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Monday, August 27, 2018

The Vindictive Worm in the White House

Col. Morris D. Davis

So President Petulant put the flags back at half staff after a firestorm of condemnation came from Democrats, Republicans, and veterans' groups. Trump needed to be spanked by the American people in order to behave like a grown-up. This doesn't change anything, especially the fact that when Donald J. Trump chooses to act alone on his spiteful emotions, he always chooses to do the indecent thing, because he is an indecent human being.

Putting the flags at half staff after having them put up at full staff out of spite doesn't change the fact that DJT is a vindictive worm.

No sane and sober Veteran of the United States Armed Forces can condone the dishonorable conduct of the draft-dodging, Russia-enabling @realDonaldTrump ... shame on those who once wore the uniform and now facilitate a piece of trash.


Rational Nation USA said...

Col. Morris Davis is EXACTLY right. tRump is a despicable POS that is deserving of disdain and derision from real Americans. John McCain, an honorable man who served his country with honor and represented it admirably will be remembered as a true patriot and honorable and tireless public servant. tRump will be remembered for the offensive Orange s*it that he is.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN, yet his cultists still see nothing wrong with him. They, like him, are spiteful and support him because they, too, are indecent, IMO. How else can anyone explain their slavish devotion to such an indecent person?

Dave Miller said...

Honestly he was in a Catch 22...

The only way he could honor McCain was to admit he was wrong when he said he wasn't a hero.

If you read the more conservative blogs and FOX News site comments, it's obvious that Trump is simply playing to his 34% base. The fact is, that group has no desire to engage in a bipartisan politics, no desire to govern effectively with the other party. If they can't honor and respect a bonafide war hero who votes with them 85% of the time, they are not part of the problem in America... They are the problem.

Plain and simple.

This country was founded, for better or worse, on compromise for the larger good.

The ppl who are railing today against Sen McCain have, by their words and actions, betrayed the very ideals on which we were founded.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Seen on several Trump Cultist blogs and fb pages: "Just imagine if a U.S. Senator or other major federal governmental official had designed his funeral to exclude Barack Hussein Obama!"

What the cultists don't get and will never get, is that Barack Obama is a decent human being who never mocked a POW (John McCain), a Gold Star family, a disabled journalist, denigrated women, etc. etc., like the cultists' hero did and continues to do even as POTUS.

So what Trump's cultists will never understand is that the reason Trump was banned from attending Senator McCain's funeral, MC CAIN'S DYING WISH!, is because Trump is a malignant, nasty, indecent, morally corrupt POTUS, who hasn't a drop of empathetic humanity in his bloated body.

Also, what Trump's cultists will never understand is that normal human beings -- their fellow anti-Trump Americans -- know that President Obama was a morally superior human being. And who in their right mind wouldn't choose him over the moral pig, Donald J. Trump?

But don't bother explaining this simple truth to them. They are all irredeemable, lost souls.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, The Trump cultists call respecting a dead man's wishes on how to conduct his funeral services, "choreographing" and "trying to control everything from the grave."

They're as tone deaf to a normal request every person is entitled to -- how their final send off is given -- as they are on why Senator McCain would not want a man who insulted and mocked his years of service to his country, including being tortured. They've twisted theselves into cultist pretzels trying to find fault with what McCain's wishes are. Of course, there is not fault.

I would as them if they would invite to their loved one's funeral an individual who mocked and insulted their deceased military relative? Of course they wouldn't.

What is buring their tushes in this regard is that this request by Senator McCain brings into focus what a terrible human being their idol is. They don't want to face it.


Anonymous said...

In death McCain gains another victory over the tyrant Trump.

Ray Cranston said...

After showing this lack of respect for our flag, the military, and a serviceman that served his country beyond the call of duty, we better not hear one F’N word out of Trumps mouth about athletes taking a knee. Seriously.

Kevin Robbins said...

Damn those meddling liberals in the American Legion.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Kevin Yeah, right. Trump was too stupid to understand that veterans would be very upset to see the POTUS disrespect John McCain.