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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Rest in peace, dear, dear Aretha.

Another major contributor to the sound track of my youth, and the Queen of the duel Kingdoms of Soul and Detroit. RIP. There will never be another quite like you. Your shadow is long and your footprints deep. I am deeply heartbroken.

Aretha Franklin, The ‘Queen Of Soul,’ Dies At 76

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Shaw Kenawe said...

From my pal, D. Williams on fb:

"Sail on, Queen - You were the greatest voice of your generation, and one for the ages. You helped a nerdy white kid from the Whitest State in the Nation [Vermont] appreciate and love soul music for the sacred text that it is. "Let's call this song exactly what it is..." Thank you for everything... xo"

Shaw Kenawe said...

Sir Paul McCartney:

Paul McCartney (@PaulMcCartney) Tweeted:
Let’s all take a moment to give thanks for the beautiful life of Aretha Franklin, the Queen of our souls, who inspired us all for many many years. She will be missed but the memory of her greatness as a musician and a fine human being will live with us forever. Love Paul

Dave Miller said...

It should be interesting to see how Pres Trump responds to the death of Franklin, if he does.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave #45 said something totally forgettable, and managed to place himself in the tribute, saying she worked for him.

What a jackass.