monies. All the life goals of the past Family, House, Good Job are unreachable by anyone not a trust fund baby or independently wealthy. Life As We Know It is changing and maybe that is what has skuds knickers in a twist. I do have some compassion so I won't intrude with anymore facts to spoil life on Skud's Fact Free beach. The view from their delusion must be rosy indeed.

One more fact OT - CSU weather folk released over 20 names for this years hurricane season. They usually only release about twelve to fifteen. They cite increased ocean temperatures this year as to why there are so many. Those who listen advocate putting in place a go bag now, just in case. Better to be prepared and not need it than need it and not be prepared.

skudrunner said...

Grey, It seems like from your post the American Dream is history. "Good Job are unreachable by anyone not a trust fund baby or independently wealthy". In that case the thief in charge is a good choice because whatever you achieve he will find a way to give it away.
I never took out a student loan because I worked my way through college. I do remember when there was a subsidy to keep interest rates low but since I never took one I didn't pay much attention.

College is suppose to mean better pay but I guess that is gone as well. You support giving money to rich kids to buy votes and I don't so we have differences. What about paying off a trade school debt. I guess the thief feels most trade workers will vote republican any way so why try to buy their vote.

I did comment on the government bailing out companies but I guess you missed it. A lot of those were done by the swell guy so it was OK. Solyndra, GM, Chrysler all were bailed out and the result is one went out of business as soon as they got their millions, one was sold to a forign company and one closed numerous factories and brands. The government need to stay out of private business because their incompetence never works out well. Now genocide joe is trying to buy the union vote by trying to prevent the sale of USS.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skudrunner wrote: "I never took out a student loan because I worked my way through college.

S.K.: "The cost of college in the U.S. has nearly tripled over the last four decades>"

But minimum wage jobs have NOT, and when people wanted to raise those minimum wage jobs that kids working their way through college needed, the corporations who supply those jobs did everything in their power to stop it.

You, skud, lived at a time when working one's way through college was feasible. IT IS NOT anymore. I should think you'd know this.

My late husband attended MIT in Cambridge, Mass., in the late '50s and graduated with a degree in physics. His tuition was $700/year, because he lived in the next city and commuted to school.

To attend Massachusetts Institute of Technology for four years now, the cost, based on 2022-23 numbers, would be $319,400, including tuition and fees, books, and room and board.

My granddaughter attends a private college in New York state, she was awarded a merit scholarship, works summers, and even during school breaks, and her tuition and fees for 4 years is $57,950/year. Fortunately, her parents started saving for her college education when she was born.

Good for you for working your way through college. Now millions of student need loans to pay for college and trade school.

skud: "I guess the thief feels most trade workers will vote republican any way so why try to buy their vote."

I have no idea who this person you call "thief" is. Are you referring to President Biden? Because if you are, you're, again, dealing in slander.

Joe Biden has not been indicted for or found guilty of stealing anything. Is this another Conservative "value," -- accusing innocent people of crimes they never committed?

Dave Miller said...

Skud opines that... "government need to stay out of private business because their incompetence never works out well."

Corn subsidies, big oil subsidies, tax breaks for certain employees, paying farmers not to farm so as to keep prices high and more. I hear ya Skud, but the problem is folks like you are really saying this...

...government need to stay out of [the] private business[es that I favor and support] because their incompetence never works out well.

The "keep government out of business" view really gained steam during the Civil Rights Era when businesses appealed to conservatives and libertarians for the right to discriminate against black people and let "the market" decide.

Even in his initial run for the Senate, Rand Paul said as much. It was part of the appeal of the George Wallace AND Richard Nixon candidacies in the South.

So forgive me if I don't want to give business free rein or trust them to "do the right thing".

I grew in So Cal in the 1960's. I remember pretty well how those businesses did "the right thing" in respect to clean air. It took government getting involved, forcing them to clean up their act and paying them subsidies to make it happen.

Was that wrong?

skudrunner said...

I did what it took to support myself and pay for college and yes it was much cheaper then than now but wages were a lot less and I went to a public collage which provided a solid undergraduate degree. For an advanced degree it was private but still paid the bill. The price of college is absurd and the majority of degrees are not necessary. Do we need more art history majors or political science majors. If that is what they choose I don't see where you or I should have to pay for it. What we need are car mechanics and plumbers but they get no relief. The good news is they can graduate and et a good paying job to pay off their debt.

The SCOTUS ruled that joey b could not pay college tuition yet he does it anyway. He is using taxpayer money illegally to do it there for it is illegal and theft. You don't see it that way because it is calamity joe but it is the truth.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skudrunner "The SCOTUS ruled that joey b could not pay college tuition yet he does it anyway. He is using taxpayer money illegally to do it there for it is illegal and theft. You don't see it that way because it is calamity joe but it is the truth."

No. It is NOT! Unlike Trump, Joe Biden takes care that the laws are faithfully executed. A quick research found that you slander the president by calling him a thief and breaking the law. Next time, try doing some research before slandering the POTUS:

How Biden is continuing to cancel student loan debt despite Supreme Court ruling
Katie Lobosco
Published October 22, 2023

"Although the Supreme Court struck down President Joe Biden’s signature student loan forgiveness program in late June, his administration has found ways to cancel more than $48 billion in debt since then.

The cancellations have come through existing federal student loan forgiveness programs, which are limited to specific categories of borrowers, such as public-sector workers, people defrauded by for-profit colleges, and borrowers who have paid for at least 20 years."

skudrunner said...

So because he found a way around it you deem it fine for him to use your money to pay off someone tuition. It is buying votes with taxpayer money without taxpayer permission therefore it is theft. It just can't be more clear even though everything is about trump. In this case it is genocide joe.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skudrunner: "So because he found a way around it you deem it fine for him to use your money to pay off someone tuition."

Yes. I'd rather my tax money go to education than to billionaires scamming the system and paying zero in taxes. We, YOU AND I, pay for billionaires who avoid paying taxes.

Dave Miller said...

Skud does bring up a good point. We DO need more people to work in the trades and the hard work jobs.

But, as he's said in the past, many parents don't want their kids to do "that" type of work. Even if it pays the bills.

Here's an example... there's a 2 years post high school program here in Vegas. it teaches steel fabrication. Think stainless steel. We need that in Vegas for the hotel and hospitality industry.

They cannot get enough students to fill the program. Even though students are essentially guaranteed a job in town at almost 90K after they graduate.

That's ridiculous.

Try to get a construction rat, or an electrician or plumber over? They're booked solid for weeks. Why? There's a shortage, despite the great pay.

But those are blue collar jobs and many affluent parents don't want their kids soiling them selves and working like that.

Les Carpenter said...

Yeah skud, when i was in college if money wss tight, it was for me, you could get a two year associate degree at a Jr. college for less than $4,000 and for $15,000 - $16,000 more at a state four year college earn your bachelor degree. So, for $20,000 give or take one could finish their education.

But as all things change, everything is impermanent. Including price for college. And skud, yes, greed is in full play for college educations as well.

skudrunner said...

I am in awe that two people agreed with my thinking, one of us has to be wrong. People can pay for their own college if the want to but why should they when everyone can pay for their college and they can spend their money on drinking and spring break. Yes college was 15-16k a year but minimum wage was 3.35 and hour. I was a carpenter during the day and a student at night so I made more than minimum but had to time to party and spring break was another work week.

Maybe the good side of college tuition being so high is people will look to trades which is a good way to make a living and provide a service unlike a history major. The same parents who encourage their kids to get a degree in anything are the same who want We The People to pay for the kids education. I would rather support trade school fees than college because you can graduate and go to work at a good wage.

As to billionaires scamming the system maybe we should change the system and go to either a flat tax or a fair tax which I don't hear you preaching. All billionaires do is pay someone to look for the loopholes in the tax system so fix the loopholes by fixing the tax system.

Shaw Kenawe said...

My grandson in California is going to trade school to become an electrician.