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Friday, August 17, 2018

"What the hell is wrong with you people?"

This is directed at the Trump Cultist trolls who come here every day and to the cultists who continue to support the madman who is currently degrading the White House.

From the excellent G.G.:

"Manafort is a good person, he says. So are some Nazis and white supremacists and Al Capone was treated unfairly. Brennan is 'hysterical' and Mueller is part of a crime family and the FBI, CIA, NSA and probably the pentagon are all controlled by Hillary and the Deep State. Putin is a nice guy and an honest man and nobody knew about the Russian hacking until after the election. And we tolerate this. We think he's actually the president, that he's not the obvious howling madman he obviously is. 

What the hell is wrong with you people? 

He keeps admitting that he's trying to shut down the investigatio, that it's gone on too long and cost too much although we spent 8 years investigating Bill and 6 years investigation Hillary and that quivering mound of unclean flesh wants more investigation of HER. He's spent more on golf than we have on this and he's made hundreds of millions from using his presidency for personal profit. At the height of it's[sic] power, this country has to die because of pernicious and contagious madness? 

Shame, shame, shame on you fools."


Shaw Kenawe said...

BTW, President Porn Star Shagger is on record saying he never heard of Admiral McRaven, the man who was responsible for getting Osama bin Laden. That's how recklessly stupid he is and he's not ashamed to tell the world.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... he's also on record saying he "never respected" John Brennan.

Let's for a minute leave behind the Dems and ask Trump voters this...

Are you proud of your President? Would you want your kids/grandkids to act like him?

Up until 2016, absent Trump, many GOP voters would have demanded a president that would have yielded affirmative answers to the above questions.

Now... not at all.

I wish someone on the right, anyone would just say it...

"We're [conservative voters] just a bunch of partisans. We went for family values when we thought it would beat Clinton. We never believed it. it was just a strategy for us. The reality? We don't care what our president does or how he acts, as long as he gives us what we want and sticks it to you libtard, moslem loving antiamerican, freedom hating socialists."

At least we could then applaud them on their honesty.

Anonymous said...

You folks need to pump the breaks a little. Trump is doing a very acceptable job,we get that you dispose him....we think differently

Rational Nation USA said...

It would be a first since the tRump express assumed power that's for sure Dave. But, as we know, it ain't gonna happen.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous @ 12:41 PM: Uh, no. A majority of Americans do NOT believe Trump is doing a good job. In fact, he's a minority president. You are the folks who are living in an alternative universe. SAD!

Anonymous said...

No one said majority believe he is doing a good job. Many of us right wing wackos have respect for the office even if you dislike the person occupying it. Trump takes a stand that he believes is correct for the American taxpayer.
Obama took a stand that he thought was popular espically if it was for minority groups.
Now the leftists want open borders, eliminate ICE, free everything for everyone without any idea who pays for it.
Maybe Obama can do what he was great at, have a $10,000 a plate fundraiser from his billionaire friends.

Ducky's here said...

Anonymous, we'd like to "dispose" him all right.

"Truth isn't truth"
-Rudy Giuliani, tRumps' personal attorney.

"Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen reportedly investigated for bank fraud exceeding $20 million"

"Trump Lashes Out At NYT’s Bombshell McGahn Report, Calls it "Fake News".

Anon, seems like the Shagger in Chief has all kinds of attorney problems.

Dave Miller said...

Anon... clearly a majority of the GOP, a great majority in fact, thinks Trump is doing a good job. I might even go so far as to say there might even be a slight majority of ppl who approve of the job he is doing as Pres.

But... and this is big, America, even conservatives, are disgusted by who Trump is and his apparent lack of morals, empathy and humility at any level. I may not like his policies, but I like him, as a person, even less.

President Trump makes us all look bad.

Dave Miller said...

No words yet from the extremist camp who hated Clinton for his "the meaning of is" remark on their thoughts regarding Rudy's "Truth isn't truth" comment.

James Downie in the WAPO sums is up pretty well...

"In three words, Giuliani perfectly captures his boss’s view of facts — and by extension, the views of his flacks and die-hard fans. When something as black-and-white as “did Trump talk about Flynn with Comey” is open to interpretation, nothing can be proved and no one can be found guilty. And that’s just the way Trump likes it."

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous said...
"No one said majority believe he is doing a good job. Many of us right wing wackos have respect for the office even if you dislike the person occupying it."

Please explain to us how #45 "respects" the office of the presidency when he hold his hate rallies and calls people who exercise their 1st Amendment rights "enemies of the people." Please explain the "respect" #45 has for the office of the presidency by practicing nepotism, by allowing one of Russia's most famous spies and the Russian media in the Oval Office while excluding the American media. Please explain how #45 "respects" the office of the presidency by lying his prodigious arse off more than any other president in modern history. Trump does not respect the office of the presidency, while he's in it, why should we?

"Trump takes a stand that he believes is correct for the American taxpayer."

You mean like kidnapping babies and putting them in cages? You mean like giving the 1% permanent tax breaks, but the rest of us will see ours go away? Trump is for the billionaire, like him, taxpayers (oh, wait, he doesn't pay taxes, he said), not for the suckers who voted for him.

The rest of you comment is about attacking President Obama -- remember, he's the POTUS that the congenital liar Trump claimed wasn't born in the U.S. and told any sucker who'd listen to him that his people who he sent to Hawaii were "finding amazing things" about Mr. Obama.

Another big fat lie. And people like you enable that big fat liar. Shame on you.