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Friday, December 23, 2016

Happy Holidays to All!

We will all miss the dignity and beauty of our First Family. 

Best wishes to the Obamas from P.E.

This is the Christmas card sent out by America's Pussy-Grabber-elect Trump.

No wife, no children, no grandchildren. Just a raised tiny fist, which means what? as a Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Everyone gesture?  

This is the creep the "Christian" Evangelicals chose:  A narcissist who doesn't include his family in a Christmas greeting, because it's always, always all about him, only him.  Gag.

Compare and contrast with the elegant and warm family card from the Obamas.

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Jerry Critter said...

Yes we will! What a difference it will be. Orange replaces black and crass replaces class.

Shaw Kenawe said...


Everything the rabid right complained about the Obamas is what is actually happening with the Trumps.

The rabid right shrieked about Michelle Obama spending MILLIONS AND MILLIONS on her trips, and right now, before he's even preznit, Trump and his privileged wifey are costing the country MILLIONS AND MILLIONS for Secret Service protection so that Wife #3 can continue to live in their Louis XIV penthouse and not have to move to that shabby White House in D.C.

The Trumps have already cost this country millions in protection, and he's not been inaugurated yet! Imagine how much Melania's and Donnie's royal lifestyle will cost America.

The Trumps make Michelle Obama's trips look like a pauper's holiday.

Orange is the new Black, and CRASS truly has replaced CLASS.

Happy Holidays to you, Jerry.

Clearwater, Florida said...

I can't stomach the idea of serial adulterer Pussie Grabber and Wife #3, who doesn't even want to live in the White House representing the America I loved under the Obamas which were a classy, educated, and scandal free family. True American pride.

Now we'll have the Greed and Glitz Family that cares only for wealth and material things and for president? A liar and a cheat. OMG

Try to have a nice Christmass Shaw even knowing what's ahead.

Shaw Kenawe said...


I understand. To have a moral pig follow our decent and dignified First Family is nauseating. We have the "Christian" evangelicals to thank for discarding their values for power. They are as morally corrupt as Trump.

We can take pride in knowing that President Obama had a scandal-free administration and conducted his private and public life with honor.

And we can only watch in horror as a Pussy-grabber defiles the People's House.

Ducky's here said...

Merry Christmas to everyone at Progressive Eruptions.

Infidel753 said...

We're going to miss the Obamas. Even a lot of Republicans will, if they're just honest with themselves.

Dave Miller said...

We will miss the grace smand poise of the Obamas...

Merry Christmas all...

Les Carpenter said...

Some may not miss certain policies, but yes, the grace, poise, integrity, sincerity, and cool level headeded discipline of our 44th President will be greatly missed. Even by fiscal conservatives, er classical liberals. 😉


Clearwater, Florida said...

Happy Holidays!

I'm Skippy's Mom said...

Say good-bye to a classy, beautiful family.

Say hello to everything that's wrong with America and soon will be in the White House. Accept of course Mrs. Wife #3, she can't be bothered to show up and be the FLOTUS. I wonder if Drumpf will install gold plated toilet seats in the WH for his fat arse to sit on.

Well Merry Christmas anyway.

dmarks said...

They are young and have many years ahead of them. I wish them well in this new phase in their lives.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"On this day long ago, a child was born who, by the age of 30, would transform the world.

Happy Birthday, Isaac Newton, born December 25, 1642." -- Neil deGrasse Tyson

Kevin Robbins said...

Melania is with her boyfriend, Jason Miller, in NYC.

Shaw Kenawe said...

A Thing call TOM wrote: "Is that the best you got?"

Why do you ask? Are you hoping we'll "call he" something worse?

The American people will help us. A majority of us do not like the pussy-grabbing fraud -- Putin's Poodle.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Kevin, I have that story on a post for tomorrow. It's difficult to keep up with all of Trump's pre-Oath-of-Office scandals!

Happyish New Year.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Infidel: "Even a lot of Republicans will, if they're just honest..."

"...if they're just honest..."

Forget that. We don't associate "honest" with Republicans anymore. That ship sailed long ago. Sad.

Anonymous said...

No class, no dignity, no morals, no compassion for those who aren't billionaires, no intellect, no idea of how to be president. He'll never be my president. Never.

Les Carpenter said...

Unfortunately anonymous at this point he IS the only president we'll have after Jan. 20th. As much as I dislike it that fact kind of sort of makes him everyone's president. Unless of course you move offshore and reside elsewhere, and, renounce your US citizenship.

Of course legal resistance to policies, positions, and statements Mr. dRumpf takes/makes is fine. It's the patriotic thing to do.

Hope for the best, expect the worse.

Les Carpenter said...

But there are honest republicans Shaw. It's just that the RNC, most of the leadership, and Trump, aided by 24/7 right wing media are dishonest. They duped a majority of repubs and disgruntled Americans to vote for a pig in a poke.

Honest republicans who studied issues and listened to what Trump's words really meant likely voted for someone else. Not necessarily Clinton though.

TOM said...

"The American people will help us. A majority of us do not like the pussy-grabbing fraud -- Putin's Poodle."


Shaw Kenawe said...

"Sal". Clinton was impeached and had his law license suspended. IOW he faced consequences for his awful behavior.

You people voted for a moral pig and awarded him for his awful behavior. That's the difference. I know thinking is hard for folks like you. But if you keep at it, you may someday understand what a embarrassing buffoon you put in office.

He can't manage to get an A-list artist to perform at his inauguration. The world sees him as an inept clown.

TOM said...

"He can't manage to get an A-list artist to perform at his inauguration. The world sees him as an inept clown."

I guess that they all Left the Country!

Jerry Critter said...

Shaw - "The world sees him as an inept clown."

The world sees him in his true light. It is our own Deplorables that see him in the false image he imagines he is.

BB-Idaho said...

New Gingrich opined that Trump and his select staff and cabinet are too rich and their business practices too illegal; Newt's cure? Donald simply pardons them and
himself. Laws aren't for the top 1%. Brought to you by the people that chant,
"Lock her up! Lock her up!

Shaw Kenawe said...


"Brought to you by the people that chant,
"Lock her up! Lock her up!"

We know the Trumpanzees are unapologetic hypocrites who ranted against Hillary for what The Talking Yam is actually doing.

He's in bed with the Goldman Sachs Banksters and Wall Streeters, and he's appointed billionaires and Know-Nothings to his cabinet.

Funniest of all are The Talking Yam's tweets that continue to show America and the world how a man-child behaves. He can't even get A-list artists to perform at his coronation! And that burns his prodigious arse really, really bad!

He is the most disliked president-elect in modern history. 74+ million Americans voted AGAINST him, 62 million voted for him. That's a whole lot of Americans who are on to his con game.

No matter how much they try, the Trumpanzees can't put enough lipstick on that pig to make it look pretty. They keep coming here to comment moderation trying to promote the lie that Trump's a winner. LOL!

Ray said...

Shaw, Trump can't get top performers to sing at his inauguration? How will he get world leaders to meet and listen to him? They may meet him because theyhave to but they're all laughing at him behind his back.

Heather said...

Maybe Trump just has to look in his own backyard for inauguration day entertainment. The American people would be so proud!