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Monday, April 17, 2017



Just sayin'...

Why did and do they like Golden Thrones?

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 And this idiot tweet from Lord Dampnut: 

George W. Bush won the presidency with 271 and 276 E.C. votes and his father won with 426. In fact every modern GOP president won the presidency by winning easily with the E.C. Trump is a major idiot for not understanding that his E.C. win wasn't exceptional, in fact, his predecessor, President Obama, won with a more impressive number of E.C. votes:  365 and 332. Trump is a major idiot.

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Yes, tax returns are brought up again because a majority of Americans wants Trump to release them. 

Why is Trump hiding his tax returns? 

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 And a reminder of how disliked this idiot president is:


Everyone saw it:
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President MAGA forgets to honor America's National Anthem

"It wasn’t until Melania nudged her clueless husband that he quickly put his hand over his heart. It’s not like he’s been an American citizen his whole life or anything, right? Or maybe he thought he had immunity since he is the president of the United States. Whatever was going through his tiny little brain, all there really is to say is, seriously?"

"Former President Barack Obama’s senior advisor, Dan Pfeiffer, was astonished at this moment and immediately noted that if Obama ever didn’t put his hand over his heart for the Star-Spangled Banner during his presidency, it would have become the century’s biggest scandal."
Pfeiffer went to Twitter, saying:
‘This goes without saying but if this had been Barack Obama, it would have been wall to wall coverage of Fox for the next three years.’

The reasons behind Pfeiffer's obvious statement are twofold:  

First:  White Privilege -- Trump is a large, rich white male with an "R" after his name and whose patriotism would never be questioned by the Goopers.

Second: Racism -- The underlying racism that informed cable news outlets like Fox and the right wingers on blogs and news sites.  They'd never question Trump's patriotism, even when he fails to honor the country's National Anthem, but they jumped on any failure to show proper patriotic respect they perceived in our first bi-racial president, Barack Obama.


Infidel753 said...

Why did and do they like Golden Thrones?

Saddam Hussein had a solid-gold toilet, or so I've heard. That must be the ultimate rich-person vulgarity. Wouldn't be surprising at all if Trump has one.

Anonymous said...

When aare his dumbass supporters going to wake up to the scammer?

skudrunner said...

Why are DJT's taxes such a big issue and at this point what difference does it make. The only reason the protesters is to provide cannon fodder for his detractors.
Why don't the protesters march for the end to gang violence or black on black murders or even catching the killer of Marcotte. No they spend their time protesting trump taxes so the can embarrass him. Problem was when madcow showed his taxes he paid to much, ironic isn't it.

Shaw Kenawe said...

From the NYTimes via PM Carpenter:

"...from a former Trump supporter in a "swing county of a swing region of a swing state" — Bucks County, Pa. — portends the sweeping defections: Trump is "just like any other damn president," said Theresa Remington, who's already had enough of her man's con artistry and "political bluster."

Not quite joining Ms. Remington in her disgust but sympathetically sidling toward her are Trump supporters who "wonder why his deal-making" is going nowhere, who are "baffled by his tweets," who "suggest gently" that Veep Pence is the only competent one between the two, and, "perhaps most forcefully," are far from being "sick and tired" of winning.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skudrunner, what you may not know is that in order to get security clearance in US government, one must supply one's tax returns. It's not unreasonable to ask for the POTUS to supply said tax information because he gets to see information that is of the absolute highest security risk. It would be reassuring to the American people to know that the POTUS cannot be subject to blackmail or extortion by foreign governments.

Americans have assumed that the people they choose to be the POTUS are not crooks (Nixon notwithstanding). In Trump's case we DON'T KNOW IF HE'S CHEATED ON HIS RETURNS or if he's in hock to the Russian oligarchs for millions and millions of dollars.

We DO know that Trump is a cheat, a liar, and a fraud (he had to settle a $25 million lawsuit for his fraudulent Trump U. and a judge in Florida just ruled that Trump had to pay $300 thousand he owed to a small business owner who supplied paint for one of his luxurious golf clubs.) So we know Trump is a fraud and a swindler.

What makes you or anyone else sure that he isn't hiding something on his taxes? His personal history shows he cheats and lies. The fact that he keeps lying about releasing them (first it was because he was being audited -- a lie, because he absolutely COULD release them while being audited, and then he LIED when he promised he'd release them when he was elected, and then didn't keep his word.)

Maybe that doesn't matter to you because he a large, rich white guy with a fake "R" after his name, so you don't hold him to the same sort of scrutiny as you did for the last guy who was in the White House -- y'know, the Black guy.

It's not a distraction to want to see Trump's tax returns. And the fact that he doesn't want Americans to see them means he's hiding something he doesn't want us to see.

Now he's hiding the White House visitor logs so that Americans won't be able to see who he allows to visit in the People's HOuse. Mr. Obama did not keep the WH logs private, but the guy in the WH, the liar, cheat, and con man now does.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Trump, the POTUS, has to be nudged by his immigrant wife to remind him to put his hand over his heart while the National Anthem is played. Dork.

Jerry Critter said...

skud -- "Why are DJT's taxes such a big issue and ..."

You make a critical error in your comment, perhaps on purpose. The issue is not his TAXES. The issue is his tax RETURNS. The issue is not how much taxes he paid. The issue is where did the income that created those taxes come from.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... his taxes are an issue because releasing taxes is what American presidential candidates do when they run for office. it assures the American people that there are no financial skeletons in the candidates closet. Is it brutal and sometimes demeaning to have 300 million looking at your returns? Of course it is. But it is a small price to pay if you want to lead the free world/

What logical reason is there for not releasing them?

I'll even give him a pass on the 2015 returns as the are "under audit." He can release the 2014 returns, or the returns from 2016. Neither of those are being audited.

Going further, let's remember he said he would release his returns.

Do you think he was lying when he said that?

Do you care?

skudrunner said...

Like most Americans the IRS should have all of that information on his taxes so if it contains illegal information they will know.
As to the public being able to see his or anyone's tax returns is none of their business. I don't know about you but I prefer not to have mine published. Maybe you wouldn't mind but we still have personal privacy laws. It is not a law that any president disclose his taxes so why should they if the choose not to.

It is just a reason for people to protest and try to gain the upper hand.

Ducky's here said...

@Dave Miller -- What logical reason is there for not releasing them?

Dave, Dave, Dave. We all know it's because his large donation to Planned Parenthood would aggravate the base if discovered.

Never mind all the other monkeyshines.

Ducky's here said...

@shaw --- Why did and do they like Golden Thrones?

I thought Lord Dampnut was into golden showers.

I'm confused.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Skud, you're not the president. We don't care about your tax returns.

Why is Trump the ONLY president in the modern era to NO release them? Do you remember how the Goopers howled like stuck swine because they said President Obama wouldn't release his college records, and how they assumed that meant he was hiding something?

College records don't tell us anything about who a president owes money to, who he's made deals with, and if he really gives to charity like he (Trump)brags he does.

A tax return can tell us a lot about a president's character. Unless he's hiding something really, really bad.

And that's what we'll have to assume until Trump releases his tax returns.

He's hiding something really, really bad.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... what is your purpose in coming here? You refuse to even participate in any discussion. I'm generally polite with you and ask what I think are reasonable questions.

And yet all I, or anyone else for that matter get is pure snark.


Ray said...

Shaw, here are some questions about Trump's tax returns for your troll buddy Skudrunning:

Does he have business entanglements overseas that might affect his foreign policy decisions? Does he owe money to Russian lenders? How much does he give to charity? Does the nation’s convoluted tax system mean Trump pays taxes at a lower rate than middle-class Americans? In what years did he pay no taxes at all, and why? What other conflicts of interest exist that we can’t even guess at?

Trump would like us to believe that his election victory means people don’t care about his tax returns. But they do. A poll conducted in January found that nearly three-quarters of Americans want him to release his returns. On Saturday, tens of thousands of people marched in Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and dozens of other U.S. cities demanding that the president release his taxes.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ducky, Trump's taste could be described as "Tyrant Chic." It matches Saddam's and Kaddafi's.

Ray, Good questions. Trump's supporters (skudrunner) don't give a hot damn that he PROMISED to release his tax returns when he was elected POTUS. Trump's supporters have no problem with the fact that he is not a man of his word. That reflects on his character, among all the other evidence we've seen.

Trump has no character, and yet the group of people who claimed "character matters" in choosing a POTUS are fine with this amoral man.

They are more interested in what he'll do to enrich the already rich and harm the already poor and middle class. Trump has reversed himself on all of his biggest promises, and has middle-fingered the country every weekend on the golf course.

Ducky's here said...

Speaking of The Grabber in Chief"s popularity, we should take some solace in recent elections.

The Kansas election was actually close

Recent elections in Illinois went solidly Democrat.

There is hope for the midterms if the Dems learn and go on the offensive.

Jerry Critter said...

Perhaps we should give skud a break. He may be suffering from Dunning-Kruger.

skudrunner said...

Where's the snark Dave. I make a statement that what difference does it make to see DJT tax return and you say that is snark.
I come to this site because Ms Shaw seems to like a difference of opinion and enjoys demeaning me. If I only wanted opinions that agree with me I would talk to my self, which is boring.

Dave Miller said...

Regarding the update, I am not sure it's racism as much as what Blogger Patrick used to call Asshattery.

The partisans can't even pretend it is not so. If this had been Obama, within minutes it indeed would have been all over FOX News and the next day the commenters on the goodship HMS LaLaLand would have been trumpeting his lack of Americanism and patriotism.

But today? Nothing...

Even though Geez has been somewhat hard on Trump, citing her disgust and calling him repulsive, the rest of the ships crew seems to live in a city ruled by the two faced mayor from the Nightmare before Christmas.

You are correct Shaw... character matters, unless your guy is in office. Then all that matters is winning. Thankfully there are still a few David Frum's out there.

Les Carpenter said...

Trump ran as a populist. Is governing as a traditionalist. He ran against elites, the ones who he believes have not given him the respect he deserves. He is a wealthy individual that in the end is concerned about preserving the system that has served him and other very wealthy people like him quite well.

He is no Andrew Jackson. He's pro Fed and pro big banks.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... it's just plain snarky when you don't even attempt to answer questions directly posed to you.

That's the "why bother to come here" moment.

And I doubt Shaw enjoys demeaning you. Your POV maybe, but I've never seen you personally called any leftist equivalent of commie, libtard, pinko, fag, bitch, moslem loving vermin or America hater.

Perhaps you have Shaw, and most of us here, mixed up with the folks at those conservative sites you visit where they claim character matters and rail at anyone who dares to call them on their Christian hypocrisy.

Flying Junior said...

Trump didn't put his hand on his heart during the national anthem because he naturally assumed that everyone who had their hands on their hearts were just adoring him. He was bursting his buttons enjoying his moment in the sun!

"God, I'm beautiful! They love me so much! I really am wonderful! What a great moment! This music is so fitting! God bless me! Long live the King!"

Flying Junior said...

I don't know about you guys, but my taxes are actually quite boring.

I did learn some very interesting things about retirement. If you or your spouse is lucky and smart enough to have achieved and earned an actual pension, don't go looking for where to deduct your health insurance premiums. They aren't deductible. That's not part of Obamacare. The premiums are deducted from your pension distribution and not from your taxable income. Apparently they never were deductible.

If you or your spouse were over 65 in December, your standard deductible goes up several hundred dollars! Who knew? Check IRS instructions for line 39, form 1040. We saved $188!

If you are smart enough to figure out on your own whether or not your SSA benefits are taxable, you deserve a medal for keeping and maintaining an active mind that can do a ridiculous, multi-step math problem. Talk about holding the line against dementia! Ridiculous as it may seem, it does make sure that the better off are taxed on their entire SSA benefits.

These tax laws are designed to favor the little people. Divide by two. Enter whichever number is smaller. If it is less than zero, enter zero. If more people figured out their own taxes instead of going to a service, nobody but nobody would ever vote for income tax reform.

Certainly nobody who runs their own business(es) would want to see existing tax law changed. Nobody in their right mind. The only point in changing the tax code is to benefit the big players.

Les Carpenter said...

No one is taxed on more than 85% of their SSA benefit.

Ms. Pinnkerton said...

Oh please stop the stupid Nick Picking! Don't You did idiots have a life, other than spending your time here with this nonsense!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dear Ms. Pinnkerton, a bit of advice from Nick Picking: "It's a good idea not to drink and comment."

Jerry Critter said...

Tax Reform is code for Tax Reduction for the rich. Peanuts for the poor and almost nonexistent middle class and gold bars for the wealthy.

Little Old Me said...

It seems that the more President Trump bombs the higher is his approval rating. 50% now.
Eat your heart out Shaw!

Shaw Kenawe said...

To LOM: It's true that trump is "bombing." Gallup has him at 40% approval rate, and he hasn't hit the 100 days mark yet.

Where did you get that 50%? You DO understand that INDIVIDUAL polling organizations have different polling numbers for trump and that Gallup publishes the AVERAGE from several different polling organizations. So maybe, say, Rassmussen has him at 50%, but that's only ONE poll. It's the average that counts and trump's average polling is at 40%.

That's a horrible place to be when you're a new president. In fact, Trump has the WORST polling numbers of any modern president.

And you are very silly. But I do thank you for the laugh of he day.

Jerry Critter said...

If you have to cherry pick polls to make your point, perhaps your point is pretty weak...kind of like our president.

A Word To The Wise said...

"Little Old Me" is a troll. It comments over at the Stench Trench.