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Monday, February 13, 2017


Infidel753 said...

LOL! I bet he'd actually get the R backwards, though.

Les Carpenter said...


Anonymous said...


The Last English Muffin said...

Well I'm proud of him!

Dave said...

As much as Americans despised Barack Obama, they may have hated his graceless, nasty First Lady Michelle Obama even more. Many Americans were hoping she would finally just fade from view and leave us alone, but it looks like she’s at it again.

Michelle Obama deeply angered schoolchildren, parents, school staff and teachers alike with the disgusting school lunches she forced children in public schools to eat. That failed completely, but Michelle Obama evidently still hasn’t given up her crusade.

skudrunner said...

So far a disaster but I hope that will change. I am glad he does not practice political correctness because that hurts everyone but I do wish he would engage his brain before he puts his foot in his mouth. That is a lot to ask because he listens to no one but we can always hope.

Les Carpenter said...

Dave,you really are a rather weak minded troll. I suppose your hatred has eaten away at your heart and brain.

Les Carpenter said...

Trump doesn't practice common decency, respect, or empathy either skudrunner. He's a small minded insecure man-CHHILD.

Jesophus Christophus said...

"Trump said today that the media’s not covering the many fans that line the streets on his way to the airport from Mara Lago…FOX looked into it and they’re mostly protesters against him. WHY oh WHY does he LIE?"

Because he's a pathological liar. It'll take a while before his goofy supporters figure it out, even when their favorite propaganda cable news station keeps shoving it in their faces.


Shaw Kenawe said...

This comment was in "comment moderation." I deleted it after copying it, and I pasted it here to illustrate the unequaled stupidity of the far righties:

commenter: "We all knew it couldn’t get any worse than Michelle Obama. . And that our New First Lady would put the OLD one to shame. And we were RIGHT, Melanin Trump is quickly turning out to be one of classiest First Ladies to ever grace the White House"

The far right wingnut who wrote that apparently is unaware that Trump's 3rd wife and FLOTUS has not moved to the White House, so she's not "gracing" anything there. She's staying in her Golden Tower at taxpayers' expense so that Barron Trump can continue to go to school in New York.

Mrs. Obama (whose older daughter was about the same age as Barron when Mr. Obama was elected the first time) reluctantly left Chicago with her two daughters and moved into the White House where she carried out her duties as FLOTUS with grace, dignity, and enthusiasm.

Melania, it appears, has no intention of disrupting herself or her son. It's just not that important to her. We saw this past weekend how Melania's self-absorbed choice left Japan's First Lady to fend for herself in Washington DC -- something that was unheard of in the modern presidency. An insult to Japan's First Lady. Mrs. Obama never did such a thing in her 8 years as FLOTUS.

commenter: "First Lady Melania Trump on Saturday took her first turn at hosting the spouse of a foreign leader. And she knocked it out of the park."

Melania hosted Japan's First Lady in her husband's mansion in Mar-a-Lago, on her terms, and let Japan and the world know that Melania will carry out her duties as FLOTUS only when she feels like it.

Michelle Obama was one of our most beloved First Ladies. It doesn't matter what kind of lies idiots write to try to dispute that. Facts are stubborn things.

We don't know what sort of FLOTUS Melania will be, since she hasn't moved to the White House or taken up any substantial role as FLOTUS yet.

So far, Melania has shown America that she isn't all that into being a First Lady. Maybe she'd show more enthusiasm if she were allowed to set up a jewelry counter in the East Wing so she could make a profit for Melania, Inc., off of being FLOTUS.

Les Carpenter said...

That comment was making the rounds everywhere. I deleted it as well. Without reading it in its entirety.

That commenter is a nimrod and BAAB (blind as a bat) as well.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"That commenter is a nimrod and BAAB (blind as a bat) as well."

Also off his Metamucil.

Ducky's here said...

" Maybe she'd show more enthusiasm if she were allowed to set up a jewelry counter in the East Wing ..."
By George, you've got it!

Jewelry, accessories and a few garment racks with her Nordstrom's line all set up for business in the Lincoln bedroom.
Guests can also sample Trump vodka, Trump wine or Trump spring water from the mini-bar. All at reasonable prices.

Of course the room will be redesigned by Melania with selected items from the Trump home furniture collection. No more of that "Jackie Kennedy" look.
Room service will deliver your Trump steak on request.

After your stay is complete, a sufficient "tip" will guarantee an appearance on Political Apprentice: The Oval Office as you get the vote on which one of the cabinet ditzes gets canned first.

Let's think big, time to run this country like a business. This has potential Shaw.

Ducky's here said...

He's showing off the first book he's read in three decades.

Green Eagle said...

Neither Hitler, nor Mussolini, nor Kim Jong Un were ever elected in a free election. Let's at least try to stick to the truth.

Shaw Kenawe said...

You're correct, of course. I took the banner down.