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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The Beginning of the end.

"He [Michael Cohen] made the extraordinary admission that he paid a pornographic actress 'at the direction of the candidate,' referring to Mr. Trump, to secure her silence about an affair she said she had with Mr. Trump. Mr. Cohen told a judge in United States District Court in Manhattan that the payment was 'for the principal purpose of influencing the election' for president in 2016. " --Charlie Pierce, Esquire

via Daily Kos:

Cohen committed crimes "In co-ordination with, and at the direction of" @realDonaldTrump . Thus, President appears to be co-conspirator and/or aider and abettor of a federal crime.

Lanny Davis, on Rachel Maddow, suggests strongly that his client Michael Cohen has information for Mueller on Trump campaign collusion with Russia and Trump’s knowledge of plans for Russian hacking before the hacking occurred


Paula said...

I love the smell of Republican desperation in the morning!

They're ignorning the incriminating Cohen revelation because there heads are up their asses!

Anonymous said...

"Elect a morally corrupt thug, expect his pals to be as corrupt as he is." -- Old Republican saying.

The Honorable, Esteemed And Distinguished Judge Dervish Sanders (A High IQ Bourgeois Elitist) said...

Trump, the first president to be impeached AND REMOVED? Or will he resign as Nixon did? Hopefully we can get rid of Pence as well. He might be worse than Trump. And he'd likely pull a Ford and pardon the treasonous Trump.

Jerry Critter said...

While we may not see an indictment of Trump while he is president because of the question of actually being able to indict a sitting president, there is no such potential restriction against indicting a sitting Vice President. Pence is right in the middle of all of this. He was Manafort’s selection for VP. I think an indictment of Pence is likely!