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Friday, February 24, 2017



CPAC scrambles to control damage after attendees wave Russian flags during Trump speech 

Staffers at CPAC quickly scrambled to confiscate Russian flags with the word “TRUMP” on the front that were being waved by attendees during President Donald Trump’s speech on Friday. The trouble began when some attendees took out pro-Trump flags to wave during the president’s speech that also happened to have the same white-blue-and-red striped pattern as Russian’s official flag.

So Goopers, who never tire of telling the rest of the country how patriotic they are, actually waved a foreign country's flag with Trump's name on it as a symbol of what? Their patriotism? Their support of a country's dictator? A country that hacked our U.S. election? Yeah. That's it. They approve of what Russia did to get the Horse's Ass elected as POTUS.

The country they're honoring, Russia, is headed by the former Communist head of the KGB -- a man who routinely murders journalists and opposition politicians and who invades countries and supports other dictators. 

The Republicans at CPAC like Putin enough to honor him and his country by waving its national flag during a US president's speech?

If Obama or ANYONE had dared to display this traitorous behavior during a president's speech, they would have been hauled out of the auditorium, thrown in a tumbrel, and brought to a public execution.

What the hell more do you need to be put in front of your noses?


It's worse than what was reported. Apparently this was a prank, and the CPAC attendees were too dumb to understand they were pwnd. But it's not surprising, is it? These people support Lord Dampnut.

Activists Prank CPAC Attendees Into Waving Russian Flags At Trump


Kevin Robbins said...

Definitely stealing this one. Thanks Shaw!

Les Carpenter said...

Mr.Gooper to Mrs. Gooper, nothing to se3e here. Trump still rocks!


Shaw Kenawe said...

Kevin and RN, reports on this are stating that it was a "prank." Whose prank? And it says a lot about CPAC attendees that they didn't know Russia's flag, the country that helped elect The National Embarrassment. The country whose leader they admire more than our past American president, Barack Obama.

Y'know when we question Trump supporters' mental acuity, we're not attacking them, we're telling the truth.

If you're going to extol a foreign country that's hostile to America, shouldn't you at least recognize its flag?

Goopers got pwnd. Good and hard.

Ducky's here said...

Cut them some slack, shaw.

The CPAC staff probably thought the Russian flag still uses the old hammer and sickle.

Most goopers are thankful it wasn't the French flag.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Charter, 22, told TPM by phone that he and Clayton organized the prank in order to "honor Trump's relationship with Putin." He said almost no one at CPAC seemed to realize the flag he handed them bore the horizontal red, white, and blue stripes of the Russian Federation underneath Trump's name.

"I asked people if they wanted a Trump flag and they took it," Charter said. "Many Trump supporters were proudly waving their Russian Trump flag."

"I think it says a lot about Donald Trump's base and their education level," he said. "I don't want to insult anyone, but I think you should know what the Russian flag is. They are one of the world's major powers, and it's a pretty easily recognized flag."

CPAC staff quickly confiscated the flags, but not before the embarrassing image went viral on social media.

This is exactly what has to be done to counter what the Bannon/Trump presidency is about. Mock the crap out of them. This prank shows the country what fools they are.

Jerry Critter said...

That's what happens when your supporter are stupid Deplorables.