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Sunday, April 21, 2024

JoJo From Jerz:

“ This week alone, Donald The Godfarter Trump trended for ripping ass mid-snooze in court, he lost his bid to pause a string of civil lawsuits related to the Jan. 6th attack, he lost a motion to have Judge Merchan recuse, he lost every attempt to delay that trial, he found out he might be held in contempt for repeatedly violating his gag order, he got scolded for harassing a potential juror, his Truth Social stock went down faster than Lauren Boebert’s hand at a kids show, and he found out that the bond he said he had secured for his business fraud case will likely end up being voided because the bond company doesn’t actually have the funds to cover it.

All of this while being subjected to a fweeeezing cold courtroom and having to wait hours without his phone in between his feeding/Addy/accordion hands “witch hunt” tantrum times.

And then today, many of his MAGA minions turned on him and his daddy Vladdy by passing critical aid for Ukraine a few hours before he had to cancel his NC Hatefest due to bad weather.

Trial starts Monday.”


Dave Dubya said...

What happened was Mike Johnson was given information the MAGA cult doesn't want to know.

As Speaker, Johnson is informed of the FACTS and intel on how Putin is operating.

Putin's puppets like Moscow Marge, Gomer Comer, and Kremlin agent -FJ/JC prefer to embrace their willful ignorance, deny reality, and parrot Putin's lies.

This is all because their Mendacious Malevolent Messiah loves Putin and welcomes his support.

Sam said...

Nicely put. Nice blog.

Les Carpenter said...

MTG, LB, MG, and the rest of amount to: The Clowns of MAGA.

A distinction the morons wear proudly.

skudrunner said...

Great day when millions of people celebrate the crucifixion of a former president. This should be a time to stand up for a better country not celebrate it's downfall. The press has to have something to do and the left has to have a reason to celebrate because they certainly can't celebrate their incompetent, war mongering genocide joe.

Dave Miller said...

Here's the verdict from the Peanut Gallery... and it perfectly illustrates the problem in America today.

"Is Johnson a RINO? One of the worst, IMO. So, I expect MTG and my Representative, Matt Gaetz, to say something."

Johnson is a RINO? People who think like this cannot be called serious. They're buffoons, crazed and in the words of Bugs Bunny, Maroons.

Johnson is as knee deep in MAGA theology as one could imagine. For crying out loud, he is a J6 instigator, the man who killed the border bill, kneels and prays daily.

It looks as if any move, on any issue away from the Trump team earns you the RINO badge.

Dave Dubya said...

Skud is going full MAGA as he defends the Trump "persecution" LIE. He spreads Trump lies like -FJ/JC, MTG and Comer spread Kremlin lies.

Charges and trial for criminal acts based on factual evidence isn't by any definition "crucifixion" in the US justice system today. In fact, partisan Trump-appointed judges and Supreme Court Justices he installed bending over backwards to delay and disrupt accountability is the real travesty.

But Skud can't see it. I have to wonder if Skud still thinks Democrats are still the "racist" neo-Confederates despite the FACT that only white Trumpists fly the flag of treason.

Maybe Skud thinks Trump is immune to criminal prosecution and above the law? Wouldn't be surprised if that's what he spews next.

Les Carpenter said...

MAGA will not be happy until America does fail. MAGA is a disease if the mind. And trump is but the megaphone. A man with a seriously diseased mind.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave M.

Mike Johnson did the right thing. Good for him.

However, he may have risked his Speakership, but he wouldn't have lost his job. He'd still be a US Representative with all the $$$ and perks that accompanies that position.

Johnson showed some backbone in his opposition to the radical pro-Putin Trumpers in the House, but that's all.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave Dubya,

Yes. Reality made Johnson put his country over the radical MAGA Putin supporters.

Sam said...

Trump is a dangerous idiot. Why people continue to support hi, is a mystery to me. We know what he has done. After all these years he is finally being held accountable. If the jury finds him innocent, there will be another jury who will say he is guilty.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave Dubya, Les, Dave M.

skudrunner said... "Great day when millions of people celebrate the crucifixion of a former president."

I've always thought of skudrunner as a "law and order" Conservative. I've been wrong.

That statement by him indicates that he doesn't believe Trump should be held accountable for his criminal behaviors.

A grand jury of every-day American people heard the evidence around Trump's withholding information about his adulterous liaisons with TWO women while his 3rd wife was pregnant and taking care of his 5th child. By withholding that information, Trump interfered with the election by conspiring to keep that information from the American people. That benefitted Trump. And THAT'S what this criminal trial is about: Trump's lies and skullduggery to cheat the American people.

It's interesting that skud uses "crucifixion" to describe Trump's legal problems that he brought on himself by his habitual lying and chicanery -- and compares that with what happened to Jesus Christ.

IMO, that's a bit of a hint that some of Trump's cult mania has rubbed off onto skud.

Shaw Kenawe said...


Thanks. And thanks for stopping by.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw, yep, Johnson did the right thing. The adult thing. The sane person in the room thing. And yet, as ppl have said already this AM, he's now seen as a RINO.

What can we do.

I felt the same thing as you when I saw Skud's comment on crucifixion. So close to Easter, what person with any roots in Christianity would not think the same?

The difference is Christians believe, as Pilate even admitted, that Jesus was without sin and was innocent. Can anyone credibly claim Trump is innocent of all these different charges? All of them?

I'm willing to give folks the benefit of the doubt. Yes, Trump is being attacked from all sides. But that comes with the territory and how he has comported himself. The is a guy who favors ruling with an iron fist, a la Saddam in Iraq or the Shah of Iran. Those types of leaders often face a very different post leadership life than the Berlusconis and Manuel Madrids of the world.

Maybe this is a case of two things being true at the same time.

Trump has been targeted. And... the great majority of the charges against him are true.

So what should we do? Skud? Shaw? Les? Dave?

Any thoughts?

Les Carpenter said...

I believe you are right about Shaw. But then again i've never believed most of skud's intentionally misleading rhetoric.

He may claim to not be a trumper, and it may be so. But, with his last burp he is even less credible than before. IMNHO.

Les Carpenter said...

Being a practicing Buddhist my view is yes, Trump has been targeted, deservedly so. What he is experiencing is nothing more the the karmic results of the negative seeds he has sown most of his life. More specifically the voluminous amount during his run up to 2016, during his presidency, his insurrection attempt, and his incessant non stop efforts at dividing the country along political and ideological lines.

IOW, i my view, he is reaping the results of that which he so actively sowed. There should be little if any sympathy for Trump.

skudrunner said...

Rev, Johnson did the right thing but how much money is going to protect us. Now we have the leftist saying it is the republicans fault that the border is not secure for over three years.

Leslie," Being a practicing Buddhist" FYI Reading a book does not make you a Buddhist just like joey b saying he is a catholic doesn't make him one. If you believe you need to practice those beliefs.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud, You question Les's statement that he's a practicing Buddhist?

Do you have personal knowledge that he isn't? Do you know him so well that you've observed him in his private life and in his relationship with Buddhism?

I'm wondering because you made such a personal statement about Les's Buddhism.

Then you go on and question Joe Biden's Catholicism. Wow!

I'm pretty certain you've read that Joe Biden has practiced his Catholicism all his life; and, unlike the fake Bible salesman/Christian that Trump pretends to the American people, Joe Biden is most certainly a Catholic who absolutely is faithful to his religion.

I don't care one way or another, since I am a nontheist. But to have you insult Les on something I don't think you personally know is not good. And neither is your slam against Biden's Catholic faith.

ABC News, October 2021:

As President Joe Biden embarked on only his second overseas trip, he started with a personally poignant audience with Pope Francis on Friday, the first time in more than half a century that a Roman Catholic U.S. leader has met at the Vatican with the head of the Catholic Church.

The White House said the private meeting lasted about 90 minutes, unusually long.

Overshadowing the meeting was criticism from conservative U.S. bishops over Biden's public, political position on abortion, some arguing Biden and other politicians who share his views should be denied Communion.

And at a later photo op with Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, when a reporter asked, "Did the issue of abortion come up at all?" Biden responded, "No, it didn’t. It came up -- we just talked about the fact that he was happy I was a good Catholic and keep receiving Communion."

Here's another report from Pew Research:

"Overall, roughly six-in-ten U.S. adults – including 63% of Democrats and independents who lean toward the Democratic Party, along with a slightly smaller majority of Republicans and Republican leaners (55%) – say Joe Biden is Catholic. Most of the remainder say they are not sure what Biden’s religion is, while about one-in-ten say that Biden practices a religion other than Catholicism or that he is not religious. A small handful of Republicans volunteer that Biden is a “fake Catholic” or a “Catholic in name only,” or offer other insulting comments." --Is this article speaking about you, skud?

Dave Dubya said...

Skud is dipping to new lows accusing Les of not practicing Buddhism. Obviously Skud never read anything a Les's blog, or just IGNORES everything he says, or both, most likely.

We all know it would be futile to ask Skud to quote anyone saying what he claims:

"Now we have the leftist saying it is the republicans fault that the border is not secure for over three years."

The border was NEVER secure! People have always been crossing illegally. The Washington Post reports, "Deportations of migrants arrested by ICE averaged about 80,000 annually during Trump’s term".

As Skud ignores this reality, he'll also ignore the fact we'd have funding for 1,500 new border officers, additional immigration courts and judges, AND more fentanyl detectors, but TRUMP TOLD HIS MINIONS TO KILL THE BILL!!!

Does Skud suffer from a learning disability? He can't seem to process a lot of information we share with him.

FACT: The only reason nothing is being done about the border is because TRUMP WANTS NOTHING DONE, and needs the issue to campaign on. Can Skud possibly see Trump doesn't give a damn about anything but himself?

What's next, Skud? "Joey B stole the election"?

Les Carpenter said...

Dave D. said...Does skud suffer from a learning disability?

Good question Dave. I've often wondered that myself.