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Monday, April 3, 2017

Making America Great Again, The Trump Way

This is just one consequence of having the damn fool Trump pissing off our neighbors and allies:

Mexico is ready to hit the U.S. where it hurts: Corn.
Mexican senator Armando Rios Piter says he will introduce a bill this week where Mexico will buy corn from Brazil and Argentina instead of the United States. (Credit: Jonathan Schaer/CNN)
Mexican senator Armando Rios Piter says he will introduce a bill this week where Mexico will buy corn from Brazil and Argentina instead of the United States. (Credit: Jonathan Schaer/CNN)
Mexico is one of the top buyers of American corn in the world today. And Mexican senator Armando Rios Piter, who leads a congressional committee on foreign relations, says he will introduce a bill this week where Mexico will buy corn from Brazil and Argentina instead of the United States.
It’s one of the first signs of potential concrete action from Mexico in response to President Trump’s threats against the country.


Les Carpenter said...

Could be a boon for FFV's. Boosting American corn consumption as well.

Maybe Trump will proclaim Friday National Taco and Burrito Day. A day all patriotic Americans eat corn tortillas in support of America's corn growers.

All joking aside. Trump really needs to learn that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

America is no longer the only game in town and Trump should realize this.

Ducky's here said...

Does this mean Mexico won't be paying for the wall?

I wouldn't worry, President Happy Hands will negotiate a yuge deal..

Infidel753 said...

Amaizeing. Well, another way to increase the market for corn would be to encourage building of more ethanol-fueled cars. That's probably not on Trump's radar, though.

Dave Miller said...

We have a mess on our hands in regards to Mexico.

Realistically, corn from their neighbors to the south will be cheaper than US corn because here in the good old US of A, our government subsidizes the cost of corn in a massive socialist giveaway to mostly GOP voting farmers and ag concerns.

I've just returned from pretty much 2 months south of the border and I learned a lot.

I will tell you that Pres Trump is the first conversation I have to have with everyone, both long time friends and strangers. Everyone wants to know what the heck is wrong with this guy. Our relationship with Mexico has been terribly harmed. Beyond repair? Who knows.

Now I know people will start on the "who cares" train, citing illegal immigration, but only those who don't really think about this issue, or who are choosing not to be serious. The fact is, in all my conversations in Mexico, with people both inside and outside of government, no one disagrees with the "right" of the US to defend her borders and set immigration policy. Where the problem comes is in how Pres Trump and a good many Republicans talk about the issue. It is demeaning to the proud people who live right next door to us. It is not, they say, how friends refer to, and talk about each other in public.

Here's a good read on part of the problem.

Mexican Labor

Now, if it were so easy to get Americans to do these jobs, as some right wingers will argue, even after reading the article, perhaps someone could explain why President Trump is seeking VISAs for Mexicans to come and work at his vineyards. Either they must be mistaken in their beliefs, or Pres Trump lied when he said Americans will take those jobs. Because it can't be both.

Corn is just the tip of the iceberg with our friends from Mexico.

Dave Miller said...

Ducky... Mexico is not paying for the wall. And if it even gets built, imagine what the response will be? First up I think will be a closure of the CBX bridge to the Tijuana Airport or at least a dramatic increase in fees. Why should Mexico continue to fund initiatives like this if the US continues to disrespect them?

Let's remember, the fact that there is a cost now for a VISA into Mexico was a direct result of our government charging for a VISA to enter here from Mexico.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, I teach English as a second language, and our students are from all over the world, every continent except Antarctica (penguins don't care to learn English).

Without exception, the students, ranging in age from 70 to 18 years of age, can't understand how America could have a person like Trump as its president. Our students are engineers, lawyers, teachers, cooks, cleaners, and child and adult care givers. There is no exception. They all dislike him and see him as a huge mistake.

Despite what the people on the far right blogs tell each other, this was not the case when Mr. Obama was our president. He was admired around the world. We now have a man as president who is the laughing joke of the world.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Infidel753, I wonder how the corn farmers in Iowa feel about what Trump has brought down on them. Will this be too much winning for them?

Ducky, Trump's wall was never going to be built. All we had to do is look at Trump's own words when he said you have to make big promises, exaggerate what you're going to do in order to make a great deal. That may have worked while he was a scammer of a business fraud, it doesn't work when you're a president.

RN, it's unlikely Trump, at 70 years old, is open to learning anything new, especially if it's something honest.

Ducky's here said...

Yes, Dave, you are correct of course. I'm prone to irony.

What strikes me is that President Happy Hands seems to have no idea of other nations being autonomous and not mere puppets there to do his will (which usually involves enriching himself).

Correct, Shaw, there's going to be no wall.

Leo T. Lyon said...

You know what's cute? The tRump supporters who think everything is going just great for the Asshole-in-Chief and that he has the support of the American people. Things aren't going great, tRump is under investigation by the FBI, FFS! and he has a 35% approval rating, but the wingnuts are deluded and think America is with him? Man, they are sick.

Dave Miller said...

Ducky y Shaw... you gotta love how Presidential it must have looked when Trump handed Merkel a bill for NATO services.

I'm laughing at the visual of this guy asking someone in the office where the invoice templates are on his PC...

These guys, while feeding the fantasies of right wing loonies everywhere are certainly changing how America is viewed around the world...