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Friday, April 5, 2024




Les Carpenter said...

We are witnessing first hand, on a daily basis, the absolute evil that 1984 prophesied. Little did we know back then it would be the USA that would barrel headling into autocratic authoritarianism. Wrapped In the Flag Hugging the Bible.

CPAC and the "consrvative" trumpublican party is every bit as evil in principle if not in actions as was the German Nazi party and Putin's Neo Soviet dictatorship.

CPAC and trump can take their grift, lies, and evil and go to hell.

Les Carpenter said...

It is the trumpublicans that are weaponizing the media AGAINST truth, decency, integrity, reality, democracy and our republic. And IF they regain the WH and control congress trump and his trumpublican party ABSOLUTELY will weaponize the DOJ against their opposition party as well as agaist each and every citizen that OPPOSES their authoritarianism. They are LIARS.

Dave Dubya said...

The authoritarian personality easily abandons any semblance of having a conscience. It is one of their defining characteristics. Lies, anger, and hate are their most important tools and weapons.

I recommend John Dean's books "Conservatives without Conscience" and "Authoritarian Nightmare" for some deeper examination of those who reject compassion, truth, decency, and our democracy to gain absolute power.

Dave Miller said...

Stefaniks statement is the crux of how the Trump voters now see and speak about the 2020 election. Not fraudulent in the sense in non registered voters voting.

Rather, it's this...

GOP partisans were stunned at the number of voters who came out for Biden. And the culprit, if you step back and listen to them, was changes in voting rules. "Absentee" ballots were widely disseminated, even when ppl did not ask for them. States mailed ballots to everyone, opening up the "possibility" of actual voter fraud. Drop box numbers, something I'd never heard of before 2020 popped up everywhere. Polling place hours were expanded.

All of these changes were made possible by rule changes brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. States, citing a public health emergency, unilaterally made changes to the system, in some cases, passing rules and laws that prescribed how to "run" and change elections without adhering to established state laws and constitutions.

Many GOP voters saw, and continue to see this as essentially "rigging" the election to expand access, make it easier to vote and get people who otherwise might not vote, to actually vote.

We can argue all day on a lot of this, and I have no data to back up my claims, but I am deeply imbedded in rural America and the evangelical scene. I know there are many ppl who believe in the "vote switching" BS, "suitcases of ballots" BS, "flooding office" BS and more. But the belief that the rules were changed, outside of constitutionally prescribed procedures, runs way deeper than the fabulist junk in conservative America.

And with good reason, because the rules were changed. And we can talk all day about the need to change those rules to deal with the pandemic and that many, though not all, of those changes were mostly approved by the SCOTUS. But it doesn't change the fact of the changes.

Now, I can't explain why anyone would not want to make voting easier for all Americans. Especially when they recoil at any laws making gun ownership, including registration, more difficult or controlled. But the ease or difficulty of voting is an issue for another day.

At least as I see it, Stefanik, while no doubt decrying "lawfare" in some circles, here is asking for a strict reading of the Constitution of the US and some states, that does not allow for flexibility in government, even in the face of a deadly pandemic.

And yet, you can bet that if elected, Trump and potentially a VP Stefanik, will be the first ones to skirt Constitutional norms and chafe at Dems who sue them on Constitutional grounds.

possumlady said...

Did you see Steve Benen's piece today on MSNBC:

"In a written statement issued Wednesday, the GOP congresswoman took aim at “Democrat Manhattan Judge Juan Merchan,” made a provocative reference to the jurist’s daughter, and made a baseless claim that Merchan’s daughter “has financially benefited” from a trial that hasn’t even begun.

Stefanik, who almost certainly knows better, also insisted that Merchan’s gag order against Trump is “unconstitutional” — it's really not — before concluding, “We cannot allow a biased, far-left activist judge to strip the American people of our constitutional right to select [our] own leaders.”

To the extent that reality still has any meaning, much of the House Republican’s statement was entirely baseless and needlessly conspiratorial. For that matter, the idea that the judge — who was randomly assigned to a criminal case brought by local prosecutors — is trying to stop voters from choosing their own leaders is absurd.

Stefanik’s nonsense, however, was not unexpected.

On the contrary, this comes on the heels of the GOP lawmaker filing a formal complaint against New York Attorney General Letitia James over her fraud case against the former president.

Which came on the heels of Stefanik’s incoherent criticisms of a judge who’d just granted Team Trump’s request for a postponement in a civil case.

Which came on the heels of Stefanik claiming with a straight face that Trump hadn’t confused Nikki Haley and Nancy Pelosi, even after everyone saw him do exactly that.

Which came on the heels of Stefanik responding to Trump’s classified documents scandal by criticizing the National Archives, helping launch an effort to “expunge“ Trump’s impeachments, and joining a partisan crusade against federal law enforcement.

Which came on the heels of Stefanik filing an ethics complaint against the judge overseeing Trump’s civil fraud trial in New York and pressing the Justice Department to prosecute Michael Cohen, Trump’s former fixer who has since become a fierce critic of the former president.

I continue to believe that no one should want to be vice president this badly."

Mike said...

What a pathetic POS.

Dave Dubya said...

Dave is correct. A lot of election rules were changed due to the pandemic. No state legislature objected to the election, just the results.

The fact the Right abhors high voter turnout and easing the right to vote is the core of their grievance. They can't prove massive fraud, so they need to reshape their complaints.

The grievance isn't that the votes were illegal or fraudulent. It's the fact they lost. THAT is the burr up their butt. Not ONE Republican has questioned his win on the same ballot and election he now claims was rigged.

What they are saying is "Only Democrats cheated". And that is just as much a lie as the fictitious "massive fraud". They don't care to know that state legislatures don't even have the final word on election rules. The Constitution empowers the federal government to overrule them.

And not ONE of them will admit, let alone discuss, Trump is a liar who criminally tried to rig and steal the election.

It's all the same tantrum, wrapped in different robes of victimhood. Those same voices whining about "Unconstitutional elections" are working to empower state legislatures to overturn the majority vote in their state.

They don't want to discuss that either.

Dave Miller said...

From Possum... "I continue to believe that no one should want to be vice president this badly."

Thank you Possum... this is the line of the day!

Dave Miller said...

Yes Dave D... How is it that those GOP reps won on the same ballot that Trump lost? only Trump votes were tossed? Or perhaps, just maybe, the GOP voters liked their reps, but not Trump.

The US has voted split ticket for years. Why can't the GOP voters accept that. Because they'd have to admit they were wrong, and Trump lost.

So as you said, they shade their comments and grievances, because how else can they explain the truth and facts that contradict them?

Les Carpenter said...

As they say Dave M, ignorance is bliss. Trumpers live in bliss apparently.

possumlady said...

I agree with Dave M. that the last line of my post was a great one, but to clarify it came from Steve Benen, not me.