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Friday, May 10, 2019

Trump laughed at Florida rally supporter's suggestion to kill people.

The Goopers are gleeful because normal, sane Americans -- A MAJORITY -- get upset over everything and anything the Criminal-in-Chief, DJT, says and does.

The Goopers think it's funny that normal, sane Americans are shocked at the Criminal-in-Chief's reaction to the Mueller Report and at the disgraced Attorney General's deplorable testimony in front of the House Judiciary Committee, where he lied and covered-up for President Porn Star Shagger.

The rest of the civilized world and America will see him thrown on the ashheap of history. Count on it.

Here's the Gooper's most admired thug, Donald J. Trump:

At his rally last night, Trump says the government is unable to violently attack immigrants, then someone in the crowd yelled "Shoot them!" 

 Trump and the crowd then bust out in laughter and cheers. 

They loved it. Trump said, "Only in the panhandle can you get away with that statement." 

It was one of the grossest moments in the history of his rallies. 

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The POTUS laughing at his supporters' suggestions to kill people.

That's who the Goopers admire.

And that's where DJT has brought this country.

Shame on us. 

But shame and a pox on the deplorables who still support this thug.


Jerry said...

"Shame on us" has been my feeling ever since the crook won the election.

The White House quit giving the daily press conference and just the other day the purged press passes to those who agree with the president.

Fascism is slowly taking over America.

Trump's ratings within the Republican party has climbed to 90%.

Rational Nation USA said...

Funny how the Trumpers really believe their guy is all about freedom. And he is. For those folks who believe his BS and shower him with praise. in reality Trump is all about Trump and NOTHING else.

You're right Jerry. But fascism has been slowly creeping into American government for some time. I'd say as far back as the early fifties maybe.

All that is left is to focus on the good stuff and be thankful we lived during some of America's best years anyway. I guess.

Constant negativity is not good for the sprit. So, perhaps it's time to find the positives in life and say fork the constant negativity. Truth is not negative, but, the blogosphere has turned even truth telling into a negative by the way the truth is presented. That's my opinion anyway, and, I have become guilty of it as well. Time to start breaking bad habits. It's kinda sorta like my younger sister once said to me, and I quote, It's not what you say Les that bothers people, it's how you say it.

Time to build a better mousetrap. For me anyway