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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

This is the Preznit a Large Majority of Goopers Still Support

This is another of many sorry pieces of evidence that shows what's truly important to #45: 

He actually bragged about being more popular -- having higher ratings on the Sunday teevee talking heads shows -- than the teevee coverage of the worst attack on American soil that killed 3,000 Americans, September 11, 2001. 

Lord Dampnut wants you, and especially his supporters, to always, always remember what a tremendous teevee magnet for ratings he is. He's a bigly magnet for ratings even surpassing when America was attacked. #45 wants America to never forget that he's all that. 

Because his popularity is terribly important to this man-child.

Trump boasts of highest TV ratings since ‘the World Trade Center came down’

Donald Trump has long been television ratings gold, and, even as president, he has kept his eye squarely on the small screen as a gauge of his popularity, a barometer for his governing agenda and his ability to dominate the airwaves, as The Washington Post's Ashley Parker and Robert Costa reported Monday. Now, in an interview with the Associated Press released Sunday, Trump set a new standard of hubris even for himself — comparing his ratings prowess to one of the darkest days in U.S. history: Sept. 11, 2001. 

 “It's the highest for 'Face the Nation' or as I call it, 'Deface the Nation,' " Trump told the AP's Julie Pace, referring to the CBS News Sunday political talk show. “It's the highest for 'Deface the Nation' since the World Trade Center — since the World Trade Center came down.” 

Trump said he helped the CBS Sunday morning political talk show score 5.2 million viewers, although it was not clear which appearance he was referring to. Trump's appearance in January 2016 registered 4.6 million viewers, according to TV Newser. His subsequent appearances on “Face the Nation” during the campaign last year got lower ratings, including after a Republican primary debate in February 2016.

And here are his unfulfilled promises he bragged about -- most of them were going to be accomplished on the FIRST DAY in office. His supporters lapped up that b.s. from America's greatest b.s. artist (who gets TREMENDOUS teevee ratings!

Peter Baker, New York Times:
Many of the more high-profile promises he made on the campaign trail are stalled or incomplete, like building a border wall, renegotiating or scrapping the North American Free Trade Agreement, temporarily barring visitors from predominantly Muslim countries and revamping health care. Moreover, he has done nothing to build public support, and his approval ratings are still hovering around 40 percent, far lower than any other modern president at this point in his tenure. 

 To the extent that he is being held to a measurement he disdains, he has no one to blame but himself. In October, he issued a “Contract With the American Voter,” which he called “my 100-day action plan to Make America Great Again.” He has begun many of the executive actions he promised in that plan. But of the 10 major pieces of legislation whose passage he vowed to fight for “within the first 100 days,” only one has even been introduced. “None have been passed — not a single one — and nine haven’t even been sent to the Congress,” said Ronald A. Klain, who was a top White House aide under Mr. Obama and President Bill Clinton. “If Trump finds himself hoisted on the 100-day test, it is a petard that he erected for himself.”


Shaw Kenawe said...

Eugene Robinson of the WaPo:

In the annals of pathetic climb-downs, this Sunday-morning tweet from President Trump deserves a special place of honor, or perhaps dishonor:

“Eventually, but at a later date so we can get started early, Mexico will be paying, in some form, for the badly needed border wall.”

To put those weasel words in context, let me ask a question of all you small-business owners out there. If a customer brings some merchandise to the cash register and promises that one of his neighbors will pay you for it “eventually . . . at a later date . . . in some form,” what are your odds of ever seeing that money? How likely is it that “in some form” means cash? Do you let him walk out with the goods, or do you remind him you weren’t born yesterday?

Trump apparently believes we are all hopelessly naive. With his presidency nearing the 100-day mark, he is desperate not to have to acknowledge that his outrageous, ridiculous, impossible campaign promises were, in fact, outrageous, ridiculous and impossible.

skudrunner said...

They all make campaign promises. Even the great BHO made campaign promises that fell short which is nice for didn't happen. Tax reform - never happened, Income redistribution, the rich got richer and the poor got poorer the only one affected was the middle class, Close Gitmo- still open, transparent administration-laughable.

Mexico paying for the wall never made sense. Building a wall only makes sense if we enforce immigration laws which some are against. Raise import taxes from Mexico. I am against that because I like Pacifico and guacamole and don't want to pay more.

Create billions of new jobs. We are at full employment and all the people who want a job can get one. Robotics and raising the minimum wage will only tighten the job market. There are to many people who can make more off government handouts than working so they have no incentive to work.

Jerry Critter said...

Another item to be added to the failure list.

anymouse said...

Like all con men, hucksters and snake oil salesmen, Trump says whatever he thinks his audience wants to hear. Sadly for the majority of us, that audience is largely made up of low-information types who avoid the truth in favor of the fiction they've been fed in the right wing bubble. Add to that the obvious mental illness that Trump exhibits and we're really in for a rough time until we can get rid of him. Hopefully, it'll happen BEFORE he blows up the world with his massive ignorance and over-blown ego. Seriously, he's the only man alive who suffers from penis envy.......
As a Native American, I despise what he's done to my people and our lands. Gutting clean water and air regulations and allowing companies to pollute our streams, ramming the Dakota Access Pipeline through the drinking water of thousands (who cares, they're just Indians, after all) and his comments admiring Andrew Jackson - a vicious bloodthirsty murderer of many thousands - sealed his fate with me and with hundreds of thousands of my brothers and sisters. Relations between Native Americans and the US Government haven't been this bad at any time in my longish lifetime. I wouldn't advise him to visit a Rez any time in his lifetime......
Hope you are well, my friend. My computer died so I'm making a habit of visiting the library. Best to you always.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... your comment "There are to many people who can make more off government handouts than working so they have no incentive to work." misses the mark.

As you also stated, we are at full employment. Where should those people work?

Where should the out of work steel workers and coal miners go to find a job?

As they avail themselves of government "handouts" are they slackers like we have seen conservatives label people of color in this economy? Should they be cut off too?

I am not sure the handouts are killing the incentive to work as much as the lack of jobs that pay a decent wage.

anymouse said...

Okay Skidmark errrr uhm, I mean "Mike Cole", are you denying that Trumputin has the lowest ratings by far of any president in modern history? Really? Still waiting for even one of ya'll to show proof of the whole 'paid protester' BS.

Anonymous said...

You know what's funny....if the election was held today Trump would beat Clinton 43% to 40%. Now, either Trump has supporters or people think Clinton is still a bad candidate.

skudrunner said...

There is a difference between being out of work and welfare as a career path. Coal miners need to learn a different skill as do steel workers and we need to have government sponsored tech and trade programs. These are people who want to work but have been outsourced by either foreign competition or technical advances. Robotics are the biggest threat to low skilled jobs and raising the minimum wage hurts rather than helps the low skilled worker.

If you are talking about the career welfare worker, there is little hope because there is little incentive or desire. I never advocated to end government assistance but if you can work you should even if it is painting the apartment you live in for free.

Blueballs, I don't know who Mike Cole is but anyone can cut and paste even you. I have never posted anything by any name other than my own.

As a stated Native American you know the federal government has done nothing to advance your people or your culture for hundreds of years. Keep them dependent by providing government support and you will keep them quiet. This did not happen in the last few months. When was the last time you heard a president stand up for the Native American, Teddy Roosevelt maybe. Look at why spousal abuse, diabetes, alcoholism and suicide are so prevalent in the Native American culture, it is not because the federal government has helped them nor is it the doing of trump.

As to polluting the water with a pipeline, there are hundreds of miles of pipeline running under that area and have been for decades.

That conservative rag The Chicago Tribune ran an article about paid protestors so there is plenty of proof. Remember the OWS movement where there were lawsuits to collect money promised.

Shaw Kenawe said...

I've been away most of the day. I don't know who "Mike Cole" is, but just now I linked to "Mike Cole's" name and saw that it's one of those "profile not available" links that trolls hide behind. I often get comments in Comment Moderation that are cut and pasted from right wing blogs under the names seen there. I've never seen "Mike Cole," so I thought that was legit.

Skudrunner does not post by fake names. I don't know who "Mike Cole" is, but he/she/it is gone.

anymouse said...

Skidmark - you know nothing about Native Americans, and it shows, sadly. Two presidents stand out as being positive in the lives of my people. Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama. Both advanced the health and human rights of our peoples in concrete ways. You are correct, though, that time and time again, administrations have either ignored or made worse the plight of Native peoples.
As for your absurd assertion that multiple oil pipelines run through Lake Oahe - BS. No other oil pipeline destroyed sacred burial sites and runs through the lake. Stop making stuff up.
My apologies and I'll take your word on "Mike Cole". I will never understand the perverse need some people have to make up names and copy and paste others words without attrition. I am sorry I assumed you were doing the same.
So where's my check? I've protested this worst President ever several times now and still no check.. Hmmmm... Why is that, I wonder? Are you admitting the Tea Party morons were also 'paid protesters'? Sure some were as it was funded by Dick Armey, but most were not. Same with the Resist movement. But hey, if that makes the right feel better to think that, it's fine. It'll just make it more enjoyable to flush them out of Washington.