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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Good Morning! A MAJORITY of the American people STILL dislike President Porn Star Shagger! His supporters are the Thirty Percenters!

The "people" support him, Trump claims. Only 30% of  the voting public, the "people," support this corrupt narcissist.

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Doctor Tomato said...

The wishing, and hoping for our President to be impeached. The violence committed by those Snowflakes on people wearing MAGA hats, The targeting of conservatives by the IRS is a crime and this administration, and all the rest of the crimes committed by the Left can probably all be traced back to Obamás unprecedented attack on the U.S. Supreme Court during his his vendetta and his Hostel acts, and misrepresentations of facts to the American public. That was followed by his appointment of his choice of IRS commissioners, taken from the tax exempt organizations section of the IRS, a clear signal that he wanted to target these groups. Obama with his "Secret Coup" is not in the dark on this, we are all aware of his sneaky antics. He was "leading from behind." when he was President just as he's doing now. The plan that Obama and his left wing henchmen have for America shouldn’t have any doubts about how crooked Obama is along with his whole administration by now. The administration is a cesspool and Obama is the Crook in Chief this is all his responsibility as it was the responsibility of the presidents before his as the Liberals remind us on a daily basis.
As for Eric Holder, lying to Congress (Perjury)and getting away with it, what he did it was is a felony, lets be crystal clear about that. We’ve seen people like Martha Steward go to jail for exactly that reason. At this point, the question is, what are we going to do about it? Eric Holder needs to be put in handcuffs. And the Pharaoh-in-Chief should be thrown in Jail next! Obstruction of Justice, Aiding and Abetting in a crime, Conspiracy is a crime. I can only hope that the former Dear Leader, along with the former Secretary of State (Her Thighness) will land in Jail one day, where they both belong..
My guess is that this will also be kept under the rug.

Shaw Kenawe said...

The above comment is an example of the type of voter who supports trump:

Unclear, confused, muddled, unintelligible, incomprehensible, disjointed, disordered, mixed up, garbled, jumbled, illiterate, and not in any possession of facts. Sadly, that's all that's left of trump supporters and the Republican Party.

They continue to support a corrupt, lying, cheating, fraud, and the only way for them to justify their support is to scribble unintelligible rot like the above commenter.


Anonymous said...

Time for America to take out this trumpgarbage!

skudrunner said...

It is not so much about supporting trump but asking for equal justice. None of the presidents are squeaky clean and of course trump seems to have a not so clean past. Obama had to push through his social agenda and only govern for the special groups. His plan was to bring down the middle class who wanted an America for all and he almost succeeded. He wouldn't touch the rich because that was his money base and the poor the poor were his biggest supporters because he promised every thing is free. He was corrupt just not exposed, as was the charming -H-, because the media gave and still gives them a free ride.

Jerry said...

Almost 90% of the Republican party and Republican lawmakers still support him and Senate Republicans are still letting him get away with his crimes. They protect him, they are just as guilty as he is.

Anonymous said...

“The violence committed by those Snowflakes on people wearing MAGA hats.”

Violent Snowflakes? Who would of thunk it? Bwaahaha!


Rational Nation USA said...

After tRump's "I'm in charge" rant ANYONE who continues to support the narcissistic asshole has lost any connection to reason.

Our democratic republic, with its three co-equal branches of government, was set up SPECIFICALLY to insure power hungry assholes like tRump could not declare themselves King.

George Washington understood this. Which is why he refused a third term. As did EVERY other President until FDR broke the tradition.

Passed by Congress in 1947, and ratified by the states on February 27, 1951, the Twenty-Second Amendment limits an elected president to two terms in office, a total of eight years. However, it is possible for an individual to serve up to ten years as president.

tRump is one dangerous and unstable individual. He IS NOW the GOP. The gutless party in Congress who is afraid to stand up to the jackass.

Welcome to The Banana Republic of America.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dear skudrunner, aren't you tired of coming here and writing the same old nonsense? Do you really think it's in your best interest to continue to support a lawless megalomaniac like trump?

Remember, the GOP will not be in power for ever and if you let the corrupt narcissist get away with his lawlessness, then you and your bretheren will never be able to say a word against a Democrat who would be as lawless and in contempt of our Constitution as trump is.

Your continual bashing of President Obama is tiresome. You are most assuredly in a teeny, tiny minority. A majority of Americans prefer him over the immoral pig that currently defiles the Oval Office.

We will remind you for the eternity that you and what's left of the Republican Party chose some dubious policy gains over fealty to our Constitution.

Trump is already making US history as being one of the most despised and immoral men to ever have been president.

No one. Not one mentally healthy person would say that about President Obama. Partisan politics has warped your judgement and patriotism.


Shaw Kenawe said...


This part of "Lady Vet's" rant is comedy gold:

"The targeting of conservatives by the IRS is a crime and this administration, and all the rest of the crimes committed by the Left can probably all be traced back to Obamás unprecedented attack on the U.S. Supreme Court during his his vendetta and his Hostel acts, and misrepresentations of facts to the American public."

"...this administration, and all the rest of the crimes committed by the Left..."

"Lady Vet" incriminates the trump administration in that sentence!

It appears that "Lady Vet" copied and pasted that screed from an out-of-date news site. It's a rambling mess of incohenrence and idiocy.

And "Lady Vet" could be a 400 lb. adolesent sitting in his mother's basement and pounding out twaddle.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN, as I said to skudrunner, never again can a Gooper talk about fiscal responsibility, rule of law, and family values. If they ever do, they should be laughed into oblivion.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Jerry 90% of Republican support for trump isn't saying much. It's difficult to win presidential elections with 30 percent of the voting public. The three states that put trump over the electoral top, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin do not support him. And his trade wars are killing more of the people who voted for him. There are ways of negotiating trade deals, and then there's trump's way, which destroys people's livlihoods.

Trump is an inept, loud-mouthed immoral imbecile. (And I'm being kind!)

Dave Miller said...

Skud... In what ways was President Obama so corrupt? We live in an age where the press, at least since Nixon, have seen it as their job to be adversarial and to dig deep into presidents. But, maybe he was, there just doesn't seem to be any real evidence of it. Not even conservative media has found anything remotely close to what we see with Pres Trump.

Look, even Geeez, the Captain of the Mother Ship sees Trump as a liar, a narcissist and someone unable to quietly and professionally do his job. She of the "how many times does Obama have to say I in a speech. Why is it always about him?"

Look, and yes, I'm gonna take a shot here, but it is people you on the right, and your cousins on the left that are hurting America. Because you are impugning motives. To a degree that's incredible.

The folks on the left who maligned Pres GW Bush and said he wanted to see black people in New Orleans dead after Katrina are the left version. You are on the right that say Pres Obama governed with a desire to "bring down the middle class" and destroy America are the version from the right.

I don't doubt that President Trump wants what's best for America. I don't like how he's going about it, and I don't like his policies because I don't believe they will get us there. But his desires for our country? I think he desires good things.

The people, like yourself, who impugn people's motives, without proof I might add, are the real cancer.

All that being said... I do appreciate you commenting here. And I appreciate Shaw for posting your comments. No one cusses at you here, we push back of course, but no one has used language against you here that we've all faced at sites like WYD. And as for Geeez, we're not even allowed to post or offer answers to her questions to liberals.

Thanks Shaw for the openness of your forum.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, I would publish more opposition opinions, but as you can see from the comment at the top of this thread, most, well actually a majority, of what comes through comment moderation is like what "Lady Vet" wrote. It's just boilerplate gobbledegook.

Here's why folks like Rusty Shackelford, who reads my blog regularly, says about me:

Rusty ShackelfordDecember 31, 2018 at 5:39 PM
Do you think if the opportunity presented itself Shaw would polish Obamas knob or do a face plant on Michelle's oyster?

Why would I allow someone as salacious and lewd as that comment here? I will not give that sort of low-life, sewer-dwelling mind a platform on my blog. That sort of writing belongs on Lisa's blog. Mind you, that comment is only one of dozens from him. (Please note: Rusty, like many of the hypocrites on WYD, claims to be a fine Christian man.) That's hilarious, isn't it? Their hypocrisy and mendacity is staggering.

Dave Miller said...

In fairness Shaw... every commenter on that blog, conservative and liberal alike, uses pretty salty language. Some, like Les, can clean it up when in polite company. Others choose to continue with language that'd make their mothers blush.

Such it is right now in America.

Dave Miller said...

BTW... it took about 10 minutes for my comments here to be cut and pasted by trolls on other blogs...


Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave Lisa's trolls read my blog religiously. They can't stay away.