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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Man-Child of the Year

Photograph by Nadav Kander for TIME 

Every four years Time names the winner of the presidency "Person of the Year."


Dave Miller said...

As thin skinned Don takes the helm of America, can you imagine, based on his response to a union leader in Indiana, what might happen if at his first State of the Union address, a congressman shouts that he is a liar?

I mean if a congressman would ever disrespect a president in that way. I mean if it ever was to happen and his or her party not discipline that person.

How might he respond, this "Person of the Year?"

Shaw Kenawe said...

After taking a victory lap for saving 730 jobs at Carrier, and then hearing what the president of the union there had to say, Trump then faulted the union for losing the jobs to Mexico, where the workers there will be paid $6 an hour. Trump said the union dues are too high and that the union workers don't work hard enough.

Does Mr. Billionair P.E. think an American worker can survive on less than $6/hr.? Because in order to keep those jobs in Indiana, that's the rate they would have to accept to be competitive with the workers in Mexico. Also, union dues have NOTHING to do with Carrier moving jobs to Mexico. And here we have P.E.Trump -- the working man's savior telling the working men and women that they don't work hard enough.

This is just the beginning of seeing more of Trump's intemperate, totally off-the wall reactions when someone disagrees with him. Trump has no consistent core values (except making money and using women).

Then he tweeted out a complete blatant lie about Boeing, which in turn resulted in a steep drop in their stock value (which, I imagine, Trump's Wall Street buddies capitalized on).

Trump actually dissed an American company that employs thousands and thousands of American workers because he was angry with them.

And he blamed working class union men and women for Carrier's decision to move to Mexico.

A majority of voters saw through this con artist. Imagine those voters in Ohio and at Boeing who thought Trump would shake things up. Well, he is "shaking things up," only it's the working classes who voted for him that's getting the shake-down. It's too late now. They're stuck with their reckless choice.

Michael K. said...

Re: Trump's transition activites
For those seeing Trump's ongoing, astonishing, casual carelessnesses and obscene appointments to cabinet positions, I suggest a clear, unifying principle transcending even the policy content: the subtext here is Trumpian malignant narcissism and aggrandizement of power, and a highly dangerous personalization of the presidency. I think that a rubric under which the majority of his acts during transition fit all too comfortably. I think that distinguishes Trump from even the worst of past presidents.
Cults of personality emerge therefrom. Cautionary historical parallels occur to a body. Do not trivialize or apologize for this man and his enablers.

Dave Miller said...

$6.00 an hour??? Where is that number?

That would make the Carrier jobs in Mexico one of the best jobs in the nation. If that number is accurate, it means a person working in their factory there will be making more than double the national average salary.

In fact, it means all those workers will be making the minimum wage in Mexico after one hour of work as $6.00 is the minimum daily wage companies can pay workers.

To put that in perspective, it is the equivalent of a Carrier guy here in the US making $56.00 an hour!

As for his tweet, all the guy did was point out that in FACT, 850 jobs were being saved, no 1100 as Trump claimed. If Trump does not like this kind of stuff, he can get his facts straight. If he has any...

He seems to be very post truth and loaded up on false facts, if you know what I mean...

Kevin Robbins said...

Every four years Time names the winner of the presidency "Person of the Year."

Does anyone pay attention to Time magazine for anything other than the POTY nonsense?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Sorry, Dave, $6/day. I'm blogging on the fly (back and forth to the hospital) and as a result making too many mistakes.

Even at $6/day, that would be good pay wouldn't it?