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Sunday, December 11, 2016

The craven calculus of too many Republicans...

"The craven calculus of too many Republicans at this point seems to be that pursuing a reactionary policy portfolio that now includes gutting Medicare and Social Security is more important than the fact that a foreign power has meddled in an election decided in three states by a total vote total that, as somebody I read noted, could fit into a college football stadium. The news on this front is now compounded by Trump's choice for Secretary of State - Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson - who has close ties to Putin. This is on top of multiple other links to Russia from members of Trump's inner circle. The Founding Fathers worried about a demagogue rising to power backed by a foreign adversary. That notion seemed to diminish to the point of a quaint anachronism over the centuries as our democracy solidified and our strength as a world power grew. No longer. 

Perhaps it is too strong to suggest that to countenance what Putin and Russia did in our presidential election with a shrug or a justification forfeits the right to call yourself a patriot, no matter how many flags lapel pins you own..." --Dan Rather

The Narcissist-elect tells America that he's a smart person. 

(NOTE: Really smart people don't need to constantly tell other people that they're smart. For reasons unknown, wink* wink*, Donnie has to keep reminding anyone who will listen that he's a really "smart" person.  LOL!)

Trump: I Don't Need Daily Intelligence Briefings Because "I'm A Smart Person" 

President-elect Donald Trump declared Sunday that he doesn't need daily intelligence briefings because he's "a smart person." 


Anonymous said...

After January 20, we will call D.C. Moscow on the Potomac. Truth in labeling demands it.

Howard Brazee said...

Looking into the election won't give them power.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anon @10:40 AM, I'm from Massachusetts, and I remember people calling Cambridge, Mass., Moscow on the Charles, without anything coming close to what we know about Trump and the Russians enabling him to win the presidency. Moscow on the Potomac sounds just about right for now.

Howard, I don't know about "power," but looking into the election may clarify some very suspicious things.

Gordon Scott said...

Wait, I thought the 1980s wanted their foreign policy back? Didn't President three-putt tell us that? We hit the Reset button! But now the Russkies are a threat? What a difference a day makes, eh?

And so far...exactly what is it that you know? You have anonymous sources supposedly at the CIA. Yet the Director of National Intelligence who was appointed by, you know, President MeMeMe, says there's no evidence to support this.

Good thing Donald Trump promised to accept the election results, eh? Because it would be awful if a candidate's supporters spent all their time trying to undermine confidence in our system!