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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

What the hell is Trump up to in his newest assault on the truth?

The White House issued a list of what it claims were unreported terrorist attacks (or as they spelled it "attacs"), which have been easily and thoroughly debunked.

What is Trump trying to do with this latest easily disproved claim?  Are enough people paying attention to the deliberate manipulation of facts and reality? There are, of course, the dull witted out there who will accept whatever this new administration puts out for consumption, without bothering to determine its veracity. That's why people like Kurt Eichenwald are so valuable to our democracy. He has been dedicated to exposing the wickedness of this lying administration and its chief prevaricator, Trump.

Here Eichenwald is again showing us that whatever the White House sends out as information must be vetted and researched and unmasked for the reckless lies that it is.


 I’m out of excuses for the people in the Trump White House, and now things are starting to get really scary. In its relentless effort to delegitimize the press, the Trump administration has issued a long, long list of lies about terrorism attacks that supposedly went underreported. This was designed to back up President Donald Trump’s lie or delusion that the news media hasn’t been covering terrorist attacks and that “they have their reasons.” The list is a horror show, one so embarrassingly rife with misspellings and falsehoods that it reads like a term paper thrown together at the last second by a 10th grader recovering from a nightlong binge of Minecraft. (Hint to the pros in the White House: The word “attacker” has a “c” in it. You misspelled it 29 times.)


But there is another element here that must be considered. Throughout the campaign, Trump uttered nonsense that some took as hyperbole. I’ve known the man since 1987, and had no doubt he meant every word of it: That he knew more than the generals about ISIS, that he knew more than anyone about the tax code, that he knew things the intelligence agencies didn’t that made him sure there was no Russian hacking. 

As I wrote last week, Trump has demonstrated he does not know the difference between what he imagines and what is real. I have no doubt he truly believes the only reason people have criticized his executive order imposing a travel ban from seven Muslim countries is because they don’t know how serious the problem is. And he truly thinks they don’t know how serious the problem is because his enemy—the press—has been secretly conspiring to keep terrorism a secret. So, instead of having a one-day blowback from the silly comment Trump made about terrorism attacks going unreported, the White House team has now once again shown itself to be uninformed or ready to lie whenever the president demands. In the process, the administration has flushed away whatever credibility it might have retained until now.


Ahab said...

And to think this man has the nuclear launch codes ...

Jerry Critter said...

The man is delusional. He is now claiming that the murder rate is the highest in 47 years.