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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Trumpublican Logic


House Republicans: “Biden Must do something about the border”

Biden: “Pass the Border Bill”

Trump: “Don’t pass the border bill, it may help Biden”

House Republicans: “No Border Bill if it's connected to the funding of Ukraine, which we don’t want”

Biden: “Pass the border bill”

House Republicans: “We just passed the Ukraine bill that we said we didn’t want and that we used as the reason for not passing the Border bill”

Biden: “Pass the border Bill”

Republicans: Crickets 🦗


skudrunner said...

Joey b has taken it on himself to give away billions to get votes from rich kids yet he won't order the border controlled. Granted the republicans have not been agreeable to letting 1.8 million in before controls are implemented and this is part political and in part because it is a lousy bill. After three and a half years of ignoring the border biden blames the republicans for his inaction. He does have good handlers.

Dave Dubya said...

Skud goes MAGA again, with "biden blames the republicans for his inaction", for a "lousy bill".

How many times will he twist his mind into a pretzel to avoid holding Trump accountable for killing a border bill that provided for over a thousand new officers, more immigration courts and judges, AND more fentanyl detectors?

And we KNOW Skud won't bother to inform us how this is "lousy" and WORSE than doing NOTHING.

He wants whatever Trump wants apparently. That means NOTHING done about the border so Trump can have his ONLY campaign issue besides promising to be a vengeful dictator.

Skud has earned his red hat.

Les Carpenter said...


Good night skud. Boring as you always are. Inaccurate too.

Anonymous said...

Nice of skud to give their personal example of the MAGA/Trump thought process. Well done skud

Grey One on the phone

Dave Miller said...

Skud is correct, partly. What's happening at the border got worse under Biden. It also got worse un Trump, Obama and Bush. And any effort to place blame for how the US handles border policies that does not recognize the above reality is misplaced and uninformed. And any attempt to define the issues at the border without also taking into account the responsibilities shrugged by Congress and the Senate are also off base.

However, at some point something needs to be done.

Starting last year a bi-partisan group of Senators started working to craft a real, bi-partisan solution. One that could address many, if not all, of the concerns of the GOP. The result, if Senators and other GOP leaders are to be believed, was the immigration bill that incredibly, the GOP, at the behest of former President Trump, killed.

Among others, here are just two of the GOP leaders who supported the bill mainly written, in old school fashion, by Sen Jim Lankford of OK

“To those who think that if President Trump wins, which I hope he does, that we can get a better deal — you won’t...” Lindsey Graham

“There’s absolutely no way that we would get the kind of border policy that’s been talked about right now with a Republican majority in the Senate, unless we get a 60-vote majority, which isn’t going to happen … there aren’t many Democrats that are going to be available... This is a unique moment in time. It’s an opportunity to get some conservative border policy.” GOP Senate Whip, Jim Thune

Even the conservative Wall Street Journal opined that the bill should be passed as the "best chance for conservative reform" in generations.

There's an old saying that you should "never let perfect be the enemy of the good". But the GOP has apparently never heard that old saw.

Here's some facts for those continuing to choose to avoid reality.

2005/2006 - Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act, negotiated in a bi-partisan fashion by Senators John McCain and Ted Kennedy. It was favored by a majority of the Senate, but GOP Senate leader Bill Frist never brought it up for a vote.

2007 - A bill supported by Sens. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. and Majority leader Harry Reid of Nevada could not get around the 60 vote margin as most Republicans voted against even considering a bill the majority, including Republicans, supported.

2013 - The Gang of 8 in the Senate negotiated another bi-partisan bill and passed it. It never got a vote in the GOP led House. The House leader then, John Boehner has said recently he regrets missing the opportunity then and not bringing the bill up, which again, had majority bi-partisan support.

And now, once again, the GOP has killed another bill a majority of elected members of Congress want to pass in response to issues at the border.

And yet, we still see comments like this from stupid people in America...

They quickly introduce a bill about THE BORDER. IMMEDIATELY."

It's as if she's unaware that the GOP had a bill that THEY negotiated.

Skud and others supporting the GOP refuse to even acknowledge that the GOP is even part of the problem, let alone the fact that as a party, they are the main problem.

Yesterday even Florida Man Ron DeSantis blamed the GOP for missing the opportunity to fix the border.

So Skud et al, again I ask, which I know you'll never answer, what should Pres Biden do if the GOP refuses to work with the Dems? I know you'll say follow the law, so tell us specifically what laws you want him to follow.

You, -FJ, Con Joe, Geeez and the rest of the sailors on the HMS Mothership of Denial don't want bi-partisan reform, you want dictatorial rule, as evidenced by the death of now four bills, all with bi-partisan majority support, at the hands of the "It has to be perfect" GOP.

Les Carpenter said...

Yup Dave, your right. But the real truth is this can has been kicked down the road so many times the can is probably flat now.

The only IMPORTANT thing at this point in the dance is to fix the damn issue. NOW!

Which means skud dud, The former guy, who is responsible for STOPPING republicans from doing the right thing and sending the Border Bill to Biden.

So skud, your MAGA game is actually getting sickening. Knock it off and you might get some creds. Otherwise your just so much BS.

Grey One talks sass said...

If I understand skud the MAGA spokes-commentator, the only bill they would support would eliminate all immigration from any country that is inhabited by humans who are not White. They want the Berlin Wall (even though it was porous as a sponge) on the southern border. No exceptions. I'd love to see how that works especially since portions of the wall built during the former administration are sinking into the soft soil of the area. Way to judge your terrain MAGA.

Further, in reading the quiet part out loud of Heritage's 2025 project I believe MAGA intends to deport anyone not the correct shade of pale, never mind their families have been in the USA from before the USA was the USA. Well, they will have a dictator at the helm so why not? Our institutions certainly won't help us again. One doesn't fire a dirty gun without first cleaning all parts thoroughly lest your weapon misfires and the bullet hits you instead of your target. Basic weaponry 101.

On the positive side I've been doing some research - the communities who are welcoming immigrants are doing well, better than those who've refused to accept the immigrant community. As Long COVID and other debilitating diseases start to affect more humans We The People need the influx of labor. There are jobs needing to be done and if you are like me - disabled with a fiddly disease so not able to do the physical work anymore - then who else to fill in the gaps except immigrants? If I am indeed to be replaced I welcome my immigrant overlords for the foods from their homelands are tasty. Oh so tasty.

I see MAGA cutting off their nose to spite their face. They are so dialed into hate they can't see anything else. As for skud? We've all done our best and yet there they are, repeating the same lies as last month. Sad really.

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

Meanwhile, in the <a href='">the real world</a>...

Mike said...

Republicans have caught tRUMPs lie-itis disease.

Shaw Kenawe said...

real world

Shaw Kenawe said...

No high crimes and misdemeanors committed. That's why, -FJ.

Shaw Kenawe said...

The Republican Senate, if you remember, -FJ, determined Trump did not commit high crimes and misdemeanors, even after it was presented with evidence that he DID. Twice.

Dave Miller said...

For the bravehearts among us, I recommend the Chris Hayes podcast with immigration expert Aaron Reichlin-Melnick. You'll learn lots about the plans underway even now, should Trump regain the White House.

You'll also hear about these two factoids from his prior admin...

- We hear all the time that the GOP and conservatives are fine with immigration, as long as it is legal. Why can't people, they ask, just "get in line, wait their turn and then immgrate?" Fair question. Except the line for anyone to immigrate from India outside of business or work needs right now is 100 years. Effectively zero. It's like that for many countries. Few if any real openings.

- During the Trump Admin, as people tried to immigrate, they had to fill out specific forms. Again, fair enough and on the face, nothing tough. Except when you got that form, often after waiting years to apply, if you left a blank open, the application was automatically rejected and you had to start over. If you had no middle initial or name and did not fill the black with N/A, you were rejected.

If there was a check all that apply and you did not also fill the unchecked boxes with N/A, you were rejected. And on and on it went.

The Trump Admin is signaling now they plan to bring these draconian measures back. We should believe them, because they've done it before.

They have no desire to open the doors of America to the immigrants we need to power our economy. Because those people come from, as Trump calls them, shit hole countries.

He has specifically said he wants immigrants from nice countries, countries that like us. He just doesn't understand that none of those countries, with their health care, guaranteed vacations and good quality of life are going to come to a country led by the immoral vulgarian.

Here's your podcast link...

Shaw Kenawe said...

Thank you, Dave M., very, very good information.

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

Trump trials 2/ verdicts 2
Mayorkas trials 0/ verdicts 1


The criticism stands.

We got the verdict before the trial, any trial... Queen of Hearts style, "Sentence first, Verdict afterwards."

Les Carpenter said...

For me it clearly says...

Immigrants not wanted. Unless... you're white, speak english, and have a job waiting.

If i move to India would that open up i slot or an Indian to immigrate to the USA?

BTW, Indian and Tibetan people are smart, wise, and a hell of a lot more coompassionate that most Americans i believe. Certainly without a doubt with respect to conservative/republican trumpers.

Dave Miller said...

OT, but important. Gateway Pundit, a cesspool of lies on a good day, has filed for bankruptcy. Of course Jim hoft, known as the dumbest man on the internet, of course blamed all of this on the "left wing media" as opposed to the fact that his material is where truth goes to die.

Dave Dubya said...

"We got the verdict before the trial, any trial..."

Like "Hang Mike Pence!", -FJ?

Trials in this country require evidence of crimes. No crime. No evidence. No trial.

Accusations are evidence only to Putin and Trump fascists.

Grey One talks sass said...

Dave Dubya, to continue on a theme, Lock her up. What did 'she' do? Well, if she would confess we could charge her is the refrain, time and time again.

The former loser guy can't stand that he's making all these break throughs what with his trials for crimes determined not by one human but worse, a Grand Jury of regular citizens. The former guy does not like regular citizens, him being a classy and such. /s

Dave Miller OT response - I read with great satisfaction that the Gateway Pundit is having financial issues. Couldn't happen to a more deserving human with his very well earned title of the Dumbest Man on the Internet.

Les, I'm all for immigration, especially since humans have entered the time of Climactica Incognito. Fair witness, I'm a third generation American. Wasn't so long ago that my greats were looking for the American Dream so who am I to deny others what my family has already received?

As the world heats up many spaces on our planet will become (if they aren't already) unlivable. Either everyone scooches together nice and tight or new technology aimed at surviving extreme heat and dryness is unleashed for the common human. I'm sure there are other options but those the two at the top of my list.

Joe Conservative said...

The Congress voted to hang Mike Pence? Who knew?

They did vote to impeach Mayorkas based upon real evidence though... evidence the Senate decided to violate their Constitutional oaths and to not examine.

Les Carpenter said...

One more mouthpiece of ignorance and delusion bites the dust. For that it, is, a very good day.

But America has much work to do to clean-up the damaged caused by liars and grifters. If that is even possible given the general state of the American psyche.

skudrunner said...

Of course we need immigrants who provide something like the willingness to work or have a needed skill. Try to go to Mexico and live off government aid. We need a controlled immigration policy not open the gates and let them in. We don't really need more gang members or welfare recipients and it would be nice for cities to spend the money on citizens in need not illegals.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

Your comment is a classic example of why nothing will ever be either solved or even rationally discussed Skudrunner. It's a statement whose sole purpose is to scare people about immigrants. There's a manufacturer in my city that's had to bring in many workers from out of state, they're all Latin Americans, many of whom don't speak English, because there aren't enough workers around here. The vast majority of these people are seeking freedom, safety and opportunity. Then a call to spend the money on citizens here from you? Your side of the aisle is opposed to welfare and healthcare and a good many of your righty Congressman want to eliminate Social Security. You had an immigration bill that was touted by republicans as the most conservative deal ever. Some of them said they'll never get a chance like this again. Yet it was killed by republicans at the behest of Trump. Quite frankly republicans have no right to have a policy on anything other than hypocrisy and lies.

Dave Dubya said...

JC asks, ”The Congress voted to hang Mike Pence? Who knew?”

Nobody said that.

Serial liar and criminal Trump “voted” by saying Pence deserved to be hung. Trump also “voted” himself the winner in 2020.

Cassidy Hutchinson said she could hear conversations about the chants of “hang Mike Pence” that had sprung up among some of the rioters.

Hutchinson said she returned to her desk and Meadows and Cipollone appeared minutes later.
“I remember Pat saying something to the effect of, ‘Mark, we need to do something more. They’re literally calling for the vice president to be effing hung,’” Hutchinson testified.
“Mark had responded something to the effect of, ‘You heard him, Pat. He thinks Mike deserves it. He doesn’t think they’re doing anything wrong,’” Hutchinson said.

She told the committee, “I understood ‘they’re’ to be the rioters in the Capitol that were chanting for the vice president to be hung.”

”They did vote to impeach Mayorkas based upon real evidence though... evidence the Senate decided to violate their Constitutional oaths and to not examine.”

There was no evidence Mayorkas committed high crimes and misdemeanors. You can’t criminalize policy differences in enforcing immigration laws. Failing to enforce a law isn’t a crime, especially when the infrastructure for enforcing mass detention is insufficient.

We had a bill that provided funding for more immigration courts, judges, and more officers, as well as more fentanyl detectors. Serial liar and criminal Trump ordered his minions to kill it, preferring NOTHING being done so he could use it as a campaign issue. It’s always been about HIM, not the country.

-FJ/JC agrees that NOTHING being done is better... for Trump, but not for the country.

skudrunner said...

Joebama, If you bothered to read my post I said willing to work. In NYC there has been 3% of illegals who have applied for work permits. I don't have an aisle to be this side of but do believe if you can work to support yourself and your family you should. Your side of the aisle is give away whatever it takes to buy votes. All for basic healthcare for all. Abortions, face lifts and gender changes not included.

I read the "immigration bill" and if that is the best we can do we are better off doing nothing. Visit the border and see what is really going on. People who live in fly over states like Ohio see nothing wrong.

Dave Dubya said...

Skud is gaslighting again. "I don't have an aisle to be this side of", but "Your side of the aisle is give away whatever it takes to buy votes."

He literally parrots a Republican lie, showing us he's on THAT SIDE of the aisle.

More gaslighting:

"I read the "immigration bill" and if that is the best we can do we are better off doing nothing."

Yeah, and he's got a bridge to Brooklyn to sell us, too.

Until Skud quotes the wording of the bill and explains why it is better to do nothing, (Just what Trump wants, mind you, so we know which side of the aisle he's really on.) I'm going to safely assume he didn't read it at all.

Funny how the National Border Patrol Council endorsed it. Skud must know MORE than they do, amirite? Of course he probably hates the Border Patrol Officers' union too, from his side of the aisle.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

AS I said, your side's only claim to policy is one of hypocrisy and lies Skuds. You claim my side wants to pay for votes while yours takes away rights to appease religious zealots. Does away with civil and voting rights laws to appease bigots. The republican senators that helped craft the immigration bill liked it. So if your position is we're better with no bill that is consistent with what republicans do these days. Support obstruction and do nothing but do your best to come up with a justification Skuds. There's nothing unique about you. You're just being a good righty. Maybe Trump will find out and send you a hat.

Les Carpenter said...

Think i'll pass on your understanding skud. Because as usual with you, it's wrong.

skudrunner said...

You think 1.8 million illegals is fine. We house them, provide them with medical care and food. Good for you and the city you live in. I would rather take care of our veterans and attend to the need of our homeless.
But I can't argue with the party of free speech who shuts down opposing views. The party of protecting women's rights who try to eliminate women's sports and pus to allow men to come into a womens bathroom and locker room.

It should be changed from the DNC to the UHP or ultimate hypocrite party. I know that living in a fly over state has it downfalls but you can escape.

Les Carpenter said...

You should put words in other peoles mouths skud. You do that to many, and often skud.

Ignorance skud is perhaps, no, not perhaps, absolutely is the single biggest obstacle to human progress with respect to universal understanding, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, love, awareness, and realizing our full human potential skud.

I leave you with those bits. Have a nice weekend.

Grey One talks sass said...

And there is the goal post movement. skud's been working out because those goal posts were moved lickety split!

I had a lot to say but Shaw did remind me to be kind. skud, sweetie, not only are you wrong off topic but you are wrong on topic too. In fact, I'm going to bet your head is red, amirite? Wearing the mark of the beast are you?

And that is all the kind I've got for a horrible human who repeatedly disrespects Transgender humans. Shaw is gone so you can get away with it? Is that your logic skud? Because you are reminding me of Trump more and more. I know I know you've told us you are not a fan but sweet pea, you keep acting like him so... what's a Grey One to do?

By the way, I had (emphasis on had) a Transgendered niece who unalived herself. No note, no reason but based on the amount of crap aimed at Transgendered humans on the regular I'm sure her life was not easy. Careful what you say skud because I will not tolerate your intolerance. Being polite is not just for me.

Les Carpenter said...

Correction: You should not put words in other people's mouth skud.