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Monday, February 27, 2017

" inept White House led by a celebrity apprentice."

NYTimes: What America has seen so far is an inept White House led by a celebrity apprentice."

President 40% -- The lowest approval rating of any new president in modern American history

"When Mr. Trump’s assistants can keep the edge of panic out of their voices, they insist that Mr. Trump has gotten more done in the early going than most presidents. And Mr. Trump is so adept at creating smoke that Americans might be forgiven for thinking that’s true," the Times wrote. "[T]he president confuses executive orders with achievements."


"The White House is a toxic mix of ideology, inexperience and rivalries; insiders say tantrums are nearly as common as the spelling errors in the press office’s news releases," the Times said. "If there is any upside here, it is that the administration’s ineptitude has so far spared the nation from a wholesale dismantling of major laws, including the Affordable Care Act, though he may yet kill the law through malign neglect."


HR McMaster, the respected army lieutenant general Trump chose to replace Michael Flynn after he resigned, told White House staff at a meeting on Thursday that he does not want to use the term “radical Islamic terrorism.” You know, what Obama has been saying for years.


Dave Miller said...

How could any good supporter of Trump be a fan of McMaster after hearing his views on using the term Radical Islamic Terrorism?

Now he's got two generals directly contradicting his views regarding ISIS and Islam? Are they wrong in his mind? Are those views, held by Dems, un American?

Will any conservatives speak to this? Of course not...

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, from the link on McMaster:

During the meeting, McMaster also let it be known that he disagrees with Trump on several other points as well. He reportedly “laid out a vigorous defense of the post-second world war liberal order, calling it a guarantor of peace and economic prosperity.” Trump, on the other hand, has attacked these same longstanding foreign-policy goals repeatedly.

McMaster also took a stance on Russia that is the polar opposite of his Putin loving boss. “One source said McMaster was ‘very clear’ that he viewed Russia ‘as an adversary,'” the Guardian reports.

Trump chose McMaster as his new national security adviser after Flynn was forced to resign when it was revealed that he had told the Russian ambassador not to worry about sanctions during a phone call that took place before Trump was sworn in.

Thanks to Trump’s Islamophobic policies, at least one prominent NSC staffer has already resigned. Rumana Ahmed, who worked on strategic communications, stepped down after Trump issued his Muslim ban. She said his “radical Islamic terrorism” rhetoric is really no different from the rhetoric of ISIS.

Kevin Robbins said...

We've lost GWOT now, if even McMaster can't say the magic words.

Dave Miller said...

Speaking of ineptitude in the White House how about Trump saying "who knew health care was so complicated?"

Who indeed... certainly no one running for President on a "only I can fix it" campaign.

Les Carpenter said...

But But But, trump is a winnah. Surely he will aim The Global War on Terrorism.

Wait, he's also a DS. Nevermind.

BTW, I'm declaring a WOA. War on Acronyms.

Ducky's here said...

"who knew health care was so complicated?"
Anyone who was awake during Obama's first term.

Can't wait for his speech Tuesday.

Howard Brazee said...

Don't forget that as low as Trump's favorability rating is - the rest of Washington (including both major parties) have lower favorability ratings.

The rest of Washington needs to recognize that the Trump election showed that the voters believe Washington to be bought and paid for by Big Money. Both parties need to change this.