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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Y'all Remember This Guy?

Chaffetz says Flynn may have broken law with Russian payments

WASHINGTON — Rep. Jason Chaffetz said Tuesday there is "no data to support the notion that (former national security adviser Michael Flynn) complied with the law” related to payments he had received from Russian-linked entities. The Utah Republican, who chairs the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, was speaking to reporters alongside ranking member Elijah Cummings, D-Md., following a committee meeting where they viewed classified documents related to Flynn. 

The retired general was Trump's national security adviser until he resigned in February over the controversy about conversations he had with the Russian ambassador after the election.

Hillary is having a damn good laugh, as is everyone who heard the loud-mouthed phony who was an agent for a foreign country, took money from a foreign country, and never disclosed it. 

Trump and his administration are guilty of not properly vetting Flynn and for placing him on the NSC. 

Outrageous.  And unlawful.

Now pardon us as we enjoy a bit of schadenfreude.



Kevin Robbins said...

Is Flynn going to be the first Trumper in the hoosegow?

Linda's Page said...

I would just like to just see Trump do a great job, even though I voted against him, and have never considered him to be great.

I don't give a shit about the politics, I just care about results.

Shaw Kenawe said...

We can only hope, Kevin.

Flynn got canned from the Obama administration, and now the Trump misadministration. The question now is how the hell did he get security clearance for the NSC job? He was taking money from Turkey, and was a foreign agent for Turkey. That violates not just the military code, but also would disqualify him for any security position in the US government.

This smells really, really bad.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Linda, so far, Trump has done a mediocre job. He hasn't passed any significant legislation, hasn't done a thing about creating jobs, the Muslim ban has been stopped twice, the sanctuary cities ban has been stopped. He did not repeal Obamacare, nothing's been done about tax reform (although he's trying to come up with something that will benefit his fellow billionaires and hurt the middle class and the poor), and the Wall isn't being built (and I strongly doubt it ever will.)

Trump has both houses of Congress ready to work with him and pass any legislation he proposes. So far, nothing's happened.

Being a US president is nothing like being the CEO of a company. As president, Trump is learning the bitter lesson of having to share power, and he doesn't like it, so he blames the "fake" media for reporting how awful he is at "presidenting."

He has no clue about how government works, and yet his gullible supporters think he's great.We will all have to suffer through the next few years because of their ignorance.

Ducky's here said...

It's been pretty clear for some time that Flynn is dirty but what surprises me is this turn by Chaffetz.

He was perfectly satisfied to let l'affaire Flynn fade like a Friday afternoon news dump but something turned the screws.
Possibly they think that throwing Flynn under the bus will stop inquiry on the larger issue of the administration's economic dealings with Russia.

Les Carpenter said...

The party of unbridled freedom, unfettered libertry, and limited regulation. Perhaps we're now seeing what they really have in mind.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ducky, I'm surprised as well that Chaffetz is leaving the House. Interesting fact about Chaffetz: He has a half brother, John.

Chaffetz's father, John Chaffetz's first wife was Kitty Dukakis. They divorced and when Kitty married Michael Dukakis, he adopted Kitty's son by John Chaffetz. Jason Chaffetz is close to his half-brother, John Dukakis, as well as Kitty and Michael.

RN The Flynn scandal is getting curiouser and curiouser. How the hell did he get vetted? or was he vetted at all?

S.W. said...

Not surprised that General Flynn Republican would be a dirty traitor who worked for a foreign country took money from a foreign countrly and tried to hide it from the US while calling Clinton a crook. He's a perfect example of the corruption that runs through the Republican party and they don't give a good g-d. I hope he rots in jail and that Hillary yells Lock Him Up! to him every day!

dunkinville said...

GOP'S new name: Corrupt Rotten Anti-American Party = CRAAP.

Mike Nichols said...


Yesterday, Republicans in Congress voted to exempt themselves from the latest Obamacare repeal legislation. That means they're repealing pre-existing conditions protections and basic benefits for you and me, but not for themselves or their staffs. In other words, they love ObamaCare for themselves, just not for you and me. Make America Great Again…

anymouse said...

And Chaffetz - the Keebler Elf of the House is still dragging his feet on whether or not to investigate all of this. Let's see 11 hearings into the tragedy at Benghazi but nada for the rampant corruption in this administration. 2018 can't come soon enough! The level of anger I'm seeing has never been greater. Let's hope we can translate that into enough votes to finally dump these ignorant, backwards Repubs.

Madaline H. Muth said...

Hillary and Bill will be enjoying a relaxing cocktail at their home and Flynn might be in prison! Hillary will be able to walk her dog in the woods, and Flynn might be allowed outside for an hour of exercise. Karma!

Anonymous said...

y'all notice not one of those pathetic Trump suck-up blogs are talking about Flynn the traitor? But they screamed their bloody guts out about Crooked Hillary?

LOLOLOLOLOL! Karma's a Bitch. And Flynn's gonna be LOCKED UP!