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Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Dave Miller said...

A nice reasoned response... as opposed to some of the hyperbole we've been seeing on this...

From Politico... “I do think, if I might make a few other points on this issue, that President Obama would have been wise to veto this resolution,” George Mitchell said in an interview on MSNBC. “Not because of the policy implications but because of the timing and the circumstance that it leads to with respect to trying to get the parties together.”

“Every American president, since the beginning of settlements 50 years ago, from Johnson and Nixon, down through Bush and Obama, has opposed Israel's policy on settlements,”

“So I think much is being made of it that is false, but it would have been wise, I think, to defer this if possible and, if not, to veto it."

Dave Miller said...

The above was from former US Senator and Middle East Envoy George Mitchell...

Lee Arnold said...

The champions of allowing anti-Israel resolutions were Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon at 13 each, followed by Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush at 10 each. Peace Now’s top scorers were Reagan with 21, Nixon with 15 and Jimmy Carter with 14.

The undisputed record for fewest anti-Israel resolutions allowed through is held by Barack Obama, whose total of hostile resolutions allowed was zero through seven years and 11 months of his eight years in office. His single abstention on December 23 brings his total to one, still by far the lowest of any president. (Well, Gerald Ford had two — in his 2.5 years in office.)

The only “break from the past” going on here was the Obama administration’s decision to break from its unbroken record of supporting Israel, and to act instead like all the other administrations before it.

BB-Idaho said...

Much of the world considers Israeli settlements illegal on the basis of
International Law/4th Geneva convention. Nowhere is this perception stronger than
the middle east, hence US policy over a number of administrations. When Trump
unilaterally supports this policy, he not only risks alienating the Arab nations
and heightening already boiling tensions, he looks hypocritical- prosecuting alien
people in his own country, while encouraging them in another. The apprentice has
much to learn in a short time.