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Monday, August 27, 2018

RIP John McCain

RIP John McCain

Senator John McCain requested that President Barack Obama and President George W. Bush give eulogies at his funeral service. Senator McCain also requested that DJT not be invited to his funeral. When Barbara Bush died, the Bush family did not want trump at her service either.

What does it say about an American president when two important Americans who belonged to his own political party don't want him at their final services?

It says that the current president is a petulant, nasty, spiteful little man who isn't wanted by members of his own party.

What Donald J. Trump and his malignant presidency has sowed, he is now reaping.

I didn't agree with Senator McCain politically, but no one, except a cowardly little worm, can deny that McCain suffered for his country, and for that sacrifice, trump should have acknowledge Senator McCain's service, courage, and patriotism. That DJT didn't only adds to what normal Americans already know about this morally diseased charlatan.

John McCain will be remembered as a national hero. 

Donald J. Trump willl be remembered as a national disgrace. 


I didn't read Rick Wilson's Tweet before typing the above two sentences. I'm not alone in predicting ignominy for the execrable DJT.

The Trump-right is mocking and trolling McCain's death.

Smite them if you wish, but know one thing with perfect clarity.

History will record John McCain as a hero, a legend and a man in full.@realDonaldTrump will go down as a coward, cheat, weakling, failure, and traitor.


This is how a jealous punk behaves when he knows someone outshone him as a human being. Trump's shitery knows no limit.

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This is the definition of a weak, insecure jerk.

When people in the WH leak to *me* about how bad the McCain statement/flag shitshow has become with President Man-Baby, you know it's bad.


Jerry said...

One of the few Republicans who stood up against Trump and his racist Birthers.

Rational Nation USA said...

John McCain, perhaps the last of truly honorable and patriotic Republicans. While not agreeing with Senator McCain on everything I never questioned his integrity. Senator McCain, unlike tRump, deserves respect and gratitude from the nation.

Dave Miller said...

I might not have agreed with his policies, but I always respected John McCain. He was an honorable man, distinguished in his service to the country. Perfect? Not at all... flawed like all of us. But a good man.

RIP Sen McCain.

May your eternity be way better than the eternity the extremists are wishing for you.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Like the commenters here, I too disagreed with John McCain on many issues -- allowing Sarah Palin on the ticket with him is just one of many. But I always admired his courage and patriotism, which put his country above party. The Trump cultists can't understand how other human beings can disagree with someone and still hold that person in admiration for other attributes. The Trump cultists know only one emotion -- hatred. Hatred toward any one who doesn't worship President Unindicted Co-conspirator.

Trump is banned from attending McCain's funeral, just like he was not wanted at Barbara Bush's funeral. How awful a human being must you be to be banned from a funeral of an important American when you're president. That says more about the deplorable man who currently defiles the White House than anything else one could say about him.

President Obama andPresident Bush will give eulogies at McCain's funeral. Trump, the malignant narcissist and moral pig is not wanted.

R.I.P. Senator McCain.

Dave Miller said...

I remember when Tony Snow, a Fox News person. There were those on the left who were terrible, wishing him and his family ill will and using terrible language to slam Snow. The right was correctly angry. Some on the left at that time, were horrible.

Then Ted Kennedy and the right repaid the left, treating Kennedy and his family as Snow had been.

Now with the death of McCain, once again, the right is terrible in their treatment of him.

What ever happened to RIP?

America is coming apart at the seams.

Shaw Kenawe said...

What is shocking about this particular death of a war hero and senator is that trump refused to send out the tribute to John McCain that his staff had prepared for him in which trump would have acknowledged Senator McCain's heroism and service to his country. Instead trump put out a bland tweet and then an Instgram featuring himself in a phot, and a thin gruel of a message about McCain. That is how the petulant little man acknowledged the death of McCain. POS is too nice a description of trump.

#45 is jealous of all the expressions of admiration and honor being given to John McCain. Trump will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER receive such accolades and honor when he dies. And he knows it.. What a vindictive little worm he is.

possumlady said...

The comments on my hometown paper’s Facebook page are beyond disgusting. Calling him a traitor...glad he’s dead, etc. Some even by so called “veterans”. No sense of common decency or honor. So much for “Minnesota Nice”

possumlady said...

Oh, and did you catch the evening national news? On NBC, the main focus throughout was John McCain and I realized after it was over they didn’t mention tRump’s name once — not even mentioning his condolence tweet. It was so refreshing and I bet maddening to the puffy baby man 😂

Shaw Kenawe said...

possumlady, I'm sure those who trash John McCain the loudest would not be able to withstand 5 years of torture the way McCain did. I did not like much about McCain's policies, and the Sarah Palin pick was horrid, but I cannot deny his courage and patriotism. However, what's left of the deteriorating and rotting GOP are gleefully throwing muc at John McCain's memory and achievements.

Wait until Trump is forced to resign or formally indicted. Then you'll see some real indecency from what's left of the GOP.

Clearwater, Florida said...

Every living president commemorated McCain’s life, except Trump. Maybe that's because sacks of shit can't write?

Rational Nation USA said...

Sacks of shit can't think either. We have an unthinking narcissist sack of shit as president. And his witless zombie cultists adore him.

Shaw Kenawe said...

More comment on the POS that currently degrades the White House:

It’s worth emphasizing that First Lady Melania Trump published a tweet that thanked McCain for his “service to the nation,” and Vice President Mike Pence had a tweet of his own honoring McCain’s “lifetime of service to this nation in our military and in public life.” There were similar statements from current and former U.S. leaders from both parties, as well as commemorations from officials abroad.

But this made it all the more striking that Trump couldn’t bring himself to say something – anything, really – about the late senator. The president published an item to his Instagram account with the same text as his tweet, but it featured a photograph of himself, not McCain.

This comes just two weeks after the GOP president signed the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act into law, while appearing to carefully avoid any mention of the senator the bill was named for.

A few hours later. Trump headlined a fundraiser, where he did what he nearly always does at these events: he whined about McCain’s vote last year against the Republican health care plan.

The rhetoric was familiar. Trump has headlined a variety of political events over the last couple of months, and in nearly every instance, he’s taken some time to single out McCain for criticism. See, for example, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

The fact that McCain voted with Trump’s position about 83% of the time wasn’t good enough.

In case this isn’t obvious, it would’ve cost Trump nothing if the White House had issued a dignified written statement celebrating McCain’s life. The president wouldn’t have had to write it, read it, or even agree with it. The statement would’ve made Trump appear gracious toward an occasional critic.

But the small, petty man in the Oval Office just couldn’t bring himself to even pretend to be dignified.

Ray said...

Every time Trump has an opportunity to exhibit class, he passes in favor of the cheap, the visceral, and it's only reinforcing the mean streak of his base

Brad B. said...

Trump is a narcissistic bitch, extremely hostile towards his superiors. Jealous in a most petty way over those regarded as high quality and genuinely advanced over himself. He's a lowlife garbage thug, who has wrapped himself up in gold and silver wrapping, while festering and rotting inside. The foulness manifests itself in bullying, intimidation and arrogance. It's pathetically transparent to those not wearing blinders.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The flag goes up the flag goes down. One thing that is consistent, the "president" is a dip shit.

Jerry said...

By lowering the White House flag to half staff again, we know Trump understands that people think he is an insensitive jerk.

McCain is a true hero in any definition of the word.

I agree with Sen. Schumer, that the senate office building should be renamed for McCain.

McCain would be the first to respect that you disagreed with some of his thinking and decisions. That's the kind of intellectual civility that Trump doesn't even understand.

I also disagreed with much of McCain's politics, but I have to admit I was prepared to vote for McCain against Clinton, because as I listened to McCain's speeches I knew I was looking at a man of respect and a true hero. It was a case of voting for the character of a man over my politics. Then the Republicans in their typical selfish character elected Trump as their nominee. Proving just how sad the Republican party had become. McCain pleaded with his party to give Obama a chance, but the Obama hate started immediately. The Birthers were born. The Republicans would not even listen to their own hero.

It takes a liberal, Joe Biden, to define a true conservative hero. If you are surfing, check out Biden's speech at the National Constitution Center's 2017 Liberty Medal Ceremony honoring Senator John McCain.

Knowing what McCain went through in Vietnam, only true hate and ignorance could not honor such a man at his death.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Well said, Jerry.

All thinking Americans who've observed Trump's behavior since McCain's death understand what aa vindictive small-minded man the deplorables put in office. As I've said before, his cultists are irredeemable.