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Saturday, February 18, 2017


This is the sort of thuggish behavior we'd expect from Putin or Assad, or Kim Jong Un, or Erdo─čan , just to name a few dictators who get rid of media that aren't "friendly" to the strongman:

 Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner, recently met with CNN's parent company Time Warner and mentioned the cable news network's coverage of the administration as slanted.

During the meeting at the White House, Kushner expressed concerns about what the administration considers is CNN's unfair coverage of the President to Gary Ginsberg, 

Time Warner's executive vice president of corporate marketing and communications, two persons familiar with the situation said. One of the persons said that topics of the discussion included Israel and Kushner made a joking reference to CNN's perceived anti-Trump coverage. 

Trump disparaged CNN during his press conference Thursday while taking a question from CNN's senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta noting "the hatred coming from other people on your network." The president has made clear his disdain for CNN. 

A month ago, during Trump's first full press conference after being elected, he called CNN a peddler of "fake news" because the network had produced a story reporting that the U.S. intelligence officials had presented Trump and President Obama with a "dossier" of unverified, but potentially compromising information about the president-elect that Russian operatives claimed to have.


We need more, not less, anti-Trump coverage and reporting. Trump- and his pissant little son-in-law need a lesson on the First Amendment. How dare Jared Kushner intimidate a newspaper over its coverage of his father-in-law. This makes Trump look like a chicken-yellow little snot, sending his baby-boy son-in-law out to tell critics to make nice-nice with the temperamental diaper preznit.  Trump and his mafiosi-like family have only reinforced what America and the rest of the world think of Trump: He's a whiney-ass titty-baby, unfit to be president; a coward, who wets his pants and throws a tantrum every time someone publishes a story that doesn't flatter his ego.

American men and women bled on battlefields to defend our Constitution. We will not allow billionaire fancy-boys to threaten one of our greatest freedoms -- the freedom to call bull$hi+ on liars, cheats, and con-artists who think they're above the law because they're the POTUS.

This will not stand. CNN needs to keep up the unrelenting coverage of The Maniac-in-Chief.

Contact CNN and tell them you, as a free American, support the freedom of the press -- all media -- and every citizen who chooses to disagree with a public official -- but especially this "unnaturally fluorescent mass of insecurities."

Those who intimidate and try to curtail the freedom of the press are the real enemies of America.  

Never believe otherwise.


Kevin Robbins said...

Why can't everyone cover news like Steve Doocy?

Clearwater, Florida said...

Ha! Melania Trump led her hubby's rally off with the Lord's Prayer which she had to READ from a teleprompter. I'm not remotely religious, but even I know that prayer. Melania is as religious as an iguana, but Trump's idiot supporters ate it up. They're so easily fooled.