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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

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Ahab said...

If Sen. Warren had been a man, would this situation have even happened? I wonder what role sexism played in this.

The letter is strong but fair. Warren should not have been penalized for reading it, period.

KanaW said...

Ahab, two male Senators both read the entire letter on the floor. And were allowed to. So the answer is, no, it wouldn't have happened.

Kit said...

We have a Rethuglican Party and president who have declared war on America and her values. There is NOTHING they won’t say or do. Given this, it is going to get uglier. UK Parliament said Trump is Racist and Sexist. I agree. I want these beyond description hypocritical wing nuts to be condemned. I hate them and consider them an enemy to not only America but to the civilized world.

Les Carpenter said...

How I hope little hands of a tiny man trump commits an impeachable act and if impeached and found guilty by the Senate.

Of course this won't happen. Why? Because according to Mitch McConnell repukelicans on capital hill are comfortable with him.