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Monday, February 6, 2017

Remember When Britain Respected Our American President?

That was before January 20, 2017:

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John Bercow, the Speaker, said he was "strongly opposed" to Mr Trump speaking in the Commons and that being invited was "not an automatic right" but "an earned honour". 

In a dramatic intervention he cited the Commons' opposition to "racism and to sexism and our support for equality before the law and an independent judiciary" as his reasons.

The Brits dislike America's uncouth, boorish, loud-mouth narcissistic and racist bully. They will not extend to Trump the honor of addressing Parliament.

In 201l, when the UK respected America's POTUS, President Obama was given the honor of addressing the British Parliament:

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25 May 2011 

Barack Obama gave the first address in Westminster Hall by a President of the United States to Members of both Houses of Parliament on Wednesday 25 May, as part of his State Visit to the UK 

Parliamentary occasions: Addresses to Members of both Houses of Parliament President Obama's address  

Following his arrival at Sovereign’s Entrance, President Obama received a short personal tour of the Palace of Westminster. Preceded by the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, President Obama was conducted into Westminster Hall by the Lord Great Chamberlain to give his address. 

 President Obama’s speech focused on shared characteristics between the UK and the US, including historic ties, shared values and beliefs, and common values. His speech also covered the role the two countries have played in shaping the economic environment and conditions for emerging economies, such as Brazil, China and India; the contributions of the UK and USA to the global economy; the situations in Afghanistan, Middle Eastern and North African countries; the rights of women and of citizens; and the rights and responsibilities of all nations. 

 Commons Speaker, John Bercow MP, gave a welcome address introducing President Obama’s speech.


Les Carpenter said...

I'm quite comfortable saying it likely that (t)rump's attitude will be... It's Great Britain's loss.

Infidel753 said...

The land of my ancestors knows well that the traditions of democracy and freedom which it shares with our own country are under systematic attack here.

As the Speaker said, the UK values its relationship with the United States -- but he understands, as well as our own aroused millions do, that this thing defiling the White House is not the United States. By rejecting Trump, he honors the real America which opted for the better candidate by a margin of almost three million.

I hope every other free nation will follow the UK's example. Let Trump cozy up to the scowling little murderous imperialist in the Kremlin. No one else will have him.

Ducky's here said...

Britain not allowing the U.S. Preznit to address parliament?

Maybe they'll let Steve Bannon speak in his place?

We are so far down the rabbit hole.

Dave Miller said...

Good to see what respect around the world looks like after Obama.

Next you're gonna tell me some of the right wing blogs are starting to see that Trump either wasn't informed on the facts or was lying during the campaign.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that the Brits and the rest of the world see Trump as the flaming a$$h0le that he is and a danger to democracy. Everyone see this quite plainly except the damn fools who voted for him?

Flying Junior said...

Wait, the Brits elected a conservative prime minister, right? But somehow he just turned out to be an intelligent, well-informed, English gentleman. He even had the sense and fortitude to oppose Brexit. God bless our British cousins. Hopefully our leadership will be fit to come to the banquet again quite soon.

I don't believe that such a lovely Queen as Elizabeth II should be pressured to give this brutish caricature of a statesman an audience. I don't recall her inviting Robert Mugabe, Augusto Pinochet, Francisco Franco or Juan PerĂ³n. Why the change?

One million Britons have signed a petition that says they believe the same way as do I.