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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Trump's Amerika

A Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia was desecrated by vandals

(Reuters) - Scores of headstones at a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia have been broken and overturned, media reports said on Sunday, in the latest apparent vandalism incident at a Jewish burial ground in the United States.

 Police who responded to a Sunday morning report of vandalism at the Mount Carmel Cemetery found from 75 to 100 gravesites damaged, including toppled headstones snapped off at the base, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.


At least 20 bomb threats were made to Jewish institutions in 12 or more states on Monday, according to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), causing the organization to issue a security advisory. The wave of threats was the fifth in recent weeks and came one day after Jewish community leaders found more than 500 headstones toppled at a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia. 

A similar incident at a Jewish cemetery near St. Louis occurred days before that. The wave of bomb threats on Monday brought the total number of such incidents in 2017 to almost 90, according to the ADL. “Unfortunately, bomb threats are not the only manifestation of anti-Semitism in recent weeks, as we have seen Jewish cemetery desecrations strike St. Louis and Philadelphia,” ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt said in a statement.


The New York Times:

 Mr. Trump’s denunciations of and policies targeting Mexicans, Muslims and others have reawakened and energized the demons of bigotry. Hate crimes and other incidents of bias have flared up, as documented by many news organizations. Mr. Kuchibhotla’s murder is one end of a continuum of hate. Elsewhere, people have defiled or threatened violence at Jewish cemeteries and synagogues. Mr. Trump has been shockingly slow to condemn these acts of hate. [...] Each act of hate is easily explained away as the work of a disturbed person. Yet, had these attacks been perpetrated by a Muslim or an undocumented immigrant, the president would surely have claimed that he was right all along. Rather than tamp down hate, the president has stoked it.


Lord Dampnut was quick on the Tweet finger when SNL's Alec Baldwin mocked him in several skits, but the fake preznit has had no time to tweet about the vandalism and hate crimes being perpetrated against America's Jewish communities. He's too busy telling his supporters to rally for him and prop up his fragile ego. 

Meanwhile, we're seeing, what is to us, an unprecedented attack on a religious community that should send shivers down anyone's spine who's read history.

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Les Carpenter said...

The Trumpbots apparently haven't read history. Either that or they don't give care.