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Monday, April 1, 2024

For the hysterics who lost their minds when they discovered...


that Transgender Awareness Day (which has been on March 31 for years and years) fell on Easter Sunday this year:

President Biden didn't "desecrate" anything.  TransDay has always been recognized on March 31. It just happened to coincide this year with Easter Sunday.

You know who HAS desecrated Christianity? 

Trump - who's hawking Bibles; who's broken every Commandment; and who embodies the Seven Deadly Sins.

But the Christian Trumpers who are THE MOST upset over this nothing burger already know this sad truth about Trump but they continue to compare him with their Savior.

THAT is the real desecration.



Les Carpenter said...

Trump, in a word, is, EVIL.

As is the new Trump gop and the white Evangelicals who support him.

skudrunner said...

You make it sound like this has been going on for decades which is a fabrication because it started in 2009 but you are correct it is a no big deal except to those who like to make big deals. Before long we will have recognition days for every day of the week. Parakeet recognition day sounds like a good idea or retired machinist day. Although they are not defined as a special interest group which is required they should be recognized.

In today's tension filled society we need more things to obsess about not less. This coincides with biden or trump obsession syndrome. Serves no purpose but takes away from real issues.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skudrunner " is a no big deal except to those who like to make big deals."

It was no big deal until the MAGAs made a big deal over something they knew NOTHING about.

14 years IS a long time. No one would have said a thing if the MAGAs hadn't stirred everything over it. And they do it because that's all they know. Getting people riled up over things they know nothing about and spreading lies.

PS. I don't obsess about days that are dedicated to one cause or another. Most people have actual lives to live and don't go looking for things to rage about. That's MAGAs' world.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... National Pet Bird Day, September 17

skudrunner said...

It is not unlike the liberals obsessing over the evil one. There is a gay pride month but we need a transgender day. At least it is not a national holiday, yet. We need an illegal immigrant day because there are far more of them than transgenders and at least joey b would show up to honor them, unlike police officers killed by released criminals.

Grey One talks sass said...

Pet Bird day is Sept 17, World Budgie day is March 21st, National Skilled Trades Day is the first Wednesday in May, National Tradesman Day is the third Friday in September.

Not exactly Parakeet recognition day or retired machinist day but the previously listed holidays come really close. Not understanding the need for either to be a special interest group. Do they need to be official to get a holiday? Where is that rule written?

Had a few moments so thought I'd look up the holidays mentioned and found there are at least two or three for every day. The holiday chase is a deep, winding and oddly rewarding rabbit hole.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skudrunner " least joey b would show up to honor them, unlike police officers killed by released criminals."

I did some research on this. Hundreds of police/LEOs were killed during Trump's administration and HE DID NOT ATTEND ANY OF THEIR FUNERALS. HE ALSO DID NOT ATTEND ANY OF THE CAPITOL POLICE FUNERALS AFTER J6.

What's your point other than to take a swipe at President Biden?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Grey One talks sass, Dave M.

The MAGA rage over TransDay and Easter on March 31 is nothing more than stupidity enflamed by political hacks (Mike Johnson) to make moronic points about nothing.

Les Carpenter said...

When some folks have pretty much everything a person wants and everything a person needs, i guess some, like the MAGATS, begin obsessing over things of absolutely no consequence.

Of course there's the religious thingy about certain life styles and such that make the devout religionists feel reallty special and all, honoring their ridiculous reified beliefs and practice of othering all those who do not conform to their beliefs.

Yes, it is stupidity as well as ignorance.

Grey One talks sass said...

Shaw, you know skud has to, they just have to take a dig at President Biden. After all they think "It is not unlike the liberals obsessing over the evil one."

It's beyond my comprehension how someone who claims to be intelligent (I know, skuds' idea of intelligence may not match with the rest of humanities take) consistently states liberals just despise the person Trump while totally missing the outrage over the ideas Trump spews on a daily basis (authoritarianism, fascism, sexism, racism... I could go on but there is really only so many minutes in a day).

I also saw some jealousy in skuds comment "There is a gay pride month but we need a transgender day."

Perhaps they will feel better if there is an official skud is king holiday? I mean, I wouldn't celebrate but that's not the point, is it?

For the record, amongst all minority populations the Transgender community suffers the greatest percentage of abuse and murder, even though they represent a tiny percentage of that same population. It is a fragile community. The fair witness in me must reveal that my niece was transgender. I say was because she took her own life. The bullying and scapegoating and just plain incorrect propaganda spread about those who are Transgender is a huge burden. I miss her every day and most of all I miss the contribution she could have made to the world of Mathematics based on what she accomplished in her short life.

All we have is each other. We are truly all connected so what is done to one is done to all. We The People really need to do better.

Grey One talks sass said...

Les, if the Christianists really wanted the book of Leviticus to be codified into law in order to outlaw the LGBTQA+ community they'd best really take a look at ALL of the rules listed. Talk about cutting off ones nose to spite their face!

Also - I've read several articles which address Leviticus 18:22, suggesting that the correct wording is not lay down with a man as you do a woman. See, Hebrew back in the day didn't have any vowels so ones interpretation of what was written changes based on one's own experiences or biases.

In reading for context the idea floated by scholars is instead one must not lay down with a young man or child as one does with a woman. Since the LGBTQA+ is condemned no where else in the Christian Bible and since same sex relationships have been proven time and again to be a natural part of well, nature I'm trusting the idea that the Hebrews of old found pedophilia just as distasteful we many of us do here/now.

Of course this interpretation has yet to make it to the mainstream but from the research I've conducted on the translators they know what they are talking about. Could also explain why the hashtag #NotADragQueen is as popular as it is.

Just a thought or two for the beginning of April.

Dave Miller said...

Correction Les...

Wants v Needs. Most commenting here will not struggle much to cover our needs, except for maybe healthcare.

But all of us, not just some, will struggle at times in our lives over our wants. The human condition since creation has always been raging a war looking for more and more of our wants, even when our needs are regularly met.

Dave Miller said...

Sass said... "All we have is each other."

Yes... a thousand times yes.

We are all connected. Look, I bet all of us look at some people and scratch our heads. Right or wrong, I get it.

What I'll never get is what pushes some over the edge to mock, make jokes, discriminate, violence and even to kill "the other."

Even if "they", whoever they are, choose not to "live and let live" and, as some say, "get in our face about it", so what? What stops everyone else from the live and let live response, as opposed to one of violence?

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

I agree with Skuds that there ought to be a retired Machinists Day. Bout time I got honored. You're welcome Skuds. Proud past local vice president and 10 year member of bargaining committee. Management hated me so I must have done a good job.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Les, "When some folks have pretty much everything a person wants and everything a person needs, i guess some, like the MAGATS, begin obsessing over things of absolutely no consequence."

Some people spend their lives being in a rage over everything. I guess that makes them feel more alive than anything else. And that is what MAGA is.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Joe "Truth 101" Kelly . "Management hated me so I must have done a good job."

Wear that as a badge of honor. Knowing you all these years from an online friendship, I absolutely believe you were THE BEST at what you did. And witty too!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Grey One talks sass "It is a fragile community. The fair witness in me must reveal that my niece was transgender."

And I have a nephew that is transgender. When he was a female child of 5, he begged his mother to let him have a buzz cut and NEVER make him wear a dress again. At FIVE YEARS OF AGE, this child was not comfortable in being female. He changed his name from a feminine one to masculine one when he was 13. Thank goodness he lives in an evolved community where the school and his peers did not harass him. However, he did try to unalive himself 4 times -- even though he had the loving support from his family for what he was struggling with.

You are correct. Trans are the most fragile community. I've seen it first hand.

I am sorry to hear your of your niece's struggle and passing. I wish we could save all these children who struggle with gender identity issues in this hostile country. A country where so many religious people pretend to follow an all-loving god, but will hate you if you don't conform to what THEY believe is a correct way to live and who ignore their god's commandment to "Love thy neighbor as thyself." I don't remember reading a post script to that commandment that said "unless he/she is gay or trans."

Dave Dubya said...

Bigots have always been welcomed and encouraged by religions. Institutions that tell their members they are God's Chosen can never fully acknowledge the humanity in the masses they see as less virtuous and damned to eternal torture.

This is why evangelicals and other fundies worship Trump. Their "religion" allows them a pass to hate everyone Trump hates, while taking delight in their suffering, and still have their eternal "get our of hell free" card.

Never mind their Savior would condemn them as hypocrites for serving their hateful Mendacious Malevolent Messiah over His teachings of love and compassion.

Look at the slaughter of innocents "God's First Chosen", the radical Right Israelis, are inflicting on people THEY hate.

All religion devoid of love for others is blasphemy and hypocrisy.

- Rev. Dave

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

I wasn't aware. :)

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave M. "What stops everyone else from the live and let live response, as opposed to one of violence?"

I think it's fear -- the fear of seeing their belief systems being mocked or traditional taboos being broken down. If they see something like homosexuality or transgender becoming accepted in the general population as part of the human condition, they make a leap from that and then predict things like beastiality and pedophilia will become acceptable -- but they fail to understand that animals and children cannot give consent to sexual acts by adults.

They don't see abortion as a health care issue, even as we witness girls and women being forced by the state to endure medically dangerous pregnancies -- because of fundamentalist religionists' tenets being forced on an entire population that includes other religions and NO religion.

Fear. And ignorance.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

I did have several city council members tell me I was full of crap after meetings but I was entertaining. I found that approach made them more likely to see things at least a little bit my way rather than banging tables and making ridiculous threats. It's alot harder to screw over someone you like.

Dave Miller said...

Joe 101 said... "It's alot harder to screw over someone you like."

Very true. I was watching a discussion this morning about the "old days" of the 1990's in Congress. The ppl talked about real friendships with members of the opposing party, their kids growing up together and dinner parties at each other's homes in DC.

That just does not happen these days, so the ppl do not get an opportunity to know each other, or like them, as Joe alluded.

So it's easier to screw, dismiss, demonize and dislike them. Because they are unknown to each other, seen only as the enemy.

Les Carpenter said...

Yes Dave, the desire for more (wants) as well as the attachments to things and conditions (that are forever changing that are by nature impermanent) are the very reasons for much of human suffering.

Letting go of ego fixations and accepting things (phenomena) are they really are, not how we may wish them to be, is a path to less suffering and greater genuine happiness.

Thanks Dave for highlighting the truth of "wants".

Les Carpenter said...

Perhaps, and this is a day we should all hope happens, our society and culture will grow to understand and accept that all of us, each and every one, is born with Christ conscienceness, buddha-nature, etc. and possess the same creator's divinity that Jesus possed and spoke about. As the Gnostic Gospels attest to.

The RCC, in 323 AD i think, met in council and codified the HB, of course leaving out the Gnostic Gospels and affirming Jesus as" God's only begotten son". Thereby separating all the rest of us as sinners. Requiring constant forgiveness.

Essentially turning guilt into a virtue through the vehicle of prayer.

As Dave said, we are all interconnected and therefore we are, all, interbeings. A concept coined by the late Venerable Thich Nhat Hahn

Les Carpenter said...

To this Shaw i would add "ego fixation and support" as a reasons as well.

It is the "ego's job" to protect ones sense of self and beliefs. So when fear and or ignorance kicks in the "ego" gets to work working overtime.

Les Carpenter said...

Politics in America is approaching open warfare since the one who shall remain unamed took control of the gop and the "conservative" agenda.