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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Trump's a Liar, Part Gazillion and Two

From a blogging and fb friend, GG:

Trump lies - always. Marshalls is the last stop before the dumpster for things that are still on the rack after the close out sale. It's not that they don't sell nice things, they do, but they're things that didn't sell for one reason or another: out of season, odd sizes, whatever. So was it "Liberal Pressure" behind dumping the Trump at Nordstroms, or was it the obvious situation the illustration shows? Yep Fox said it was Liberal Bogeymen, what did you expect. They're a one stink skunk, but here's the proof: Fox lies - always.

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BB-Idaho said...

Spokesperson Kellyanne 'counseled' for pushing IvankaProduct. That is her job,
she has been selling snake oil for months.

Jerry Critter said...

Nordstrom is dumping the Trump brand because it is not selling. It has nothing to do with Trump. The question is why is it not selling. It is not selling for several reasons:
1. Maybe people don't like the styles.
2. Maybe they are overpriced, poor quality, poor materials, etc
3. Maybe people are boycotting the brand because of Trump.

In any case, it is not Nordstroms fault. They are just doing what any good business does. They are dumping products that don't sell.

Ducky's here said...