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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sunday Humor Blog


Infidel753 said...

Thanks -- very welcome these days, and appropriate.

Sal said...

This is pretty embarrassing for Obama. Here's what he said in regards to Trump saying he could keep Carrier jobs in the US:

"There’s — there’s no answer to it. He just says, 'Well, I’m going to negotiate a better deal.' Well, how — what — how exactly are you going to negotiate that? What magic wand do you have?
Obama mocked Trump for saying he would keep Carrier from moving to Mexico...
Holy shit. This makes him look like the inexperienced community organizer we always knew he was. Stunning. Trump isn't even sworn in yet and he did what Obama thought was impossible.

Shaw Kenawe said...


The "deal" was typical Trumpian show biz grandstanding, while not delivering what he actually promised at a cost to Indiana tax payers of $7 million. Remember one of Trump's tenets is to use other people's money, which he did in this "deal." Approximately 800 jobs were saved, mostly white collar, and Carrier is still sending the majority of jobs to Mexico.

So Mr. Obama knew what he was talking about, and you don't.

Fox News Poll
Hundreds could still lose jobs at Carrier's Indianapolis plant, despite Trump deal