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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Barbara Seals Nevergold Hands Carl Paladino His Rotten Racist Ass

Trump's Chair of his New York Campaign, Carl Paladino, made sick, racist comments about President Obama, Mrs. Obama, and Valerie Jarrett.

Here's the payback.  The Buffalo Board of Education, of which he was a member, fired his disgusting racist ass:


Ducky's here said...

Apparently there is just so much people are going to take

"Only two board members ― Patti Pierce and Larry Quinn, who are considered Paladino allies ― did not support the resolution. They said they would like to see Paladino apologize to the students of the district rather than resign.

Pierce said she hoped the people in Buffalo could show Paladino some forgiveness for his comments and “take a page out of the horrific massacre that happened in Charleston, South Carolina, where nine innocent people in a house of worship were slain by a hateful, hate-filled man.”

The comparison drew gasps from the audience and was too much for one woman, who left shouting that it was offensive to use the murdered African-American congregation members in this situation.

Simply stunning.
But it doesn't appear they are going to settle for less than his removal.

Les Carpenter said...

Paladino is representative of the extreme right wing white supremacists that are in lockstep support of Trump. Says something about Trump methinks.

Barbara Seals Nevergold handed Paladino his racist ass with a lot of class.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ducky and Les,

Paladins said his racist remarks were a mistake.

No. A mistake is grabbing a tube of Preparation H instead of toothpaste and putting it on your toothbrush. What Paladino said was an insight into his very dark and very ugly soul. I'm not surprised that someone as bigoted as he is is also a Trump supporter. Trump does attract bottom feeders.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Paladino. not Paladins. Stupid auto correct.

Infidel753 said...

Now watch Trump offer Pallid-dino a cabinet position and complain about the Board of Education being "politically correct".

Ducky: It's funny how these people always start talking about the virtue of "forgiveness" whenever one of their own gets caught shitting the bed like this.

Shaw Kenawe said...

The Most Disliked and Unpopular President-elect in modern American history: DONALD J. TRUMP

Mormons Petition To Stop Tabernacle Choir From Singing At Trump’s Inauguration
Signers say the church’s values clash with the “racist, sexist” president-elect.

A Mormon who said his “heart sank” when he heard that the church’s beloved Tabernacle Choir will perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration has launched a petition to urge the group not to go to Washington, D.C.

“I love the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The thought of this choir and Mormonism being forever associated with a man who disparages minorities, brags about his sexual control of women, encourages intolerance and traffics in hate speech and bullying, was unacceptable,” Randall Thacker said in a statement. “I immediately knew there were probably thousands of people who felt the same way, so I created the space on for like-minded Mormons and their friends to share their feelings.”
-- HuffPost

Shaw Kenawe said...

From Raw Story:

Singer quits Mormon Tabernacle Choir rather than sing for Trump: ‘I could never throw roses to Hitler’