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Friday, May 24, 2019


The Lunatic-in-Chief who whines about "fake news" Tweeted out a doctored video of Speaker Pelosi which made it look like she was drunk.

The Lunatic-in-Chief, who calls the media "FAKE NEWS" on an almost daily basis  re-Tweeted A FAKE VIDEO in his Twitter account to slander Speaker Pelosi.

The Lunatic-in-Chief told America and the world the other day that  he doesn't "do cover-ups," when all of America and the world knows he tried to cover up his adulterous affairs with a porn star and a playmate, while his wife, Melania, was taking care of his fifth child.

The Lunatic-in-Chief had his staff kiss his large greasy arse and claim that he was calm and rational when he threw his temper tantrum and ended his meeting with Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer.

Blind loyalty of sycophants. The basis of any authoritarian rule. That's a loyalty show straight from the old school Soviet Russia playbook...

Trump reaffirmed that he was an "extremely stable genius." 

This is exactly what a tyrant, like Saddam Hussein or Kim Jong Un, would demand of his underlings. Total sycophantic praise and lies to affirm Dear Leader's wonderfulness.

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The Lunatic-in-Chief is throwing the word "treason" around when it does not apply to anyone in the intel community. Treason occurs only when America is at war and an American gives aid and comfort to the enemy.

The Lunatic-in-Chief knows nothing about our Constitution nor how our government works.

Speaker Pelosi is driving the Lunatic-in-Chief over the edge. She's smarter, more composed, and knows how to handle children.


Dave Miller said...

Let's not forget Mayor Rudy tweeting about integrity even as he retweeted doctored videos of Speaker Pelosi.

Hard to believe anyone in the GOP supporting a serial liar slash adulterer slash porn promoter slash Nazi promoter slash coarse language guru slash 3 wife paragon of virtue would ever do or say anything remotely close to calling for people of integrity in government.

The hubris and compartmentalization of these folks is beyond the imagination.

Rational Nation USA said...

Actually, Trump isn't a fake president. He's the real deal. Elected to office by a minority of Americans who apparently believed an elitist billionaire(?) would actually "drain the swamp" and look out for their interests. Instead they, as well as the rest of America, got an inept, fact challenged, emotionally unbalanced, intellectually challenged child occupying the White House. And, he just might be reelected!!!

Watching Trump must keep the rest of the industrialized free world laughing hysterically and thinking Americans have lost their minds. Just like their Official Leader.

Trump ='s The Inept Childish Buffoon President.

Dave Miller said...

As our Precident werks to reech out to his bass, he intentially retweets doctered videoes of Speeker Nancy tring to embareass her. But sadly, all he duz is cement his popularity with the kidz who misses a few grades of skool wen they wer yunger.

Anonymous said...

Don't be hypocrites folks, you well know if that video was about a Republican you'd be laughing.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Actually, Anon @2:29 PM, that's not the point.

What normal people are appalled at is 1) The so-called "president" of the United States of America re-Tweeted a FAKE video. The so-called "president" is constantly whining about FAKE NEWS, then he sends FAKE NEWS to his fan-base.

2) The g-d POTUS is engaging in tactics unworthy of the office he holds. This may not be evident to someone who admires a bully, an immoral pig, and a pathological liar. But it is painfully evident to Americans who expect their president to act with dignity and intelligence, both traits sorely lacking in trump.

Anonymous said...

God bless Nancy. We Americans stand with her.

Get that miserable bastard out of the WH! IMPEACH!

Dave Miller said...

Anon... you're right, we just might laughing. But no Dem president would be tweeting it. The fact that a President is choosing to publicize a fake video just to debase an opponent says something about his character.

I listened to, watched and watched the Watergate mess. As a member of the Young Republicans. Trump makes those guys look like pikers.