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Monday, April 22, 2024



has instructed his lawyers in his criminal trial to tell the Court that he wants to be referred to as "President Trump."

We have only ONE president at a time.

Trump is the FORMER president, who lost the 2020 election and never conceded to the winner (first time in our history.)

Trump doesn't deserve to be called "President Trump." He's NOT the president, and when he was, he incited an insurrection against his own government with the purpose of overturning a free and fair election, and he said his own vice president deserved to be hanged because Mike Pence wouldn't break the law to keep Trump in power.

Trump should be referred to as "Defendant Trump."

That's what he is. A defendant in a criminal trial.

Stormy arrives at the courthouse today. Quite a fashion statement!

(Mushrooms are photoshopped.)

The Defendant blames Biden for his bad behavior.


Ray Cranston said...

Every single day for nine years this whiny ass clown has been a headline and a giant headache. Will we ever get a fucking break from his massive madness?

Time is now for the DOJ and our courts to humiliate the hell out of him then lock his lying cheating grifting ass up.

skudrunner said...

I must have missed the time when BJ and JC was not referred to a president or former president. It is like a judge or doctor after they retire they are still referred to a judge and doctor.

According to an ABC News/Ipsos poll taken in early March, 33% of Americans said they have a favorable impression of Biden, while 54% said they have an unfavorable view.

A similar 29% said they have a favorable view of Trump, while 59% said they had an unfavorable impression.

What we need to decide is which one of the incompetents will do the least harm to the country. Could RFK,JR be a stealer because he is an alternative to bozo 1&2. There is still time for one party to choose a decent candidate who's relatives weren't eaten by cannibals in a country with no cannibals.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Why would anyone give Trump the honor of referring to him as “President” Trump when he tried to overturn a free and fair election? That’s a criminal act that no US President ever committed.

Trump doesn’t deserve the title. Ever!

You seem to be enamored of RFK, Jr., an anti-vax nut whose own family, the people who know him best, came out and supported President Biden, not him.

Les Carpenter said...

Perhaps skud is enamored of RFK Jr. because he secretly wants trump to win and he sees RFK Jr. making that happen.

Who knows what skud really wants.

skudrunner said...

Not enamored with RFK,Jr but hoping we may have a sane choice. I doubt that will happen but I have a difficult time accepting that we can't do better. You are obsessed with djt because he has been accused of a crime. I have little faith in our legal system but do believe someone is innocent until PROVEN guilty. Botox Nan was guilty of a lot of things but not found guilty by a court of law, same holds for joey b and the evil one.

possumlady said...

This was the press release from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) that was run as full page ads in many Sunday newspapers:

“We have spent our careers fighting to protect the planet and its people. As current and former leadership and board members of the NRDC Action Fund, as well as former colleagues of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., we have one message for him: Honor our planet, drop out,” read the ads which express serious concerns about Kennedy’s embrace by the Trump campaign, and seeming climate denial on his Web site and by staffers in advance of Earth Day.

“Kennedy is playing a dangerous spoiler role that could benefit Trump,” said Manish Bapna, president and CEO of the NRDC Action Fund. “Joe Biden is the real environmental candidate in this race. He has taken more climate action than any US President in history. Meanwhile Kennedy’s campaign staffers have made clear they are trying to syphon votes away from the President. Polling shows he has no path to the White House, so if Kennedy is serious about protecting the planet, the time to drop out is now.”

“The RFK, Jr. I knew as a colleague is not the same person I see today,” said Liz Barratt-Brown, a former colleague of Kennedy’s who signed the open letter. “We feel betrayed by him and what he is espousing. He is using his environmental credentials to sell a dark and conspiratorial brand of politics. It’s heartbreaking. If he loves the planet the way he did as my former colleague, he cannot open the door to another Trump Administration.”

Shaw Kenawe said...

skudrunner, "Botox Nan was guilty of a lot of things but not found guilty by a court of law, same holds for joey b and the evil one."

Nancy Pelosi and President Biden have not been indicted by grand juries for any crimes, unlike the criminal defendant Trump.

You betray your claim that you believe someone is "innocent until proven guilty," by stating that both Pelosi and Biden are "guilty of a lot of things".

When were they charged by any grand juries and then found not guilty? Only in you rich imagination, I suspect.

You actually DON'T believe in "innocent until proven guilty." Your own words contradict what you stated.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ray, Les, and possumlady,

Trump is finally having to answer for his criminal actions and I think it's absolutely fantastic and about time he does. I hope the 12 jurors will make the right decision in this case. And no matter what the final results, the fact Trump has to face his crimes head on in a court of law, with the whole world watching, is truly a wonderful display of democracy at work.

The most curious thing to me is why would so many people in our country want someone with these characteristics lead the executive branch?

It almost seems as though Trump is a symptom and not the real problem.

Anonymous said...

The crime being prosecuted is campaign finance violations as the money was falsely accounted for as legal fees which they were not. The scheme was concocted and carried out to defraud the electorate by silencing someone with a highly damaging story to tell at the most inopportune moment, but the crime is how the money paid to pull it off was reported.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Charlie Sykes

"Trump is veering from rage to petulance, and from slumber to intimidation, in the courtroom because he’s the star of a lurid Manhattan reality show he isn’t producing or directing. He doesn’t control the narrative and others are writing the scripts. And some of the scripts say nasty things about him, his sex life, his bookkeeping and his attempts to bury stories that might have derailed his 2016 presidential campaign."

Les Carpenter said...

Shaw said...It almost seems as though Trump is the symptom and not the problem.

Likely true. Trump is the megaphone. The people behind him who dismiss all facts in the effort to support a grifter and charlatan are the percentage of the population who A) fears they are "losing their America or, they don't really pay attention and and are fine with the idea of a dictator like Putin.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Les: "...they don't really pay attention and and are fine with the idea of a dictator like Putin."

For proof of this, read the comments on the Mother Ship's blog and remember that the host of that blog actually said we need a dictator. That's a real example of how our fellow Americans have debased themselves in service to the most corrupt individual this country has ever had the misfortune to have as POTUS.

Dave Dubya said...

So Skud's "thinking" is Trump is "innocent until proven guilty", but Pelosi and Biden are "guilty" anyway?

Sounds MAGA to me.

News for Skud: "Innocent" means NOT guilty. Criminals are NOT "innocent until proven guilty". They do enjoy the legal 5th Amendment protection of due process, implying the PRESUMPTION of innocence until convicted. HUGE difference.