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Friday, December 30, 2016

GOP Operative Rick Wilson Slams Trump and His ‘Ball-Washers’: ‘Their Allegiance Is to Putin’

rick wilsonRepublican operative Rick Wilson went on an extended Twitter rant late Thursday in reaction to the news that Donald Trump was still defending Russia’s alleged hacking during the 2016 election, openly accusing the president-elect of being a pawn of Vladimir Putin.
1/ In the course of the 2016 campaign I don't know how many times I was called a traitor to America for not supporting Trump.
2/ Of course, these intellectual giants never bothered to understand the specific definition of treason. All opposition to Trump was treason
3/ What's closer to treason? Political opposition to a candidate, or siding with a hostile foreign power in the Intel war?
4/ Make no mistake; Trump and his lackeys, ball-washers and toadies today clearly demonstrated their allegiance is to Putin.
5/ This wasn't Obama playing a game. This was him responding to the IC's rising certainty and fury at the extent of Russia's meddling.
6/ Trump is getting sworn in. He's going to be President. If you are more concerned that his wittle feels are hurt that the truth of...
7/ RUS intel services and leadership wanted Trump, hacked to help Trump, and have deep ties to him and his team then you're the ones...
8/ flirting with disloyalty to the security of this country well beyond a political disagreement.
9/ You believe in absurd, baroque conspiracy horseshit like Pizzagate, but can't conceive RUS leaders could seek to disrupt an election?
10/ You buy into the wildest, darkest, lunatic theories ("Hillary is a pedophile cannibal!") but ignore the conclusions of the ENTIRE IC.
11/ You're accepting an ongoing, state-sponsored set of attacks on Americans, American institutions and American security because...
12/ don't want Trump's presidency to have an asterisk next to it, like a ball player with a home run count fueled by steroids and HGH
13/ Tough. It's already there. So here's my question for Trump defenders; how much RUS intervention in our elections is ok with you?


Jerry Critter said...

Just another case of "Money Trumps truth". Russians hold a "huuuuugggge" financial sword over Trump's head. He is their lackey and will do whatever is required to keep them happy. Just wait. Those 35 will be back.

Les Carpenter said...

Good for Rick Wilson. A GOP operative with both principles AND balls.

Ya gotta wonder just how long and what it will take for those lackeys, ball washers, and toadies to understand and acknowledge the evil that is inherent in Trump and will exist in his administration.

May the Gods of Mt Olympus help us.

Michael K. said...

Trump has led an exquisitely public life for decades. His shady business practices, encounters with the mob, failures, legal transgressions, personal uglinesses and lies have been well documented.

Does anybody really think the CIA and the FBI, much less Putin's Russia,don't have files three feet deep full of stuff to hold over his head, over the heads of his wife and family? Does anyone think that Trump didn't provide an opportunity or two while he was in Moscow at the Miss Universe pageant not to take a few videos? Does anybody think that his tax returns have remained off limits to hackers capable of publishing John Podesta's iPhone conversations? That the actors involved in his indebtedness haven't themselves been attacked?

Now that the possibility has been brought up, its implications would seem to me worth thinking about. The ghosts of not just Beria and Andropov, but J. Edgar Hoover and Allen Dulles, walk this bleeding piece of earth...

Shaw Kenawe said...

The man who Trump refuses to condemn: “Vladimir Putin is a thug and a bully and a murderer,” John McCain said.

Donald Trump, The P-Grabber-elect, supports a thug, a bully and a murderer over our American president.

Let that sink in.

Never in the history of America has this happened: A future president favoring a foreign leader over America, and the Goopers are silent. Silence means agreement.

Jerry Critter said...

The Goopers have been hoodwinked. They have elected the most unAmerican president we have ever had, and they don't know what to do. That is what you get when you court the Deplorables.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Trump has mocked the US president, therefore, America, because Mr. Obama represents America, and Trump has sided with a foreign leader against the United Sates. Russia is NOT America's ally. Apparently, Trump is too stupid to understand that his
Tweets are treasonous.

You can be a Trump supporter or an AmeRican patriot, but you can't be both.