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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Trump's hiring freeze causes cut-backs in pre-K education for military families in US and Germany

Lord Dampnut cost the American taxpayers $10 million for his Florida golfing vacations less than a month into his monarchy.  

And this is the way he supports our troops:
via daily kos:

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As taxpayers paid $10m for 3  weekends in Florida, a Trump hiring freeze ended pre-K, daycare for US military families in Germany


Shaw Kenawe said...

Seth Masket:

Trump’s Supporters Still Support Trump—So What?

Of what value is it to just retain one’s base?

The fact remains that Trump entered office with a lower approval rating than any other modern president has, and it’s been dropping ever since. He’s losing support. Even if he maintains the support of Republicans, he has the lowest approval ratings among independents and adherents to the other party ever recorded at this point in a presidency. He has demonstrated bizarre behavior and pressed anti-democratic messages with each new day, and it’s hurting him.

Even the worst leader will have an approval rating above zero, and it will always be possible for a reporter to find some voters who still enthusiastically support him and resent the media’s tone. But what is the use of such a story? Whom does it educate? Are we to presume that the people “in the countryside,” to use Lord’s words, are privy to some knowledge about politics that the rest of us lack? That their perspective is so virtuous that it should outweigh that of the majority of their fellow citizens?

If a president demonstrates himself to be unfit for office, unaware of how to do the job, or hostile to the very concept of democracy, that’s a far more relevant story than “his supporters still support him.”

Ducky's here said...

More rethug town meetings ending in boos and angry constituents, this time Grassley and McConnell got the tone.

People are figuring out that the administration isn't good for their health.

Meanwhile he's indiscriminately breaking up families that have been working here for years and figuring he can
mollify the crowd with these thug tactics. Not going to work, resistance should continue to grow.

Jerry Critter said...

Way to support the Troops, #Dumpshit.

Infidel753 said...

It turns out that, contrary to the slogan, ignorance is not strength. Trump doesn't know anything and refuses to hire or listen to people who do know things, so almost everything he does immediately has unexpected consequences which erode his support -- as losing child care in the military will, if this particular situation becomes widely known.

If you fiddle with a complex machine while having no idea how it works, you're likely to get hurt.