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Saturday, May 4, 2019

I hope facebook tells Trump to shove it where the sun don't shine.

Trump administration demands Facebook info on anti-Trump activists

What on Earth does "Deranged Donald" want to do with that information? 

Send out death squads to stop Americans from exercising their right to free speech?

Only dictators, murderous tyrants, and Republican presidents engage in this sort of anti-American, anti-Constitutional move.

Why do his supporters tolerate this?

Stand with Mueller reports:
President Donald Trump despises “fake news.” The Washington Post, The New York Times—these are “enemies of the people.” He has urged the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Election Commission to force Saturday Night Live off the air to punish the comedy show for making jokes about him. 

 What he likes are independent and honest voices who say things such as: Vaccines cause autism. President Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a “carefully crafted fake.” Democratic Party insiders organized the murder of a staffer to cover up their nefarious plan to blame Russia for the hack of their emails. Sharia police are enforcing sharia law in Minneapolis. The Sandy Hook massacre never happened; the dead children were paid actors. (These are all false claims.)


Dave Miller said...

Shaw... so, you think he's gonna be consistent? What about Farrakhan? Is he good with him too getting a platform to exercise his "rights" too?

Our rights, while granted in the Constitution, come with some responsibilities.

Pres Trump is defending a man here who called the Sandy Hook massacre a hoax. A man who told the parents of dead children that it never happened, and thus, they must be lying.

Why would anyone defend a man who would do that?

Dave Miller said...

Moving beyond what I wrote above, doesn't a business have the right to ban people from said business based on their conscience? At least that's what I think the Trump Admin recently decreed.

Beyond that... Part Deux...

How do these folks, Pres Trump included, defend interfering in how a business chooses to conduct itself in a non socialist country?

Let the free market rule they crow, until they don't like the sound of the crowing.

BB-Idaho said...

Who but Trump could blend Russian Communists, Evangelicals, White Nazis, climate
change deniers and GOP congressmen into a loyal angry base? Who?

Ducky's here said...

"Only in these days of political correctness could such an overturn occur. The best horse did NOT win the Kentucky Derby - not even close."

I know it;s a small thing compared to even his recent abominations but does he ever just STFU?

Idiot boy speaks

Jerry said...

This coming week should be interesting.
Barr is dissing a Congressional subpoena.
Trump is screaming Mueller should not testify.
The Justice department is denying that Mueller agreed to testify at the House Judicial hearing on the 15th and went on to say there is no guarantee at all that Mueller will testify. Democrats had originally confirmed that Mueller would testify, then today backed off of that statement.
The president could order Mueller not to testify.
What will Mueller do? What will he say?