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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

We've hit rock bottom, and we are now, officially, a Banana Republic!

ht: G.R.G.

Imagine mothers and fathers across the country can now teach their children that since the AG of the US says lying is not a crime, their kids should feel free to lie at will and for whatever they want. It's not a crime, and AG Barr has no problem with the POTUS lying or telling anyone to lie!

"It's not a crime to lie!" 

That is the Republican Party's motto from now own, they own it!

Barr declares Trump asking attorney to lie is ‘not a crime’

See that guy below? He's trump's latest lapdog/poodle/mouthpiece/enabler -- Trump's Roy Cohn, reincarnated.

He's not the Attorney General of the U.S.  

Shame on AG Barr! 

He has dirtied his office and reputation in the service of a dirty, lying, cheating POTUS.



Ray said...

I'm old enough to remember when the Republican Party believed in the rule of law.

Rational Nation USA said...

Trump and his lackeys are indeed shaping America to become the Worlds Greatest Banana Republic

When it comes to dishonesty and being totally void of any character or integrity Trump is The Greatest of Them ALL.

It follows that he would select as many dishonest people to support him as possible. The jack asses who have no more character or integrity than he does.

His entire party, and yes, the republican party is now fully and completely his party. Because they lack the cajones to stand up to his deceit, lies, and criminality the republican party as a whole is now NO BETTER THAN HE IS.

Jerry said...

The Republican party, as a whole, has been void of any character, or honesty for 50 years. Nixon's confirmed lies. Reagan's confirmed lies. Bush's confirmed lies. And add their lies about our national finances that brought us a 20 trillion dollar debt which all Republicans have supported. The fact that Republicans go before the American people every two years and claim to have Americas best interest as their goal of government policies, is another lie. Granted, Trump has bought the party to a new high level of lying scum, but Republicans have always had the character of liars with total disregard for what is best for America.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ray, RN, Jerry, I don't disagree with what you've said. What we saw yesterday in the Senate hearings with Barr was shocking. The AG is a disgrace and has ruined himself as nothing more than a Trump lackey. Congress needs to impeach Barr.

skudrunner said...

I remember when laws meant something and they were enforced. Now the only laws that are enforced are the ones deemed necessary. Lie to the police, that's OK if you are an actor, Lie to the FBI, that's OK if you are president and of course lying to the press is fine.

Jerry, the republican and democrat party are an embarrassment and have been for years but I do not judge all people in them as the same. Neither party seems to be interested in representing the American people just in forwarding their agenda and making millions. Barr is certainly better than Holder, Lynch and Sessions and unlike Holder he is not responsible for the killing of an American.

Rational Nation USA said...

skud, take a little time and research AG Barr's background and history. You may very wellchange your thinking.

I dis and there for must disagree. Holder, Lynch, and even Sessions all had more integrity AND character than Barr.

Ray Cranston said...

Perfect gif describing tRump and his lying POS AG.

Meanwhile, you know who is taking a beating at the internet's favorite latrine. LOL!

Ray Cranston said...

I read these halfwits so you don't have to:

"I don’t know exactly when we lost our good manners, decorum and class…."

Geez! I wonder who Uses this vulgar talk?

skudrunner said...

We hit rock bottom years ago when the presidency was up for sale. Spending millions to get buy a job that pays thousands corrupts the whole system and until we have election reform that will not change.
As soon as someone is elected they start the campaign to get re-elected and the millions start flowing in. Back when JFK was a television phenom and won the election. The media decides who will get the good press and who they will discredit and people get their information from the media.

RN, I think Sessions had good intentions under a bad leader. Holder and Lynch were nothing but political pawns who were never held accountable for their actions because the press soft pedaled their reporting. Barr was well respected until he became associated with Trump then the dems and the press were in destroy mode. We have a president who attacks anyone who disagrees with him instead of just ignoring the criticism and doing the job he was elected to do. The dems whole agenda is get trump and to H-ll with running the country for the good of the people.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... you've got a number of falsehoods there but I'll let them pass, because you seldom respond.

But as to election reform, you make a good point. But let's look at that. We had a start towards reform with McCain/Feingold. Sure, it wasn't perfect, but it was a step. And what happened? It was attacked mercilessly by the GOP. Almost every recent attempt at reform has come from the progressive/Dem side of the aisle. And they've all been sidelined by the GOP.

Perhaps they haven't liked the proposals, but in response, we've not seen anything from them.

Is it unfair to ask why not? You're a conservative, why won't conservatives in America join with progressives to make reform a reality?

skudrunner said...

Rev, I do respond and most of the time Ms Shaw lets them post. Not sure what falsehoods you are referring to but I'll let that pass.

I am a fiscal conservative and a social liberal and I believe there are a lot of us in the voter world. We are asking the people who benefit from the election system to reform it, won't happen. McCain/Feingold was not reform but trying to control soft money. Election reform would include term limits, campaign time limits, total amount spent on ads.

I do agree that the Repugs do little to help the American people but the same can be said for the Dems. Always keep in mind the three objectives of Every politician. Spend your money, get more of it, keep their job. By doing those three things they will amass huge personal fortunes and be treated like royalty.